10 Strategies To Help You Find Love


Are you always wondering how to find love? Do you feel like everyone else around you is always in couples except for you? Do you wonder why no matter what you do, girls always seem to break it off with you? As a female, I can tell you that many guys are in exactly the same boat as you are in now. Do not be worried as I can assure you that once you learn how to find love, you will never have to worry again.

How to find love the right way

This may surprise you, but when it comes to finding love, guys have a tendency to look in the wrong place. I have one male friend who can’t for the life of him find girls to even date, let alone have a serious relationship with. I have personally introduced to him to 3 girls and he had a long term relationship with the one. The other two he had flings with. Now every time he sees me he keeps begging me to introduce him to more girls.

When it comes to love, you need to be a man and stand on your own two feet. Stop expecting people to deliver “love” to you on a silver platter. You need to go out there and find it on your own terms. Expecting your friends to constantly set you up or expecting a male friend to be your wing man, is clearly not working for you. My advice to you would be to find love on your own by yourself and stop needing other people or other guys to be involved in the process.

Meet as many girls as you can

One of the best ways to learn how to find love entirely on your own is to join dating sites and dating apps. There are plenty of quality dating sites and dating apps available. They are free and fun to use and you will have the choice of girls from all over the country. You can also limit your searches to girls with similar habits as you such as drinkers or non-drinkers, smokers or non-smokers. You will be totally in control.

I personally suggest that you join as many dating sites as you can. Instead of limiting yourself, join all over them and meet as many girls as you can. Start chatting to as many girls as you can and start getting to know them. You also should be meeting as many girls as you can and going on dates. The trick is to go on as many dates as you can until you meet the right person, who is worthy of your time and efforts.

When the right girl comes along, you can literally close all your dating accounts. However don’t jump the gun and wait until you both are actually “Facebook official” If you are wondering how to find love, the truth is that you just need to keep trying and remain open-minded.

You will not find love if you give up

The secret to really learning how to find love is to be creative. Speak to a girl that you like at the gym or at a supermarket. Speak to as many girls as you can in order to get to know them. Even if you end up with a few good friends in the process, this can never hurt. You could also build up a great social life, which means that one of your female friends may invite you to a party where there will be other new people. Constantly strive to meet as many new girls as you can.

You are guaranteed to never find love if you give up. No matter how many times you get burnt, never give up trying. If you keep on trying and putting in your full efforts to meet new girls, eventually I can guarantee you, that you will find genuine true love.

Protect her when you meet her

One of the tricks to finding true love is to protect the girl once you find her. This means that if you know one of your male friends will try to make moves on her, keep the two of them apart. Let other people know that this is your girl who you care about and that no one is allowed to disrespect your relationship. You need to be protective right from the start, and make your boundaries clear to others.

Once you find the right girl it is important for you to treat her right. You may also need to change some things about yourself like your drinking habits or going out with your friends. Your single male friends will need to understand that things have got to change. Please don’t allow your friends to mess up your chances of finding real true love and happiness; I have seen this happen way too many times than I can count.  One of the tricks of how to find love is to keep it once you find it.

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