10 Awesome Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

WordPress comes with a wide range of plugins which can help you enable different functionalities into your site. This includes search engine optimization, profanity filtering, anti-spam protection, chat and comment management. Here are some great WordPress plugins which can help you optimize the images on your site.

Watermarking can be a very effective strategy for protecting your images. This plugin will enable you to watermark the images on your site. You can adjust the settings to generate watermarks with varied colors and fonts. In addition, you can choose where exactly the watermark will appear in the image. Before uploading the watermark, you can preview how it will appear and make the necessary adjustments.

This plugin allows you to create several smaller sized images from the original image in your post. When a visitor lands on your page, Hammy will present them with an image which befits the device being used. As a result, images in computers and laptops are likely to be larger than those in mobile devices. This plugin is especially great for enhancing the browsing experience of mobile users.

Whenever you upload large images, Imsanity resizes them to a smaller size which is appropriate for the screen. This plugin adjusts the quality, height and width of the image. The reconfigured image will then automatically replace the original one.

SEO Friendly Images is a great WordPress plugin that can help you optimize your images for search engines. Once you have adjusted the settings as you desire, this plugin automatically assigns proper TITLE and ALT attributes to all your images. Updating your images with these attributes will also make your posts W3C/xHTML valid.

This plugin is almost similar to Imsanity. As you upload images, EWWW Image Optimizer automatically optimizes them. In addition, this plugin has the ability to optimize other previously uploaded images. You can also change your images to a more appropriate file format.

Boasting millions of downloads, NextGen Gallery is one of the most recognized plugins in WordPress. This gallery plugin is very effective when it comes to uploading and managing your images. It allows you to add, sort and delete images, import meta data, upload in batch and edit thumbnails. In addition, you can control features such as size, lightbox effects, size, transitions and timing.

This plugin allows you to set a maximum upload size which cannot be exceeded. Whenever someone uploads images which are too large, Bulk Resize Media automatically scales them down to an appropriate size. You can also configure the height, width and quality of the uploaded images.

This plugin allows you to upload files in bulk from your desktop. You can then instantly resize your images as you wish. After resizing your image, you can then easily drag and drop it into the post. Media File Renamer also comes with a great search option which makes it easy to manage your galleries.

This plugin allows you to optimize your images by converting GIFs to indexed PNGs, optimizing JPEG compression and removing unnecessary colors from indexed images. Once Smush.it has been installed, all the images uploaded on your site will automatically run through it. Existing images can also be run through this plugin.

Images with large file sizes can significantly reduce the loading speed of your site. Slow loading pages will not only frustrate your visitors, but might also negatively affect the search engine ranking of your site. DimSum is a great plugin which resizes all your large images, thus enhancing the performance of your site. This is done without compromising the quality of your images.

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