10 Things She Secretly Notices About Your Hygiene


Last Updated on July 2, 2021

Hygiene doesn’t always come wrapped in a pink box. Whether for a man or a woman, there is certainly some hygiene practices to follow.

There are the obvious – clipping nails, cutting hair and shaving; but your woman will definitely notice the smallest things about you that might’ve missed your eyes.

Below are 10 things she notices about your hygiene. Read on the tips to impress her better!


1. Odor

Be it fragrant or smelly, your woman will certainly remember your body odor. She might not complain if you smell like sweat but it’s obviously better if you smell nice. Your odor does not just come from your body; your hair, your clothes, and your shoes are a big contributor to your scent!

Sweating is perfectly normal. A study suggests that your significant other is attracted to the smell of your sweat. Attracted or not, sweating and the smell of sweat on you is not obviously a good impression; especially if you are on a date.

Wear nice perfumes, shower daily and keep your clothes clean for smelling good. Your bed sheets and shoes must be clean too. You can wash your feet with baking soda and lemon once a week.

Putting a sachet of baking soda in your shoes also helps reduce the intensity of the bad odor.


2. Clean Accessories

Keep what you wear and use clean, along with yourself. Your clothes and shoes might look fine at a glance but a  regular wash is a necessity. Use mild detergent for your formal clothes and hand wash them.

Make sure the collars are clean and the cuffs don’t have sweat marks on them.


3. Acne and Blackheads

There are hormonal and mental factors to consider when it comes to acne and blackheads. But usually, a clean face will keep the breakouts at a low and keep blackheads away.

According to Dr. Ellen Gendler, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at the NYU Langone Medical Center, blackheads should be extracted with the help of a dermatologist or an aesthetician.

Women often extract blackheads at home using peel off mask and blackhead extractors, you can give it a try!

The dust you face at roads and stress can cause acne. Contacting a dermatologist and applying antibiotics will help reduce pimples and marks on your face!


4. Overwhelming fragrances

boss hugo boss cologne

You have obviously come across a perfume that gives you a headache or makes you nauseous. Your girl will not like it if you use that perfume for her. It might be your shampoo or your body wash; no one likes an intensely overwhelming scent.

Faveable suggests a subtle cologne like Gentleman by Givenchy. The scent of this perfume comes with a husky wood undertone and is perfect for all occasions concerning both family and friends!

If you want to do something special for your woman, wear cologne she might like. The list of colognes for men that women love includes Versace Pour Homme, Bvlgari Man, Calvin Klein CK, Hugo Boss Bottled Tonic etc.


5. Dirty hair

Dandruff is a common problem of hair cleanliness. Oily hair, dust in hair and also smelly hair are minor hygiene gaps that your woman will secretly notice. According to Dr. Gendler, a man should wash his hair every day for dandruff control.

Get a full-on hair treatment or buy a treatment formula like Clear Men Scalp Therapy Anti-Dandruff Daily Shampoo for better-looking hair on your scalp and dandruff control. If you still face the problem, visit your physician for something more heavy duty.

Oily and dusty hair can be avoided if you wear a cap outside. An oily scalp can be genetic, using aloe gel has a great effect on reducing oil.


6. Unclean mouth

Red Toothbrush against blue background

Bad breath, yellow teeth, and chapped lips are a noticeable package of proof that a person has bad hygiene sense. Brushing teeth regularly might not be enough if you already have yellow teeth. Visiting your dentist or using Crest 3D Whitestrips Shimmer White as a home remedy are great options! You can try other do it yourself remedies if you have time. They are more environments friendly and the effect stays longer.

If your woman does not notice your lips, then who will? Chapped lips are a discomfort for kissing. As a man, it’s important to have smooth and soft lips to pleasing your woman. Ahem!

Make sure you stay hydrated and moisturize your lips every day. Licking your lips is actually bad for it and makes lips more chapped. Try different types of butter and wax to keep your lips moisturized for your lady.


7. Grooming habits

Women usually shave all of their visible body parts for beauty. Men don’t do that. But men can’t allow their body and facial hair to grow like weeds. They need to tame the visible ones.

Nose hair has to be invisible to another person; especially your girlfriend. You can’t really shave your nose as the hair is inside it. What you can do is, use tweezers and reach up to pull out the hairs inside your nose.

Trimmers are easier to use than tweezers.  The Brookstone Nose & Ear Trimmer is recommended for men. It has buttons for operating and it doubles as an ear hair trimmer too!


8. Ingrown hair or bumps on face

Man Smiling to the camera

Usually, these problems arise after accidents happen in shaving your face. Razor burns ensure that you did not get a smooth shave. To avoid it, use clean and sharp razors; not dull ones.

Do not ever use rusty razors and always shave in the right direction. Using moisturizer after shaving will give you a smooth face.  Svelte Velvet is recommended by many people as it has hydrating and soothing benefits. Using moisturizer ensures your skin does not irritate.


9. Acne on back

Acne can always happen for genetic reasons but there are other factors too. Using the wrong type of bath loofah and soap that does not suit your skin will generate acne on your back. Acne-zapping ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are present in many body wash products like Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. Use acne-zapping products gently. Rub softly on your back while showering for better results.


10. Unhealthy and Greasy Nail Beds

Man and woman showing off their nails

Holding hands and looking at them is cute. But is it cute when your fingers are anything but clean? Nail beds might be a tiny thing but your woman won’t miss it!

Wash your nails thoroughly after eating and using the toilet. Cut the cuticles and keep it neat.


Final Thoughts

Everybody’s sense of hygiene differs doesn’t imply that one person is cleaner than the other. Paying attention to small details like this will make you more attractive not just to your woman but to everyone!

A put together man radiates confidence. So follow these tips and stand out from the crowd. Good Luck!

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