18 Funny Husbands Memes That Always Make Us Laugh


Ladies, if you’re lucky, you hit the jackpot with your significant other. A good spouse is supportive, respectful, affectionate, and hopefully very funny! It’s a lot more fun to go through life with someone who knows how to make you laugh and goes out of his way to do so.

The internet is rife with funny husband and wife memes, and each one makes us laugh due to their sheer simplicity. These guys aren’t professional comedians — they’re just a bunch of dudes who know when a good joke is in order. 

Take a look at these 18 husbands whose hilarious antics are a shining example to men everywhere.

“My Husband Was Hesitant About Wearing My Baby Carrier. Found This on My Phone.”

Via Reddit

Well, there’s no fear of this dad appearing feminine while wearing his baby Bjorn. He’s got that macho thing locked down!

Our only question is, “What time is the gun show?!”

“My Husband Is an A**hole.”

Via Reddit

Step one: Acquire life-sized cardboard cut out of Worf from “Star Trek.”

Step two: Place Worf in shower.

Step three: Aim camera, and wait for hilarity to ensue.

(Step four: Research divorce lawyers in your area.)

“What Happens When I Send My Husband to the Store…”

Via Reddit

“…And There’s An Ice Cream Sale.” 

Hey, can you blame him? He’s only human, after all.

It was on SALE!

“This Is How My Husband RSVP’d to His Cousin’s Wedding.”

Via Imgur

Way to keep it classy, my good man!

“I Sent My Daughter and My Husband Off to Buy Her Some Nice New Clothes.”

Via Reddit

Aaaaand? Mission accomplished, eh fellas?

What do you mean you don’t want your daughter dressed like Lady Gaga merged with the Tin Man? It’s called fashion.

“I Leave My Husband With the Baby for Ten Minutes…”

Via Reddit

And ten minutes later, the baby is more awesome than ever before! Those eyebrows are so on fleek, it’s kind of scary.

“My Friend Convinced Her Husband to Go to Wine and Palette With Her…”

Via Imgur

Sure, he’ll go with you, but that’s where his compliance ends. When given an opportunity to paint Batman, you always paint Batman. End of story.

“Sent My Husband to Buy a Baby Shower Gift Bag.”

Via Reddit

Happy Birth to you!

See, there really is nothing that a little duct tape can’t fix.

“My Husband Travels for Work. He Gave Me This So I Am Never Really Alone…”

Via Reddit

Why do they always choose the most unflattering photos for these personalized blankets?

Oh yeah, because they’re ten times more hilarious that way!

Zuckerberg Is Watching You.

Via Twitter

I don’t know about you, but this extreme Zuckerberg close-up is enough of a deterrent for me. It’s not stupid if it works!

Creator of Perfect Wine Bottle Artwork

Via Pleated-Jeans

When your husband has an artistic side, it’s tough to hide it. And why should he hide it when he can create lovely works of mild vandalism like this one?

“My 32-Year-Old Husband Playing in His New Pool. We Don’t Have Kids BTW.”

Via Reddit

It’s not like he’s being childish… he’s simply being child-like. It’s much cuter that way, don’t you think?

Now somebody get this big kid a beer in a sippy cup before he throws a tantrum.

“Asked My Husband to Do Laundry…”

Via Reddit

He’s absolutely correct! This isn’t a husband-wife meme — it’s just a fact of life. Why do fitted sheets have to be so impossible to fold?

“My Husband Slid This Note Under the Bathroom Door.”

Via Imgur

True love knows no boundaries. Not even bathroom doors.

“When You Ask Your Husband to Pack Your Lunch…”

Via Reddit

I see what you did there, ya big perv! At least he gave her some lunch money, too.

“My Husband Added a Task to My Pre-Thanksgiving Checklist.”

Via Reddit

“Gee, thanks, dear. That’s very helpful when I have a houseful of company coming and am up to my ears in stuffing and sweet potatoes!”

“My Husband Putting a Picture of My Cat to Good Use in His New Timeline.”

Via Imgur

Correction: That’s not “good use,” that’s “the BEST use ever.”

“I Let My Husband Decorate the Bathroom.”

Via Pleated-Jeans

And he did a heck of a job! Usually we don’t like to see “the dark side” in a bathroom, but in this case, we’ll make an exception.

Never change, funny husbands of the world! You’re perfect just the way you are.

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