15 Calming Meditation YouTube Videos for Mindfulness Exercises


Last Updated on January 19, 2021

Meditation is not always easy, especially if you have an overactive mind or you got used to being preoccupied all the time. Even for frequent practitioners, it can be difficult to reach that point when both your body and mind are relaxed. Often, the trick is finding the right music to accompany you during your sessions.

Music for meditation should have at least three qualities. One, it should be consistent. There shouldn’t be sudden beats or changes that would jolt the listener out of contemplation. Sounds that mimic nature is a good starting point. Second, it should be long enough to allow you to enter into a peaceful state. And lastly, the music should be of high quality.

If you’re new to meditation, or have problems doing it on your own for long periods of time, guided meditation can help. These involve music with voice accompaniment from an experienced meditator. Pick one with a soothing voice so you’re not distracted.

Another option is enhanced music. This uses science as it combines calming music with soundwaves specifically developed to target certain areas of the brain and help it react accordingly. This is called binaural beats.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for meditation music to add to your collection, let this list be your guide.


The Best Meditation YouTube Videos

1. Sacred Chants of Shakti            

For those who love Indian music, let this arrangement by Craig Pruess, with stanzas sung by Anuradha, take you on a mystical journey into your soul. Exotic and spiritual, add this to your morning meditation and be entranced at the beauty it weaves in your mind.


2. Chakra Healing by Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern is a huge name in the ambient music industry. He has all kinds of works, from something to help you with meditation to traditional sacred music. Be sure to check his other compositions until you find the right sounds for your specific needs.


3. Inside Taj Mahal

It was said that Paul Horn snuck inside the Taj Mahal to record this one-of-a-kind flute and voice ensemble. This was in 1968, when he was staying with the Beatles in India. Ever since then, this sublime music has made its mark in history.


4. The Very Best of Ravi Shankar

If you love the sounds of sitar and the flute, then this is a must-have for you. For those looking for the right calming music, you may have to sift through more than an hour of upbeat compositions until you find one that you like. Still, this has some awesome tracks that will take you to a different universe.


5. Relaxing Sleep Music

From the Soothing Relaxation channel, this one isn’t just for those with difficulty sleeping. You can also use this music during your meditation sessions, as stress relief throughout the day, or as a background sounds for a chill evening.


6. Anne Akiko Meyers Plays ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’

For folks who prefer classical pieces, you will adore this timeless rendition to “Spiegel im Spiegel” or “Mirror in Mirror”. With a piano accompaniment, you will find yourself slowly drifting into quiet revelry.


7. Debussy, Clair De Lune (Piano Music)

If you want to relax, nothing beats a classic. It’s no wonder most folks have this traditional masterpiece in their playlists. So light some candles, and let your mind and heart wander off to better times.


8. Erik Satie Gymnopédie No. 1

Known for his Gymnopédies, which are small melancholic piano pieces from 1890, this enduring composition from Erik Satie is a favorite the world over. Simple yet enigmatic, it can help calm your mind in minutes.


9. Alexis Ffrench Radiate

Alexis is well-regarded for his piano pieces that are light, relaxing, and radiate innocence. Listening to his works will make your heart soar, then help you land gracefully onto green meadows painted by his expert fingers on piano.


10. John Tavener: The Protecting Veil

Deep and with a religious background, this music will captivate you upon the first notes. And with the accompanying orchestra, this is a great piece you’ll want to always carry with you, in case you need something calming on the go.


11. Craig Kupka: Clouds

While you may not be familiar with Kupka, you probably have heard his music once or twice, as his recordings are in music libraries everywhere. This particular recording is meant to be played for “relaxation, meditation, quiet times in elementary schools, homes or offices, or as a non-eastern musical alternative for Yoga”.


12. Laraaji, Universe (1987)

If you’re searching for music to take you into the skies and slowly set you onto gorgeous verdant plains overlooking the horizon, then this is it. Somewhat reminiscent of New Age music, this has stood the test of time thanks to its magical improvisations on zither and strings.


13. Brian Eno, Thursday Afternoon (1985)

No list of meditation music would be complete without works from renowned Brian Eno. Soft and shifting, this was in fact, created as a soundtrack to a video painting by Christine Alicino in the mid-80s. Use this when you want to keep distractions at bay while still keeping your cool.


14. 432Hz Miracle Music

It is said that 432 Hz is the natural frequency of the universe, and that listening to it will ‘heal’ your spirit and attract positivity in your direction. Whether or not that’s true, these sounds are great for quiet contemplation or before going to bed.


15. Binaural Beats Focus Music

As mentioned, binaural beats are sound waves underneath musical compositions that are created to target certain areas in the brain. These are meant to help you focus, relax, or even improve memory. Beautiful and calming, these are always a good choice to keep in your playlist.

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