200+ Nicknames for the Boys


Well, it’s time to talk something about the coolest creature on the Earth. Yes, none other than the boys! They are undoubtedly the smartest, intelligent, and full of fun. They know how to enjoy the moments of life and how to attract the girls.

Most of the boys do not get jealous of each other and it makes them to do loads of fun. Not only that, but these habits naturally make them cutest and attractive.

In this article, I have shared a long list of nicknames for the boys. They are funny, unique, and lovely. So, if you are searching a cool name for a boy, then you are at the right place. I have divided the nicknames for boys in different categories so, you will feel easy to find the right one for you!

Be ready, here we go!

5 Reasons why Nicknames for boys sound so cool

  • Because boys are cool. J
  • Because boys have the ability to even enjoy the weird things.
  • Because of their personality!
  • Because they just wanna jealous the girls 😛
  • Because most of the boys don’t mind jokes and the nicknamess!

Here is a List of Nicknames for boys

Funny Nicknames for Boys

  1. Dexter— For the one who loves chemical experiments.
  2. Blanket— For the one who sticks and never leaves!
  3. Buntie— For the one who loves to wear colorful pants.
  4. Johnny bravo— Ahem Ahem! Got it?
  5. Charlie— For the extremely skinny guy!
  6. Stone— For the one who is always harsh!
  7. Spanky— For the one, whom you wanna hit at ass!
  8. Pizzeria— For the teenage guys with pimples on their faces.
  9. Dentonic— A unique funny name for the one who always laughs a lot.
  10. Snow man— For a fat white boy.
  11. Funny bunny— Looks too funny!
  12. Mummy Daddy boy— The nickname explains its intentions.
  13. Big show— For the huge guy!
  14. Virus— For the one who destroys everything.
  15. Huge— For the big guys!
  16. Boxer man— For the one who loves boxing.
  17. Confused— For the one who never stuck to anything.
  18. Detective 007— For the one who is always looking to find a secret of others!
  19. Bookworm— The 24/7 book lover is the best choice.
  20. Bacterium— Same as Virus!
  21. Nerd— No explanation needed!
  22. Nuts— For the fool guys!
  23. Pendulum— For the one who is always confused in two things!
  24. Yawner— For the sleepy guys.
  25. Wonka— For a guy who resembles to the character of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  26. Potato couch— For the lazy guys!
  27. Cereal killer— For the one who eats a lot.
  28. Big Potato— For the big fat boys!
  29. Sweet Potato— For the one who is fat but sweet.
  30. Angry bird— For the short-tempered and short-heighted guys.
  31. Agent 007— Something like the detective.
  32. Balloon— For the guy having a huge tummy!
  33. Gypsy— A purely funny nickname to annoy a guy.
  34. Farty— For the who farts and never admits.
  35. Quackers— For the one who is sweet but sometimes acts weird.
  36. Nasty guy— Smells bad!
  37. Agent orange— For the redheaded guys.
  38. Chicken— Another funny one!
  39. Macho— For the crazy boys.
  40. She-male— If you want to have a fight, pick it!
  41. Druncola— For the one who loves drinking and looks horrible after that.
  42. Mummy’s boy— For the one who always follows his mummy.
  43. Cold Stone— A combination of two words for the hard guys.
  44. Eggplant— Extremely funny to tease a guy!
  45. Shaved Chicken— For the guys who are clean-shaved.
  46. Boiled egg— Same as above.
  47. Monkey— A short, common, and funny name.
  48. Nutty— For the one who looks hard but is silly.
  49. Demon— No explanation required.
  50. Spystar— For the backstabber guys.
  51. Sponge bob— For the one who is soft as a girl.
  52. News Reporter— For the one who loves breaking news.
  53. Power cell— For the hyperactive guys!
  54. Selfie boy—For the one who loves taking selfies.
  55. Immature fetus— For the foolish guys.

Cute Nicknames for boys

  1. Dred— For the cute one.
  2. Bravo— For the brave and cute guys.
  3. Candy— Cute nickname for sweet boys.
  4. Captain— For the one who is brave and smart.
  5. Candy eye— For the adorably cute guys.
  6. Jockey— For the one who loves sports.
  7. Cuddling cakes— For your cute guy who is fond of cuddling.
  8. Kissy faced— You can’t resist kissing him.
  9. Yums/ Yummy— Tasty guy!
  10. Good Looking— Simply for the cool guys.
  11. Superman— For the one who is best at everything!
  12. Protector— For the one who saves you from bad guys.
  13. Papa Smurf— Extremely cute one!
  14. Dearo— If he is important to you!
  15. Giggles— For the one who never leaves you in tears.
  16. Everything— For the one who is your life!
  17. Twinkle— Make him smile with this cute nickname.
  18. Shining Star— He is brilliant and energetic.
  19. Darling— For the dear one!
  20. Dear— For the sweet guy!
  21. Cuddle bear— For a cute guy who loves cuddles.
  22. Diamond— Pick it for the one who is most important and your loved one.
  23. Judge— For the one who is good at making sensible decisions.
  24. Pumpkin— Ever cutest nickname!
  25. Teddy Bear— Another cutest one for sweet guys!
  26. Cuitie pie— It explains the meanings!
  27. Knuckles— For the one who has a cute smile!
  28. Salty peanut— Another one for the tasty guys.
  29. Loyal guy— For the one who would never ditch you!
  30. Road blocker—For the strong guy who never allow anyone to touch you.
  31. Wonder guy— For the one who is extremely stunning.
  32. Apollo— For the strong and adorable guys.
  33. Bubble Gum— For short and sweet guys.
  34. Champion— For the winner!
  35. Bumblee— Sweet nickname for cute guys.
  36. Marshmallow— Another one for cutest guys!
  37. Gum drop— Looks nice!
  38. Hun bun— As sweet as honey!
  39. Dimples— For the guy with dimples.
  40. Jelly Bear— For sweet and innocent boys!
  41. Angel— Another one for an innocent guy!
  42. Peaches/Peach pie— For the tasty one!
  43. Pumpkin pie— Same as above!
  44. Sweet Apple— For the cute and adorable boys!
  45. Honey bun— For the one who is sweet and kind!
  46. Panda— For the one who is innocent and never hurts anyone!
  47. Fruit loop— Looks cute!
  48. Honey Bunch— Too much sweet!
  49. Sweetums— Same as above!
  50. Jelly bean— For softies!
  51. Oreo— Tasty as Oreo cookies.
  52. Apple pie— Irresistibility tasteful!
  53. Cute Muffin— So Sweet!
  54. Pudding/ Pudding Pie— You want to have more and more!
  55. Prince— For a young and smart boy
  56. Dream guy— For the one who exactly looks like your dream boy!
  57. Snookums— Sweetoooo!
  58. Carebear— For the one who cares a lot about you!
  59. Lifebuoy— Your life!
  60. Snoopy— Tasty!
  61. Nightlight— For the one who enlightens your dark life.
  62. Winkie— For cute short guys!
  63. My bad boy— For your naught love who always wanna kiss you!
  64. Night angel— For the sweet innocent boys.
  65. Cowboy— For the strong ones!
  66. Rock Star/ Super Star— Your Super star!
  67. Casanova— For the one who is the true master of love.

Sexy and Cool nicknames for boys
Sexy and Cool nicknames for boys

  1. Hawk— Looks hot!
  2. Hot ice cream— Ooh Lala lala!
  3. Popeye— For the muscular guy who loves Spinach!
  4. Lollypop— You are smart enough to catch the meanings!
  5. Chief— For the one who controls you while making love!
  6. Master— Same as above!
  7. Kicker— For the one who begins making love!
  8. Chocolaty— For the attractive guys!
  9. Volcano— For the hottest guy!
  10. Gorgeous— He is smart and stunning!
  11. Hotmale— A sexy one!
  12. Cool— A cooler one!
  13. Smarty— For the smart and gorgeous guys!
  14. Ace— The one who is strong and muscular!
  15. Vegas— The sexy resident of Vegas.
  16. Hammer— Too hard at sex!
  17. Hot Flame— Sssss! Got it?
  18. Fruity— Tasty and sexy!
  19. Hot Chocolate— For the irresistible guys!
  20. Alpha— Hard and strong!
  21. Hard core— Hardest than ever!
  22. Creamy eye— Catch the meanings!
  23. Booboos— For the one who is busy in getting a chance to touch your b***s.
  24. Big Pig— For the huge guy!
  25. Heart stealer— For the muscular guy who has stolen your heart!
  26. Jigsaw— For a sexy mysterious guy!
  27. Colossus— Another one for the hard and muscular boys!
  28. Jigsaw puzzle— Same as jigsaw.
  29. Commando— For the brave guy who makes your heart beat fast!
  30. Great Eagle— For the quick and brave guys!
  31. Lighter— Damn sexy!
  32. Big Dad— A cool and respectable nickname for your beloved boy!
  33. Sexy Pants— You love to see him like that!
  34. Heart Throb— Who makes your heart beat faster!
  35. Stallion— Another one for strong guys!
  36. Cupid— The heart stealer!
  37. Sugar lips— You just can’t wait to kiss on his lips.
  38. Unbeatable— For the one who controls everything while having sex.
  39. Angus— For strong ones!
  40. Irresistible— No explanation needed.
  41. Mount Everest— For the one who is difficult to conquer!
  42. Iron man— Hardddd!
  43. Tarzan— Same as above!
  44. Tiger— For the strong and brave boys!

Nicknames for little boys
Nicknames for little boys

  1. Champ— Cute little one!
  2. Lil’— A short one!
  3. Button— For a sweet little boy!
  4. Little Champ— For a one who is little and active!
  5. Lil’ Potato— For a cute, little and fat boy!
  6. Lil’ Angel— For a little and innocent boy!
  7. Angel face— Too innocent!
  8. Cute naughtiness— For a one who looks cute and is naughty!
  9. Boo-bear— Extremely cute little boy!
  10. Little Devil— For the one who is little but has an evil mind.

Cute Nicknames for Baby Boys

  1. Junior— Your assistant!
  2. Baby Cakes— Cute!
  3. Cubbie-bear— Cute cheeks
  4. Blue— for the baby boy with blue eyes.
  5. Baby Panda— Kiss him, kiss him, and just kiss him more!
  6. Pentium Half— A funny one!
  7. Poopy— For the baby who poops a lot!
  8. Mangolecious— Sweet as mango!
  9. Baby Angel— No explanation needed.
  10. Baby— A common one!
  11. Charming— the most beautiful creature on the Earth.
  12. My Born winner— Born to win!
  13. Babykins— Cutest!
  14. Doodle baby— A baby boy with a lovely smile!
  15. Lil Bud— Mmmmm! Lovely!
  16. Bambino— In Italian, it means baby!

Mexican nicknames for boys
Mexican nicknames for boys

  1. Vato— It means dude!
  2. Ese— In Mexican language, it means Home boy.
  3. Pachuco— For the one who is a gangster guy.
  4. Prieta— It is a Mexican nickname for the boys with dark complexion.
  5. Viejo— It is used for the romantic guys!

Spanish Nicknames for boys

  1. Amante— It is a nickname to use for a guy who is your beloved.
  2. Pollito— It means cute chicken.
  3. Guey— In Spanish, it is used for the silly guys.
  4. Fosforo— This nickname is used for the short tempered guys.
  5. Calaca— It means extremely skinny.
  6. Mi Leon— It is for the brave guys as it means my lion.
  7. Cabron—It is derogatory Spanish nickname which means jackass.
  8. Lengua larga—It is for the guys who talks a lot. It translates into big mouth in English
  9. Idiota— It simply means Idiot.
  10. Conejito— It is a love endearment which means little bunny.
  11. Osito—- It means teddy bear.
  12. Jefe— For the guys with bossy attitude.
  13. Chulo—Cute!
  14. Lobo—-It is for the clever guys as it means wolf.
  15. Chismoso— It means gossip boy.
  16. El Cerebro—It is used for the intelligent boys as it means the brainy.
  17. Mi Cielito— Another loving nickname which means my heaven.
  18. Mi vida— It translates into my life in English.
  19. Bombon— sweetie!
  20. Chaparro— It is used for the short guys.
  21. Cuatro ojos— It is a funny nickname used for the boys who wear glasses. It means four eyes.
  22. Bello— It means Adorable.
  23. Mi Hombre— Let him know that he is your man.
  24. Maravilloso— For the one who is extremely loving with a marvelous personality!

Nicknames for Indian Boys
Nicknames for Indian Boys

  1. Chotu— For little boys!
  2. Bubloo— For cute fatties!
  3. Guddoo— A nickname to show love.
  4. Baba— For Indian Babies
  5. Munna— Another one for small baby boys!
  6. Chintoo— For the one who are naughty!
  7. Chinkoo— Same as above!
  8. Bhai— Girls in India use it to call their brother.
  9. Veer— Same as above!
  10. Lala— For the innocent guys!

 German nicknames for boys

  1. Teufel— It means the guy with a Devilish brain.
  2. Libeling— It means darling.
  3. Engel— Angel!
  4. Knuddelbär— It means Cuddle bear.
  5. Schmusebärchen— If a guy is short, then you can use as it means little cuddle.
  6. Schmusebacke— smooch cheeks!
  7. Maus— It means my little mouse
  8. Mausbar— It is a cute nickname which translates in to mouse bear in English
  9. Schnuckelschneke— Germans love this nickname for the boys. It means nibble snail!

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