10 Common Myths About Braces


Last Updated on December 11, 2021

Braces are completely safe to wear.

For one reason or another, people tend to spread rumours about things they know nothing about.

Wearing braces and fixing your teeth shouldn’t be a scary experience; they make smiles better to look at! (Not to mention that having crooked teeth can lead to health problems).

Here are 10 common myths about braces that are completely wrong.


Wisdom teeth

Conventional wisdom says that wisdom teeth cause crooked teeth. Just as many bits of conventional wisdom is wrong, so is it this time.

There are too many factors that cause crowded teeth – such as genetics. In fact, teeth will become crowded even after wisdom teeth are moved.



Boy has braces. Girl has braces. Boy kisses girl. Girl’s braces get stuck to boy’s braces.

Sound familiar?

It’s a comical myth that has no grounds in reality.

Today’s braces are so small that there is a one-in-an-Octodecillion chance of teeth being hooked together.



It makes sense that the tighter adjustment of the braces, the faster your teeth will move, the quicker your braces will come off.

This isn’t true. In fact, wearing braces with too much force can end up “bruising” the bone and damaging surrounding tissues.

If braces are too tight, you may increase the length of wear time.



I don’t know who got the idea that braces are like having a Mafia thug twist your arm until it brakes.

The only “pain” is typically the small pressure of the braces when they’re first put on teeth.

There is also the slight discomfort when they are tightened. Being pinched hurts more than wearing braces.

If you want braces in San Diego, you’ll find some of the most comfortable braces you’ve ever worn.



There is no “cut off” age for braces.

Whether you’re in late adulthood or early childhood, the only criteria for being eligible to wear braces is the health of your teeth.



Various types of braces

Even though braces look like metal, they’re made of a titanium alloy material.

This means that they will never rust – ever. Titanium alloy is incredibly resistant to extreme temperatures, and can withstand tremendous corrosion.

Don’t be scared of having rust in your mouth, because this can never (and will never) happen.



Way back when, orthodontists were limited in the wires they used on patients. This meant that many of the wires were stiff, and would either break, put too much pressure on the tooth, and they had to be changed on a constant basis.

Those days are gone: super-elastic wires used today can be aligned into different shapes and forms, and still “transform” into their natural U-shape.


Rubber bands

braces on fake plastic teeth

Rubber bands can, thankfully, but removed so you can eat and drink normally.

However, it’s a common myth that the rubber bands are not essential for finishing treatment.

They are crucial, and not wearing them is like sitting in a car without going anywhere.

This is because they connect between your top/bottom teeth, keeping them in relative positioning to each other.

Without that, your teeth won’t be straightened or normal.



Braces aren’t fun for a lot of people.

When orthodontist tell patients that they may wear braces for X amount of time, people tend to think that this timeframe is set in stone.

It isn’t. Braces can break, patients can miss appointments, and bones may be dense.

All of these are factors that can lengthen the amount of time you must wear braces.



A lot of people are astonished when they learn that teeth change positions, even after they’ve worn braces.

Positions change naturally over time. That’s why it’s possible that retainers may be worn over a lifetime.

If you like the position of your teeth, wear the retainer to maintain that position.



Before listening to people who advise against something, use critical reasoning.

When in doubt about myth vs. reality, consult an orthodontist – who is a certified expert.

It’s wise to trust experts’ advice over your friends’ advice, who probably don’t have years of training and practice in this field.

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