21 Ways on How to Make Someone Like You


Whether you want to get someone to like you as a friend or as a potential love interest, there are many things that you can do to make that happen. You do have to be willing to make an effort if you want to get a certain person to like you.

If you want to find out how to make someone like you, you can read some of the tips below and learn where to start.

How to Make Someone Like You

Show interest

The most obvious way to make someone like you is by showing that you have an interest in them. If you do not pay any attention to this person at all, then why should they pay any attention to you?

When you show some interest in someone, then you will open the door for a possible friendship or a romantic relationship, and you should make it clear what kind of relationship you want.

If you want to grow a relationship with someone, then you have to plant the seed of interest first. From there, a meaningful relationship can begin to grow.

There are many ways to show your interest in another person. To start off with, you can say hi to that person when you see them and goodbye when you leave. This is just the bare minimum and is something you can do with everyone that you are around.

After you have established some sort of groundwork, ask that person how they are doing or how their weekend was. This shows that you have an interest in getting to know that person and what they do in their life.

To even further show your interest in this person, get to know what their likes and dislikes are. What are their interests? What did they bring to work for lunch? How are their kids doing? Find ways to ask them about the little things about their life.

Demonstrate your knowledge of these things when you have conversations and this person will know that you have been making the effort to get to know them. If you do these things then it will be clear that you have an interest in this individual.

Make eye contact

Making eye contact with someone while you are talking to them will help you to form a better connection to that person. On the other hand, if you avoid eye contact, then you will seem nervous and as if you have something to hide.

After all, they do say that the windows are the eyes to the soul. Try to make eye contact occasionally and you will seem more personable and relatable.

When making eye contact, try to appear natural and relaxed. You do not want the eye contact to be intimidating. Instead, it should have the effect of making the other person feel at ease and connected to you.

If you do eye maintain contact the right way, then this person will feel like they are important, as if they matter to you. And that kind of feeling can easily make this person like you.

Ask them about themselves

No matter how shy we are, we all like to talk about ourselves to some extent. Whether it is bragging about something that you are especially skilled at or explaining an interest that gets you excited, it can be fun to talk about yourself to other people.

If there is someone out there that you want to like you, then ask them about themselves. Start off with something small like asking about their weekend or plans for the holidays.

For someone that you are more familiar with, you can ask about their interests and favorite things. How do certain things make this person feel?

Asking such questions can bring you and this other person closer together and when they feel closer to you, they will like you.

Compliment them

We all like to feel as if we are special. That is why compliments can work so well. If you give a compliment to someone that you are interested in, they will know that you like them. And maybe they will begin to like you as well.

When it comes to compliments, try to be genuine and avoid compliments that are over-the-top or are just not true. Doing so might make the other person think that you are sweet but not at all genuine.

You are better off sticking closer to the truth when it comes to paying compliments. That way, you will not struggle to do it and it will be coming from the heart.

Think about how you feel when someone compliments things about you such as your outfit or a skill you have. Being complimented probably makes you feel special and it is something that you might remember for the rest of the day, if not for much longer than that.

If you give someone a compliment, it might end up being something that they remember quite fondly. And you will feel great for making that person feel good about themselves.

Smile at them

Smiling at a person can do many things for them. It can make them feel at ease and relaxed. It will demonstrate that you are in good spirits, which in turn can put that person in a good mood as well.

Think about how you might feel when someone smiles at you. You might feel more comfortable around this person and as if they are in good spirits.

A smile is the perfect accessory that you can wear. The feeling that a smile gives can be infectious and it is certainly much more appealing than a scowl or a frown.

The ideal smile is not too long and not too forced. Just flash a quick, friendly smile to make this person feel even more drawn to you. When you smile at someone, it will be hard for them to resist liking you.

Be a little mysterious

When you are still getting to know someone new, it is great to share information about yourself with them. After all it is how they will get to know you.

At the same time, you do not have to reveal every little detail about yourself just yet. For one thing, doing so could easily become overwhelming for the other person.

Be careful that you do not inundate this person with too much information about yourself, especially information that is deeply personal. We can only comfortably process so much new information at once.

Also, if you leave some air of mystery to you, then you could leave the other person wanting to know more about you. This will give you a chance to have plenty more conversations down the line since you are not spilling every little bit of information about yourself.

Be available

Make an effort to spend some time with the person that you are interested in. This can include hanging out with them in person as well as communicating with them by texting or calling them.

Let them know that they can talk to you and that they have your attention. It should be clear that you are happy to spend time with this person.

But not too available

At the same time, do not appear to be way too eager to be around this person. That can seem desperate and it could be overwhelming for the person.

Signs of being too available include trying to hog that person all to yourself, especially when there are other people around. And avoid bombarding this person with text messages and phone calls or rushing to respond every single time.

Whether you are pursuing a friendship or a relationship, a little space is healthy for any relationship. Allow some breathing so this person will not feel smothered by your presence. When you are absent even for a little bit, they will have more of a chance to miss you.

Do not try too hard

It is great to be courteous and generous especially to people that we like, but do not do it so much that you seem desperate.

Trying way too hard will come off as needy and it can be too much for most people. So do make an effort, but know when to stop.

On top of being around too much, calling too much, and texting too much, you will want to avoid being over the top in what you give this person.

There is something to be said about “playing it cool.” Do not be aloof, but do not act desperate for this person’s companionship or approval either.

For the most part, you should try to maintain a cool composure. Be enthusiastic and happy with this person while exercising restraint at the same time.

Be honest

As we all know, honesty is the best policy. It is a strong foundation of any relationship between two people. Without honesty, how can you trust someone?

You might be tempted to impress this person and that is perfectly normal. But instead of lying or embellishing the truth, why no impress them with the stuff about you that is actually true?

If you lie, especially if it is often, then you might get caught in a lie and then this person might not know how to trust you again.

At the same time, you do not have to mistake honesty for being completely transparent. You do not need to tell this person every single detail about you, especially if you are not ready.

Be positive

While we all have our bad days, positivity is an attractive quality to have. When you give off positive energy, you attract positive energy as well.

But if you are negative, then people will feel negative around you because of the energy that you are giving off.

Part of being positive includes not complaining about every little thing. This includes having to wait a few extra minutes to be seated at a restaurant.

Do not try to see the faults in everyone. If you complain about other people too often, then the person that you want to like you will wonder if you complain about them when they are not there as well.

When you have a positive attitude, then people will remember you for being nice and optimistic. They will notice how relaxed they are around you and they might even find that being around you is fun.

Be warm

If you put up a wall between yourself and others, then it will be hard for them to like you or to even get to know you.

Being a warm person includes having relaxed facial expressions and body language. If you are tense, people will be able to sense that right away.

Another aspect of having a warm personality is not passing judgment on people. Even if there are things that you disagree with, you can learn to respect those differences rather than openly judge them. As a result, people will feel comfortable around you.

Also, try to focus your attention on the other person if you want them to feel like you are a warm person. Only talking about yourself will come off as conceited. Show that you care about that person and that you want to know what they are thinking.

Show an interest in this person’s life and they will note you for the warmth that you display towards them. When you try to get to really know a person, they will open up to you and inevitably end up liking you as a person.

Find out your shared values

Shared values can definitely bring two people very close together. When you think similarly to another person, then they will feel as if you share a certain special connection with them.

First off, be honest about your values. Do not just go and change them because you want this person to like you. If your values do change, it should be because of what you think and not because you want someone else’s approval.

While you might not agree with everything that another person will think, you are bound to have some similar values. So find out what those are and you will have something to bond over and talk about together.

Find your similarities

Common similarities are another big things that can make a person like you. Whether it is traits that you are born with or interests that you have, it is great to share similarities with others.

Sharing similarities with other people is what makes us able to connect with them. If you had nothing at all in common with another person, then you might really struggle to like each other.

It is easy for us to like those who share similarities with us. When you find common ground with someone, then that person will feel like they know you better. It is because you are like them, even if it is just in a few ways.

Tell a secret

When you are vulnerable and trusting, it can make people see you in a whole new light. They might feel closer to you as a result of you sharing a secret with them.

Sharing a secret of yours can open you up to other people. They will realize that you trust them and that you are not perfect.

At the same time, you will want to be careful about what kind of secret you share. There are small secrets such as admitting that you are afraid of bears and there are big secrets that are very serious in nature.

If you do decide to share a big secret with that person, approach things with caution and try to be sure that they can handle that kind of information. When done right, secrets can bring people closer together.

Be trustworthy

Show that you can keep a secret and that you can be trusted. If the person that you want to like you tells you a secret, do not go around sharing it with other people, especially not with people that you both know.

Trust does not just stop with secrets. Let this person also trust that you will be there for them and that you will show up when you plan to do things together.

The idea of trust also has to do with loyalty and being genuine with that person.

Most of the time, trust is not something that can happen overnight. You have to build trust over a period of time and establish that sense of trust with the other person. For this reason, having patience is important.

Be confident

There is no doubt that a good amount of confidence is an attractive quality to have. Little or no confidence is not very appealing and way too much confidence can end up being a major turn-off to people.

How do you show that you are confident to others? First of all, you should know that confidence comes from within. It stems from self-acceptance and knowing what your best strengths and qualities are.

Confidence is about not being afraid to make mistakes or to look foolish. It is about taking risks and putting yourself out there.

Have a sense of humor

Being able to laugh is something that will put most people at ease. This includes being able to laugh at yourself on occasion.

If you take things way too seriously, including yourself, then you can be viewed as tense and rigid. But if you can have a sense of humor then people will feel more at ease with you.

Be friendly with their friends

It is often true that the way to a person’s heart is through their friends. If you can get into the good graces of these friends, then that will definitely be a point in your favor.

If a person’s friends do not like you, especially if it is the best friends, then it will be even harder for that person to like you. Sure, it is possible to get them to like you anyway, but you will face some challenges in the process.

Needless to say, it is good if the friends of this person like you. So you can follow a lot of the tips here to get those friends to like you as well.

Do things that you would do to get any other person to like you. Show an interest in these friends and have a sense of humor.

Embrace something that they are passionate about

When you show an interest in that person’s passions, or at least one of those passions, their eyes will light up with excitement and they will happily share that passion with you.

It is easy to like someone when they are enthusiastic about one of your passions. It gives you more to talk about and you will not struggle for topics in your conversations.

Love yourself

One of the best ways to get someone to like you is if you love yourself. That confidence will show and it can attract other people to you.

While it is normal to be hard on yourself at times or to be very conscious of your flaws, being too hard on yourself might have the effect of repelling people from you. Too much negative energy might scare people away.


Getting someone to like you can be summed up like this: be yourself in the best way possible. Have confidence and love yourself because everyone likes someone who can be comfortable in your own skin.

Also, remember that it is not enough to just care about other people. You have to demonstrate an interest in them and what makes them happy. Show that you care by being present, by being available to this person, and by asking questions about themselves.

Maintaining a positive outlook can greatly increase your chances of being liked by another person as well. People like positivity and are attracted to it. It will make them feel good about themselves and their own lives and they will enjoy being around you if you are pleasant to be around.

When all else has failed, remember that not everyone will like you and that is okay. You are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But keep trying and you will see some success from your efforts.

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