20 Premium Brushes Made for Designers by Designers


Last Updated on April 21, 2021

If you’re a designer, artist, or an illustrator looking for diversive resources, we’ve got you covered. This collection contains something for everybody.

The brushes you’re about to see are great for websites, print materials, compositions, and basically anything else you might want to use them for. Every single set was made by designers and creatives just like you. I only selected brushes I would personally buy, so you can be fully assured these brushes are high quality and were not created by amateurs.

If you have the time to create your own brushes, then this roundup of resources may not be for you. On the other hand if you’re a busy individual, which I presume you are, then these professional brushes are without a doubt worth every single penny. I’ve said this many times, and will say it again. Time is the world’s most valuable commodity. So just let that sink in.

Note: Please be sure to read the details prior to making a purchase. Most bushes require different versions of Adobe software. I would hate to see you buy them only to find out that they don’t work with your version. So be sure to read the fine print before hitting the buy button.

Ultimate Custom Art Brushes

Includes real oils, pastels, watercolors, gouache, charcoal, graphite, and inking tools. For amazing results, be sure to use a drawing tablet – these tools are especially effective with pressure sensitivity, tilt, and direction.

Buy $10

85 Hand Made .AI Brushes


Just as the heading states, this set includes 85 decorative handmade illustrator brushes.

Buy $10

REAL Watercolor for Photoshop


A truly excellent set of ‘out of the box’ watercolor brushes has not been available… until now. These brushes produce natural wet edge effects, bleeds, and textures without the aid of any layer effects or added textures. By combining the brushes, nearly any watercolor effect is possible.

Buy $8

109 Brushes BUNDLE

109 Brushes BUNDLE

This professional brush pack for Adobe Illustrator contains 109 attention worthy brushes.

Buy $19

RVC Vector Brushpack Bundle

RVC Vector Brushpack Bundle

This brushpack bundle contains 32 custom vector texture brushes.

Buy $10

Solid ink brush pack

Solid ink brush pack

24 Photoshop brushes in high resolution up to 2500 px .

Buy $3

Vintage Brush Kit

Vintage Brush Kit

Key Features:
• 30 Photoshop Brushes
• 2500 x 2500 px (some are slightly smaller)
• Pulled from 100+ Year Old Documents
• High Quality and Versatile
• Best when used BIG

Buy $6

35 Optical Flare Brushes


If you’re looking for some sunlight, I can guarantee these optical flare brushes won’t disappoint you.

Buy $6



82 handpainted sumi-e paint strokes for Photoshop.

Buy $5

130 Simple Shapes Watercolor Brushes


This pack includes 35 circles, 30 rectangles, 19 triangles and 46 lines. The size of the shapes varies from 1400px to 200px, so they are perfect for your digital projects.

Buy $5

Clouds Brushes


Ultimate set of 71 different high resolution clouds brushes.

Buy $6

Boke-Aji – 80 Large Bokeh Brushes

Boke-Aji - 80 Large Bokeh Brushes

Adding bokeh to your photos is an easy and simple way to make your photos better. Use it to simulate foreground bokeh, hide objects, and more.

Buy $5

50 Subtle Grunge Brushes


This collection of 50 brushes make it super easy to add that “worn” look to surfaces or text. If you want something a little less noisy, check out this set.

Buy $3

Kyle’s Ultimate Drawing Set

Kyle's Ultimate Drawing Set

These custom brushes are ideal for comic book artists and illustrators of all kinds who work predominantly with line to make images. There are 35 brushes in this set – dry brush effects, smooth nibs, rough nibs, round variable brushes, super-fine tech pens, pencils for shading and for rough sketches, and much more. 

Buy $5

RetroSupply 2 – Photoshop Kit

RetroSupply 2

Anyone who wants to add authentic retro distressed looks to their work fast, should seriously consider this Photoshop Kit. To see what I mean, check out this quick demo: https://vimeo.com/80473867

Buy $15

109 Abstract Smoke Art

109 Abstract Smoke Art

Add amazing smoke to your photo manipulations, designs, and more!

Buy $6

74 Handcrafted Splatter Brushes


If you’ve been searching for high quality splatter brushes, you’re in luck! This set of 74 handcrafted splatter brushes are bound to save you time and make you’re designs as messy as you need them to be. 😉

Buy $8

118 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes


The folks from Layerform Magazine spent many hours creating these beautiful brushes, They’re all 300DPI and can be used from Adobe Photoshop CS1 and up.

Buy $8

Dust & Particles Brushes


This brush set only contains 10 different brushes, but don’t forger that quality out performs quantity every single time. These brushes will work on both light and dark backgrounds, ensuring your designs look fantastic on virtually every color.

Buy $5

Megapack: 90+ Real Art PS Brushes


This pixel crushing massive set of brushes includes; oils, inks, pencils, pastels, gouache, drybrush and watercolor. With over 7,000 illustrators using these tools, I don’t think you can go wrong.

Buy $13

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