10 Tips to Design a Waiting Room Your Patients Will Love


Last Updated on April 23, 2021

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve sat in a waiting room and glanced a thousand aimless times at the clock in a minute. More often than not, a thinly-padded and ugly chair made each minute feel like hours.

Here are 10 tips to redesign a waiting room makeover.


1. Concierge

Concierges are a living, breathing FAQ: able to answer any question people have. They can help patients figure out what they’re there for, as well, which will make it easier to communicate this need to whomever they’re there to see.


2. Update

Every successful business has a brand. Just as important as the brand, though, is selecting furniture that reflects that brand. Opt for 21st-century furniture: clean lines and professional fabric if you want to be seen as “new”.

On the other hand, if your brand is all-natural and green, neutral colors and vibrant, natural materials might be more suitable.


3. Install Kiosks

Self-serve kiosks allow patients to check themselves in. This cuts down on long waiting lines to see the receptionists. Kiosks, although a huge upfront investment, cut down on the customer/patient dissatisfaction.


4. Be Inviting

How is the community connection of your waiting room? Do your visitors feel welcomed and warmer? Does it inspire conversations between people who wait?

Post displays of neighbourhood activities and local events. Put up artwork from local artists to add a personal touch of communal flavour.


5. Entertainment

Rad Book Case

Almost everyone who visits a waiting room has either a phone to pass the time or a book. Chances are they’re still watching the clock like a hawk. That’s why entertainment is sorely needed – and Atmosphere is one such streaming portal, which specialises in streaming ambient TV channels for every business and mood.


6. Liaison

Typically a manager, these experts ask thorough patients/guests questions that will help them. Although similar to a concierge, liaisons are typically more involved in the reasons why patients are there – whereas a concierge helps them feel more comfortable during the waiting time.


7. Familiarize Visitors

Reduce the confusion of a flurry of unfamiliar faces (which patients will probably not be meeting) and help your visitors familiarise themselves with who they’ll actually be seeing. Let your guests download apps that will let them see the faces of care team members they’ll be meeting.


8. Foods

Vending Machine in Japan

Vending machines, though convenient, are rarely filled with nutritious snacks and foods. (Which is ironic for businesses that are centered around improving peoples’ lives.) Try out vending machines that offer healthy fruits and natural water.


9. Luxury

Almost every waiting room needs at least one luxurious item. From coffee bars to mini-fridges full of water and snacks, the effort is seriously worth it. One dentist was smart enough to purchase a vibrating recliner for waiting guests.


10. De-Stress

As humans, we’re a predictable bunch. We feel better about our environment when it’s clean, tidy and nearly spot-free. Clutter makes any room feel like the owners of that place don’t have a clue about how to maintain health.

Promote a stress-free environment by keeping it clean and tidy. Giving everything a once-over every hour or so should be adequate.



These are just several tips you can use to make sure your waiting room is noticed by visitors. People, sadly, are used to being treated as if they are taking up time. Creating a welcoming waiting room will make them feel valued.

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