15 of the Best Dad Joke Memes


Dad jokes: they’re so bad that they’re actually good. Despite how utterly cheesy and predictable they can be, you have to admit that some of the best dad jokes are just meant to be shared.

So after you’ve cringed and facepalmed your way through the following dad joke memes, consider sharing them with the dads, stepdads, granddads, uncles or practically anyone you know who could really appreciate an innocent dad’s effort at real humor.

Urine Trouble


“When you have a bladder infection…”

“Urine trouble.”

The Getcha Dad Jokes Here meme is ultra-relatable, featuring a dad laughing hysterically at his own terrible joke on one side of the dinner table while the rest of the family winces in embarrassment. If you love this one, check out some of the others on Imgur.

Hi, Hungry, I’m Dad


“I walked into the kitchen yesterday, and I said to my dad ‘Hey, I’m hungry.’ And my dad said, ‘Hi, hungry, I’m dad.'”

Sometimes dads take things a little too literally. If you know a dad who loves to turn adjectives into identities, you know what kind of jokes you’re in for.

A Happy Kid Is Like an Antidepressant

Modern Family / ABC

“A happy kid is like an antidepressant.”

“But a natural one. Not the kind your husband has to find in your jewelry drawer.”

“Enough said about that.”

Anyone who watches Modern Family knows that Phil Dunphy makes multiple dad jokes per episode. When he’s not making the most ridiculous puns, he’s unintentionally oversharing or making the most bizarre non-jokes.

German Potato Soup!

P90X fitness program creator Tony Horton.


“German potato soup!”

“If that ain’t P90X soup, I don’t know what is!”

If there’s any extreme fitness program out there for all the macho dads who want to bulk up, it’s got to be P90X. Celebrity fitness trainer Tony Horton tries to keep it fun and motivating by cracking as many dad jokes and one-liners as possible to keep the pain and agony of working out off of everyone’s minds.

Hey, Man, I Love You This Many Dollars Worth


“It’s like this tangible thing you can point to and say, ‘Hey, man, I love you this many dollars worth.”

Similar to Phil Dunphy, Michael Scott from The Office is a top purveyor of unintentional dad-like humor. Known for popularizing the hilarious catchphrase, “That’s what she said,” Michael Scott is another TV comedy king of satire and non-jokes.

They Planet


“How does NASA organize a party?”

“They planet.”

Dad Joke Dog is an Advice Animal meme that features no dads, but rather a confused looking dog and baby in a photoshoot. Both appear to be engaging in conversation as the dog awkwardly tells the most stereotypical dad joke, which of course only ends in disappointment and confusion.

Money Can Be Exchanged for Goods and Services

GIF from Giphy.com

“Aw, twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut.”

“Twenty dollars can buy MANY peanuts!”

“Explain how.”

“Money can be exchanged for goods and services.”


Though not the brightest of all TV dads, Homer Simpson is definitely one of the funniest thanks to his dimwitted sense of humor. In fact, it’s probably got a lot to do with why The Simpsons is the longest-running sitcom on TV.

It Looks Decent!


“Y’know, if you take everything I’ve accomplished in my entire life and condense it down to one day…”

“It looks decent!”

Seinfeld may have been a show about practically nothing, but it sure did have some really great, really timeless jokes. The way George Costanza always brought awareness to his uneventful, mediocre life was something that probably everyone (not just dads) could relate to.

Malcolm, It’s Time to Cook!


“Malcolm, it’s time to cook!”

Before he was a meth scientist in Breaking Bad, he was Hal Wilkerson –the awkward and quirky dad from Malcolm in the Middle. His parenting style was sometimes pretty unique.

Keep It Real, Homies


“Keep it real, homies.”

Whether he’s in American Pie or Schitt’s Creek, Eugene Levy always nails the stereotypical dad character. A dad who tries to keep up with modern-day slang is a dad who is clearly trying really hard to stay young.

Instruction Manual?

Overly Manly Man meme

“Instruction manual?”

“You mean the manufacturer’s opinion?”

Overly Manly Man is a meme featuring a shirtless guy looking like he’s ready to fight someone. These memes include captions that focus on really exaggerating the masculine ego and toughness. 

Time Flies Even If Turkeys Don’t

GIF from Giphy.com

 “Time flies even if turkeys don’t.”

During President Obama’s seventh pardoning of the turkey for Thanksgiving, he couldn’t resist making a dad joke as his two daughters stood by on either side of him. Watch it on YouTube.

My Daughter Said She Wanted a Barby for Christmas


“My daughter said she wanted a barby for Christmas.”

“So did I.”

It’s no secret that a lot of dads love grilling. And whether it’s chicken, steak or anything else grill-worthy that he’s proudly preparing to serve, a happy dad with his barbecue is a dad who’ll probably take any opportunity to make a corny joke.

As a Stay-at-home Dad…


“As a stay-at-home dad taking care of four kids, I’m allowed to lose three cellphones a year. Problem is, they come out of my fantasy football budget.”

Modern Dads is a comedy about a group of stay-at-home dads while their partners go to work, and you can bet that the dad humor is strong in this one.

I Don’t Always Screw up Massively, but When I Do…

The World’s Most Interesting Man Meme.

“I don’t always screw up massively, but when I do, I’m 100% convinced that I’m right.”

The Most Interesting Man in the World started as an ad for Dos Equis beer, but the internet took it to a whole new level by turning him into a meme. The catchphrase template, “I don’t always X, but when I do, Y,” has dad joke written all over it.

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