10 Great Rap Songs About Fatherhood


Dads need love, too. Hip-hop has plenty of songs about fatherhood. From Ja Rule doling out advice to his baby girl to Ed. O.G. calling for family responsibility, here are 10 great hip-hop songs about fatherhood. Happy Father’s Day.

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Jay Z, Blue Ivy & Beyonce.
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One of the great things about collaboration is that Kanye West helped Jay-Z discover how human he can be when that royal veil is peeled back. On “New Day,” for example, Jay and Kanye write a letter to their future son in the vein of 2Pac’s “Letter 2 My Unborn.” Both ended up with daughters, so maybe it’s time for a gender appropriate sequel. Either way, “New Day” is emotive and powerful.

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Xzibit and son.
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Xzibit is no stranger to songs about father-son relationships. “Carry the Weight,” from At the Speed of Light, dealt with his rough childhood and his father’s role in his life. On “Foundation,” though, X flips the table and lays down the law for his

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