10 Absolute Musts for a Music Festival


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Are you new to music festivals? Have you been going for a while, but you’re still pretty sure you could be more comfortable? These ten things are absolute must-haves, especially for weekend camping festivals. 

You can’t go to a music festival without your camera! Some festivals have rules about what types of camera you can bring (no movie cameras, etc.). If you’re worried about your expensive digital camera and you’re not a hotshot photographer anyway, bring a few disposable cameras and you’ll be set. Buy the super-cheap flashless cameras for daytime, and get the still-pretty-cheap flash cameras for evening snapshots of friends. Remember, it’s generally in poor taste (and sometimes against the rules) to snap flash photos while a band is on stage.

Bottled Water and Sports Drinks

If festivals let you bring your own drinking water, do it, as water tends to be overpriced inside the gates. Remember, also, that if you’re sweating heavily, it’s important to keep the minerals (salt, calcium, potassium, etc.) in your body replenished as well, so electrolyte-rich sports drinks are a good choice, too.  Heat exhaustion is serious business, so be prepared.  If the festival doesn’t allow outside beverages, you can usually bring your own reusable water bottle (a good choice by any measure) and fill up at a tap somewhere inside.

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