15 Lovely Classic Instrumental Pieces for Weddings


One of the most evocative elements at a wedding is the music. The compositions that accompany a bride or groom, the attendants, or honorary guests while walking down the aisle or during the wedding ceremony can make lasting memories.

Different Parts of the Wedding Ceremony

You can choose musical pieces for any part of your wedding ceremony: the prelude, during the ceremony, the processional, or recessional.

For a prelude, pick music for your guests to enjoy as they arrive at the church or ceremony location. This music sets the mood. You might want to decide on interlude music, too, for example, during the ceremony while you light a unity candle or if you are having a religious ceremony, during Communion.

The big dramatic musical moments include the processional music for walking down the aisle and the recessional music after you are pronounced newly wedded—usually a triumphant march to tug at your guests’ heartstrings. 

Instrumental Wedding Ceremony Music

These songs are popular selections for weddings all over the world. Keep in mind that just because a song may have been used many times, it still can strike a chord of deep feeling for the listener. Or, if you choose to change it up a little bit, you can find slightly different arrangements or novel instrumentation. For example, you can take the most common bridal march, “Here Comes the Bride,” and use a less traditional approach with a guitar serving as the main instrumentation.

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