23 Chic Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf


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Want to instantly update everything in your wardrobe for summer? Before you go shopping for new clothes, try refreshing all your outfits with a summer scarf. Just this one accessory can make even the simplest outfits feel fresh and new, and there are so many fun and creative ways to wear them. And they’re way more affordable than buying new clothes! Get inspired to rock your summer style, with these awesome fashion girl outfit ideas.

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With a Swingy Dress

Alyson Haley

Add a colorful or patterned scarf to a swingy, solid colored summer dress to draw attention to your pretty face. Tie it simply around your neck with the point in front, as pictured here.

Pretty Pastels

Layers of Chic

A pretty pastel summer scarf wrapped casually around your neck adds feminine color and softness to classic wardrobe items, such as this retro-style gingham print sundress.

Bathing Suit Accessory

Upbeat Soles

When you’re strolling the beach in your swimsuit, create a fashionable effect, and tame any runaway ringlets, by wrapping a colorful scarf pirate fashion around your head, as seen here.

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It’s a (Hair) Wrap

Livvy Land

Fold a silk scarf into a long cylinder and use it to wrap the base of ponytails and buns, to create a simple and pretty summer hairstyle.

Black, White, and Pink All Over


A black and white scarf adds sophistication to a pretty pink summer dress, along with black leather accessories, for a polished look you can wear to work, out to lunch, or on a summer daytime date.

Mixing Prints

Where Did U Get That

Got style confidence to spare? Play up a pretty printed summer dress with a colorful scarf in a different pattern.

The Head Wrap

The Je Ne Sais Quoi

Keep humidity at bay — and your style on fleek — when you wrap up your hair in a boldly printed scarf that accents your summer dress.

Floral Print Scarf

Meagans Moda

All-white outfits are fresh and cute for summer, but can be a bit bland. Add a colorful garden’s worth of flowers to your summer whites, by looping a long silk scarf once around your neck, and letting the long tails swing.

Black Summer Scarf

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Dark floral dresses call for moody accessories in summer fabrics. A sheer black scarf makes a fabulous alternative to the expected necklace with this dress.

Headband Scarf

The Chic Burrow

Skip the store-bought headbands and fashion your own best-tressed accessory with a pretty scarf. Roll it into a cylinder, wrapping it around your head where a headband would go, and knot either at the top or at your nape, for a cute hairstyle.

Leopard Scarf

Fashion Jackson

Leopard print is super trendy this year, and makes a great accent for solid colored tops. Loop an animal print infinity scarf over a red tunic, as pictured, to dress up a simple shorts and sandals outfit.

Wrap It Around Your Hat

Here and Now

Add pizzazz to a floppy summer hat by tying a pretty silk scarf around it, and knotting it in a fluffy bow, as shown.

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