25 of the Most Innovative Calendar Designs


Last Updated on March 2, 2021

Calendars are a great way to get organised and to keep track of the days. However, we usually see the same A4 design in the shops and it can get a bit boring and repetitive every year. Here, we take a look at the most innovative calendars to stimulate your creativity.

1. Ink Calendar

This calendar uses the capillary action of ink to spread the colourful ink across the paper which will light the date up.

2. Camera Lens Calendar

 Camera Lens Calendar

One for photography lovers. The focus, shutter speed and aperture rings can be altered to change the date.

3. Apple a Day Calendar

Apple a Day Calendar

This has been designed to help you stick to the advice that ‘an apple a day will keep the doctor away’! After you remove one apple, the rest of the apples will roll down the tube to reveal the days date. Simply refill with new apples every month.

4. Scratch Calendar

Scratch Calendar

Find a coin and scratch the date of every month! Scratching the date will reveal jokes, riddles and pictures to keep you amused.

5. MOMA Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

MOMA Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

This 3D structure uses magnetic balls to display and change the date.

6. Spiral Calendar

Spiral Calendar

The classic calendar has been redesigned into a spiral and days of the week have been colour coded to allow you to easily identify the date.

7. Bubble Wrap Calendar

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Feel like a kid again when you pop a bubble every day to display the date.

8. Calendar Game

Calendar Game

Great fun for kids. Join the dots every day to discover a picture at the end of the month.

9. Office Calendar

Office Calendar

Display the date in a unique way with this wooden calendar.

10. Urban Calendar

Urban Calendar

This has been designed to save space just like a skyscraper. It rises to just under 24” to display all 53 stories (weeks).

11. Ring Calendar

Ring Calendar

A unique, sleek design to display on your wall. Rotate every day to change the date.

12. Puzzle calendar

Puzzle calendar

Rearrange the blocks each month to change the look of your calendar. Add icon blocks to the structure to show important dates, such as holidays.

13. Colour Calendar

Colour Calendar

Each word reflects a colour and a month of the year. Feel the cold in December, sullen in October and sweltering in August.

14. Circle The Date Stickers

Circle The Date Stickers

Stick these on your books, journals, around the room or kitchen to give you a quick reminder of the date.

15. Calendar Wallpaper

Calendar Wallpaper

For those with an empty wall to fill! Write all your important dates straight onto the wall with this calendar wallpaper.

16. Chromo-Shredder


This calendar continuously shreds the date, making a statement about how quickly time passes.

17. WoodStation


This wooden block shows the time, date and even the weather with it’s LED display.

18. Letterpress Calendar

Letterpress Calendar

Beautifully designed, this is one for typography lovers.

19. Pantone Calendar

Pantone Calendar

Reflecting the colour wheel, this calendar displays 1440 images highlighting many religious and cultural holidays throughout the year.

20. Antalis Calenclock

Antalis Calenclock

Functioning as a clock and calendar combined, rip the page every day to display a new date.

21. Cod Liver Oil Calendar

Cod Liver Oil Calendar

Keep your joints healthy getting your fill of cod liver oil every day with this calendar.

22. Graph Calendar

Graph Calendar

This calendar uses a graph format to connect the holidays, days and months of the year.

23. Leaf Calendar

Leaf Calendar

The date is printed onto leafs which actually shed at the end of the day

24. Construction Calendar

Construction Calendar

You can construct any structure you want with this calendar. Each card represents a month and contains advice on how to make some good deeds.

25. T-shirt Calendar

T-shirt Calendar

With this t-shirt you will never have to forget the date! You can colour in the dates when you wore the t-shirt to have a unique design at the end of the year.

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