20 Trending Footer Design Examples To Help You Design Your Own


Last Updated on March 31, 2021

When you begin a new website project, it is quite obvious that you put in the maximum effort on the header and the homepage of the website. The footer design, as the consequence, is often ignored and made to act like a junk pile where information like privacy policy, SEO links and other such less important content is showcased. However, this is not the approach that ought to be followed.

There are many valid reasons that suggest that footer holds equal importance as other sections of the websites, if not more. It serves as the point where the users finally decide to subscribe to the service, seek contact information, or read another blog on the website. According to the study conducted by ClickTale, it is reported that only 22% of the visitors of a website reach down to the bottom of the website.

It is important you impress these users with an engaging footer design. And for that, you need to ask yourself a question that what would you like your users to do when they have scrolled down to the end of the website? The answer to this very question will help you strategize your footer design in a better manner. Moreover, the design of the footer should also cater to the latest website design trends so that the users find them appealing.

Of course, the conventions exist and you must be cognizant of them while designing the footer. Usually, the website visitors scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the contact details and it is a safe bet to provide it there, but there are other things too that you can prioritize and include in the footer design like the link to an interesting article or other important pages within the website.

The list of footer design example has been compiled to showcase the trending footer design and how can they be utilized to the maximum of website’s benefit. We hope you find the list useful.

Here are some of the websites with exceptional footer design:

1. ZoyoYoghurt


The footer of ZoyoYoghurt is more on a colorful and creative side. It is also quite functional at the same time. Right from contact information to contact form, you get all the relevant links.

2. No-refresh


The footer of No-refresh is a gold mine of information. From the range of products, contact information and social icons to quick pages and contact button, the footer has it all without making the place look cramped.

3. Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions

The footer design of Sparx IT Solutions is an epitome of simplistic and minimalist design approach. The footer contains the newsletter subscription box, a few quick links to the sections of the website, links to social media pages, contact, and achievements.

4. Mecannical


The footer of this website is one of a kind and entirely original. The design is attractive enough to impress the end users and keep them hooked to the website.

5. AppsChopper


AppsChopper is basically an app development company and features a footer that boasts a simple design with informative content including the disclaimer and the privacy policy. The users get the right blend of information and visually appealing design.

6. Best Made Co


It is an e-commerce website that has a white background throughout the website and the same has been extended to the footer. However, the footer still manages to distinct itself from the overall design and this is the marvel of the footer.

7. Theem`on


theem’on is a provider of themes, plugins, etc., that is why the first thing you will find in the footer is the link to support. In addition, there is a newsletter subscription option along with quick links to the product category, etc.

8. CSSChopper


CSSChopper is a renowned web development company that offers services to its global clients. The footer design of their website is inspirational in many ways. There are contact details, link to the client area section, and FAQs.

9. Walfe


Walfe.com is a relatively a new website but its approach towards footer design is simplistic yet very attractive. The users are not bombarded with profuse use of colors and images and the footer serves the purpose quite well.

10. InkyROBO


Being a well-known online product designer tool provider, you will find the footer design of inkyROBO quite creative. The USP of the design is the perfect inclusion of all important information without making space appear cluttered. 

11. Tapbots


The footer design of Tapbots is quirky and quite unusual. The audience that the website aims to target will definitely be impressed by the design as it is quite futuristic and unconventional. 

12. HireWebDeveloper


The footer section of HireWebDeveloper focuses mainly on the clientele of the company and the logos of the prominent clients are displayed on the top of the footer. Contact information and other conventional things are included in the design.

13. The Pixel

The Pixel

The website has a footer design that has elegance as well as simplicity. The design is very information oriented and goes very well with the theme of the website.

14. PSDtoWordPressExpert


It features a very simple footer design layout. There are navigation links provided in this section so that users can revisit the different website pages.

15. Ditto


Ditto, being an e-commerce website, is a great precedent for other such websites. The footer has got no images but only the links to the popular product categories, contact links, affiliate, and signup links.

16. LogoDesignsStudio


This is a website for logo design and it is natural that you will find some sort of creativity in the footer design of the website. The content is placed quite wisely to attract maximum attraction.

17. Food For Life


This is again an innovative take on the footer design. The choice of color is great and gives a new perspective to the website. 

18. HTMLPanda


This is another great example of responsive website footer design that has a contemporary feel to it and also contains all the relevant links and information.

19. Carsonified


The footer design of Launch Mind website has been created to enhance the navigation of the website. Creativity has been put on ample use in this website.

20. KIKK Festival

KIKK Festival

There is a minimum usage of text in this footer design and you will find just images. The design looks attractive and considering the theme of the website, this design is apt and a great example for event websites.

Closing Remarks

The underlying principle of designing a footer for the website must be based on the information you want to convey and the layout also must be in sync with the overall website design. The footer design of these websites will definitely act as references and help you come up with your own version of a footer. Let us know what you feel about these footer designs through the comments. The suggestions for other footer designs are also welcome.

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