16 Tips On How To Make A Good First Impression On A Girl


You can rewind a first impression that’s for sure. And when it comes to overcoming your nerves and making a good first impression on a girl, well you do need to do a little homework to get it right.

Lucky for you, this article is going to give you everything you need to make sure the girl on your mind sees you in a positive light.

We are going to look at expert tips and smart tricks, along with the no-no’s when it comes to trying to capture the undivided attention of a girl for keeps.

When you consider both sides of the coin, you naturally arm yourself with everything you need to know in order to get exactly what you want, and yes, that means the girl!

Killer Tips On How To Make A Good First Impression On A Girl

Here are some top notch proven strategies to ensure you start off on a positive note when you are trying to impress a girl.

1-Easy On The Gestures

If you want to show this girl you are confident in your skin, don’t give off too much energy. If you are twitching and wiggling around too much, you are sending negative impulses straight to the girl in your line of fire.

Fact – Gals aren’t comfy around boys that are in constant motion.

Be in control of your body and make sure you appear relaxed. By all means, make sure you use gestures but don’t overdo it please.

Show her you are in control of you and you will leave a great first impression.

2-Be Confident In Your Posture

Make sure when you approach a woman that you are standing up straight and looking her straight in the eyes. It really doesn’t matter how good you are with words because if you show her with your body that you aren’t confident in yourself, you’re a natural turnoff.

Make sure your shoulders are back and your head is up. Send a message to her that you are a guy that’s worthy of her affection and attention. Do this and she’s going to want to meet you again.

3-Make Sure You Have Your Smile On But Don’t Overdo It

It’s vital you are positive around your girl but please don’t go too far. If you are negative about everything under the sun, you will lose in the end. Girls can’t wait to get away from men like you!

When you have an open life attitude, you are showing this girl that you aren’t stuck in your ways and you are open and accepting head to toe. Positivity is attractive and that’s a fantastic first impression to make.

Just let her know you are an open, happy and positive guy and you are golden.

4-Keep All Eyes On Her

No matter what, when you are talking to a girl for the first time, please make sure you lock eyes with her. Show her you are confident in you and interested in her. If you aren’t looking her in the eye, she might think you are bored with her or too easily distracted. Both of these scenarios are not good at all.

Newsflash! If you want to make a great first impression. you sure as heck better be able to make eye contact with her. If you are looking at the ground or all around, you lose.

5-Talk About Things That Matter

If you are talking about the weather that’s really not going to capture the attention of any girl. When you are trying to make a good first impression, you need o talk about things that push you past the “normal” phase.

What this means is you need to get up close and personal. You need to open up to her and let her in a little if you have a chance of impressing her.

6-Pay Attention To Her Body Language

If you are really interested in what your body is saying to her, you need to pay attention to what her body is telling you.

Are her arms crossed?

Is she leaning away from you or into you?

Does she touch your shoulder playfully?

If you are giving off a bad impression, she will close herself off to you and that will be crystal clear with her body language. It will be concrete cold, not open and inviting.

7-Ask Intelligent Questions

If you aren’t asking questions, you are probably yammering on about yourself. And if you are talking too much about you, then you risk the chance of coming across as selfish or cocky. Neither of which will leave you with a good first impression.

Selfish guys don’t usually get very far in the area of impressing.

When you put the focus on her ,you are making her feel important and that’s a step in the right direction in dating. Make sure you don’t just keep pummeling her with questions because that’s not right either.

If you ask the questions and shard your opinions and beliefs, she’s going to see you with open eyes instead of closed ones.

This is a great way to show her you really do care about her thoughts and feelings and want to learn more if the feeling is mutual.

8-Always Make A Point Of Being Genuine

Sure, the nerves might get a hold of you when your’e trying to make that ever important good first impression. However, you still need to be authentic or genuine. If you aren’t, you’ll send her running for the door.

And don’t be a “pleaser.” Agreeing or disagreeing with her just because that’s what you “think” she wants you to do. If you believe that you are dead wrong, that’s just not how healthy relationship work.

Just try and talk normal and don’t get into topics of conversation that might hit an extreme emotional cord, like abortion, politics or women’s rights.

Stay true to you and the girl you are trying to impress.

9-Make Sure You Bring Your Manners

I can pretty much guarantee this gal you are trying to impress doesn’t have any interest in a rude person. If you are full of yourself, inconsiderate, too opinionated or just plain inconsiderate, you are going to get her defenses up and that’s not how you are going to impress her.

When you show her you are polite and courteous, you’re showing she can dress you up and take you out and you’re not going to make a fool of the both of you.

Show her you are mindful of other peoples feelings whether you agree with them or not. Respect is a big turn on and shows you are mature enough to be worth a good first impression.

You are best to logically take control of your emotions and show her that’s your norm.

10-Take A Few Extra Minutes To Look Good

Most of us have times when we scoot out the door without any thought in what we are wearing or how we look. For me that’s when I’m headed to the gym or to grab a few groceries after work.

Beware that people are tough when it comes to first impressions and they love to judge. If you don’t make any effort into your appearance, no matter how cute you are, she’s going to question whether or not she should get to know you better.

In other words, how you present yourself can be the determining factor in whether or not you’re a keeper for another meeting or whether she’s going to kick your sorry butt to the curb.

You never know when you are going to meet up with the girl of your dreams so make it a priority to always look good when you step outside your door.

11-Try And Keep The Talk Flowing

Now don’t get too keyed up here because there are going to be moments of silence in any conversation and whether they are awkward or not will be up to you. If you learn the art of making the conversation flow or keep going, you’re going to decrease the risk of turning her off because of this natural weirdness.

Remember, girls are quick to judge and with many you won’t ever get a second chance to make a good first impression. What’s done is done.

It really isn’t that tough to find things to talk about. Rehearse questions if you need to beforehand so you aren’t at a loss for words.

Ask her about her family?

Ask her about work or school?

What are her favorite hobbies?

Is there anything she would like to try?

Where would she like to travel?

What’s her favourite holiday?

The list goes on and on and on with “safe” questions that aren’t going to get you in hot water fast.

Safety first, don’t forget!

12 – Dress Sharp!

Reader’s Digest experts report what you are wearing says loads about who you are when you are in front of that new girl. Be comfortable in what you wear and don’t try and put on something different from your norm just because you think that’s what “she” would want you to wear.

At the base of a rock solid good first impression is being comfortable in your skin, head to toe. Besides, acting is hard work and it usually gets you nowhere fast.

Wearing what you like will also tip off your positive attitude and put you in a better mood than if you are focused on the clothes you are wearing and hate.

13-Don’t Forget To Smile For Real

No matter how nervous you are, it’s vital that you show off those pearly whites. It’s not the eyes that are the key to a gal’s soul, it’s your smile!

When someone is smiling at you, the nerves decrease and you get the chance to relax a little. In other words, the pressure is off. And it’s your facial expressions according to the experts that determine whether or not you are going to get a thumbs up or down for the most part.

People want to be around happy and when you are smiling you are showing this girl you are happy, at least on the surface and that’s a good start.

14-Remember The Details

There’s nothing worse than forgetting a name or important date just after the girl in front of you has delivered it. No, it’s not the end of the world but the more details you can remember about what she’s talking about, the better.

That’s impressive if you can remember the names of her 6 siblings, 3 dogs, mom, dad and grandparents. I’m not trying to put you on the spot but you do need to pay attention and when you can remember the details, you show her that you are listening.

If you need to, you can cheat a little by making notes after you are done, so that next time you’ve got a better handle on names, numbers, etc.

Relationships are hard work and that means you are going to have to do your homework and put your best foot forward.

15-Be Wary Of Your True Intentions

Think about why you want to make a good first impression with this girl. Is it because you really want to get to know her better? Is it because you want to sleep with her? Is it because you need to find something out from her?

When you clearly know your intention, it’s much easier to pull off a good first impression. Be true to you and open and fair with her and you’ll do just fine. No lying or cheating or you will just be hurting two people when all is said and done.

16-Think About Your Body Language

Up to 90% of communication comes from body language. This means it is ultra important you are consciously aware of what your body actions are communicating. Sit up straight, smile, don’t fidget, and definitely don’t cross your arms to start.

Use your hands within reason when you are speaking and make sure you are also paying attention to her body language cues. If she’s recoiling away from you that means you seriously need to tone it down.

Body language is an art and it takes time and practice to develop. Don’t be afraid to practice in front of the mirror until you get it right. Practice doesn’t make perfect but it does make better.

Next up – what NOT to do!

Key Pointers That Will Give You A Bad First Impression

Research shows there are reasons why two people might form a totally different first impression on the same person. No matter what we bring our bias into the equation and that can steer us totally wrong when we’re trying to figure someone out.

On the flip side, some people judge others by what they “think” are average characteristics. I think of this one as sitting on the fence in the “safe” zone. There are numerous indicators as to why a girl might give you a good or bad first impression.

According to Psychology Today, here are a few pointers to steer clear of when you are trying to get into the positive light with a girl.

Mistake One – Ease Off On That “Memorable” First Impression

Average isn’t such a bad thing. And when you overdo it with the first impression, you risk the chance of blowing it big-time. So don’t drop down to pick her up in a hot air balloon and certainly don’t rent a limo to take her for coffee.

Slow and steady and REAL usually wins the race and this means you should just stick with what you’re comfortable with until you’ve already scored with that good first impression.

If you try and get too fancy-dancy, you’re going to blow it and that’s just not cool.

Mistake Two – Step Back From Delivering Your Personal History Complete

Yes, a girl wants you to open up to her if there’s any chance of establishing trust and emotional connection. However, there’s a difference between dumping too much of your personal history on her lap and revealing just enough to give off good vibes.

Remember, you are in unchartered territory and you don’t know her sensitivities yet or what her history is. Be safe and be gentle and your’e not going to rock the boat and sink the ship by blowing it here.

Listen to what she says and try and keep the embarrassing moments to a minimum. And no matter what, don’t start talking history about the ex’s in your life. That’s a recipe for disaster, believe me.

Mistake Three – Don’t Yap Just To Yap Please

If you are a talker, you are going to have to take a ginormous step back because it’s going to get you nowhere fast. Besides, it really is tiring listening to a guy that just doesn’t stop. Paying attention to everything said is tough.

Keep in natural and make sure the talk is balanced. If there’s an imbalance, let the girl lead the way. When she is talking, you don’t have to worry about screwing it up as long as you are paying attention to what she’s saying.

You just never know if she’s going to throw you a pop quiz at the end!

Mistake Four – Do Not Think The Whole World Agrees With Your Opinions And Thoughts

We all have egos and unfortunately they are intrinsically programmed with the belief that our thinking is the thinking of everyone else. Unless you consciously work at reminding yourself this isn’t the case, you can wind up in deep trouble.

And if you happen to get talking about politics or something sensitive, if you assume she has the same opinion of you, I can pretty much guarantee you can kiss your good first impression good-bye.

It’s better to first ask her opinion of something before you voice your own, that’ll keep you safe.

Mistake Five – Better Leave Your Nosiness At The Door

When guys are nosey, they come across too strong and that’s a quick route to turn a girl off. Remember, you don’t know her story yet so make sure you don’t dive in with the nosey questions that might upset her or scare her off before you really got a chance to connect.

Give her the opportunity to open up to you and tell her about her family, work, hobbies and interests to start. That should be enough “safe” conversation to keep the flow going and help you establish that ever critical good first impression.

Mistake Six – Again, Please Don’t Assume This Girl Is Trustworthy

Emotion and logic don’t mix so you need to make sure you keep your logic front and center when you’re trying to make a good first impression. Research shows that social desirability causes people to label others as positive when they really aren’t.

In other words, be careful with your personal details you might be throwing out there to try and impress. Too much is not a good thing and it’s important for you to first establish this girl is trustworthy before you start crying on her shoulder.

Makes sense right?

Final Words

When it comes to impressing a girl, it can be both nerve wracking and wonderful. Use these tips and tricks and what-not-to-do’s to help you nail the first impression first time around.

Remember, you truly do only get one chance to make that lasting first impression in your favor.

Time for you to take action and go get the girl you want.

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