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Last Updated on April 8, 2016

A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. Using landing pages to promote your products will require you to employ strategies and tactics.

Setting up a landing page is not as simple as you think it is. It takes right amount of skills to be able bring out the value proposition of your created products.

Here are the things that must be present in your landing page:

  • Value proposition of your free or paid products: This proposition must be clear enough for your visitors to easily be aware of.
  • A featured product graphic: A graphic must be contained to feature your product. This will enhance the visibility of your product and will attract the attention of your subscribers.
  • Essential points in your product: It is very important that you highlight certain points in your product. Hence, including at least three to five points is a good move for your squeeze page.
  • Opt-in form: This from must ask for the name and the email address of your potential subscriber. An opt-in form helps you to organize your list.

Organizing your landing page is an important factor to boost your conversion. A clean and organized squeeze page contains the relevant information about your product. With this, your potential subscribers see your products clearly.

Another vital thing that you should do is not promise things that you could not offer. Do not claim products to your subscribers when you could not bring those products to them. This will only give you a negative feedback. You must be clear to your value propositions to gain the trust and loyalty of your leads. Below you will find thirty beautiful landing pages that are bound to boost your conversion rates.

Superawesome – $11

Superawesome is a minimal HTML5 & CSS3 template designed for app landing page. Superawesome is built with bootstrap, that sad it’s super easy to customize or add any element.

Demo | Download

Multiplus – $9


Multiplus – A perfect start up template for companies, individuals and professionals. This template was designed with Responsive design, Popup/slideout Login and registration/signup forms, Video Support, Working slideout contact form and much more. Its multipurpose, can be used for all type of Business / Products / Apps .

Demo | Download

Crealand – $7


Crealand – A perfect start up template for companies, individuals and professionals. This template was designed with Responsive design, Popup/slideout Login and registration/signup forms, Video Support, Rotating twitterfeed and much more..

Demo | Download

Super Agency – $10

Super Agency

Demo | Download

Brickstarter – Responsive HTML5 Tech Landing Page – $8


Brickstarter is fully responsive template, so it will work all screen sizes. To protect HTML code from stealing – Video Preview in HD format.

Demo | Download

Converting Landing Page – $10

Converting Landing Page

Converting Landing Page is a premium HTML landing page. It has got clean structure and professional design as well as many extra page templates, which allows you to use it as sale platform as well as an informational landing page.

Demo | Download

Landahoy – Responsive + Retina Landing Page – $9


Landahoy is a fully responsive theme meaning it is optimised for multiple device sizes, Landahoy is also Retina Ready, meaning no more blurry images on your HiDPI and Retina displays.

Demo | Download

Faze – Landing Page (Facebook Edition) – $9

Faze - Landing Page

Faze is a simple yet elegant Facebook optimized landing page perfect for advertising your app, software, retail product or company. The template is build upon the 960 grid and features a Nivo image slider and a Twitter ticker. It is coded in valid HTML5 and CSS3 and is well structured and commented.

Demo | Download

Crisper – $8


Demo | Download

Candy – $8


Candy is the perfect showcase for any app.

Demo | Download

Discounter – Product Promo Landing Page – $8

Discounter - Product Promo Landing Page

Great, bright & contrast Discounter theme is specially made for market big sales. Make your product more special, create campaigns and check how much your clients will buy this product. You can also use this landing template for any other type of business.

Demo | Download

Conversio – Responsive Social & Dating Landingpage – $9


Conversio is a HTML responsive landing page based on the foundation framework. It’s is conversion optimized to guarantee maximum registration and sign up rates for social networks, community systems, dating and collaboration websites. Conversion comes with minimalistic, focussing styles and colors. Background images can be changed easily to customize the theme for your personal needs.

Demo | Download

JustLanded – $10


JustLanded is a landing page template designed for one thing only, to turn a visitor into a paying customer. It focuses on the key elements used in successful landing pages: the product itself, building trust, providing an option to buy your product and an easy way to contact you. JustLanded is very lightweight with fast content delivery in mind – a crucial asset for any landing page – and easy to extend and to customize.

Demo | Download

FULL FLEX – Fully Responsive HTML5 Landing Page – $8


FULL FLEX is a one page template specifically designed to work with any given html element. The responsive template will work all screen sizes down to 320px width. The template is retina ready so it will look gorgeous on every device with a browser. FULL FLEX can be transitioned into a promotional site, splash screen, regular website with pages, marketplace, the options are endless!

Demo | Download

AppLand – $10


Just created the next killer app? Now’s the time to get it out to the masses. Our unique app landing page will give your software the punch it needs to get noticed fast.

Demo | Download

Tinybear Landingpage – $8

Tinybear Landingpage

Tinybear is a HTML Landingpage for your applications and software products.

Demo | Download

Squarecut – $8


Squarecut is Minimal and Responsive landing page template for software / app.

Demo | Download

Puree Responsive App Landing Page – $8

Puree Responsive App Landing Page

Puree is a Responsive App Website Template that allows you to quickly and easily set up a site for your next project that works on all kinds of browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Demo | Download

Soshal Responsive Business Landing Page – $8

Soshal Responsive

Soshal is Responsive Business Landing page (HTML / CSS ).

Demo | Download

Electron – $9


Electron – a clean and responsive landing page with maximum focus on your product, it’s features and benefits, product images and videos plus a fully working (and validating) newsletter signup form along with fully integrated share buttons for all the popular social networks.

Demo | Download

Netix – responsive landing page – $10


Demo | Download

Polar – $9


Polar is a Responsive Apps Landing Page crafted to promote your Apps / Theme / Website or any product. Support various mobile / tablet platform. Easy to Customize and packed with tons of useful elements.

Demo | Download

The Flow – $10

The Flow

The Flow is Responsive one page template for software / app.

Demo | Download

Thinkfast – $8

Thinkfast multi purpose landing page template

Thinkfast is a general landing page template, can be used for product promotion, general sales page with above the fold featured area and call to action.

Demo | Download

Clarity Simplified – Landing Page – $8

Clarity Simplified

The landing page was designed for anyone looking to stand out with a sleek, modern design. Aimed at people looking for a landing page to build on, this page offers a lot of flexibility in the code, considering it’s only HTML & CSS .

Demo | Download

Lista Landing Page – $8

Lista Landing Page

Lista Landing Page is a premium landing page design for your newsletter or download, even just a service, your choice! Lista Landing Page takes good use of the Z Reading pattern to guide the eye around the design and ultimately convert your visitors in to subscribers or buyers.

Demo | Download

BookPage – Sell your books with Style! – $8


BookPage is the landing page template for all those internet marketeers who are releasing their own (E) Book. It has everything you need to show of your hard work.

Demo | Download

Qloud Landing Page – $8

Qloud Landing Page

Welcome to the Qloud – this premium landing page has been produced with the marketer in mind! With a “Z” pattern flow from the headings, to the call to action areas and the informative video or image area to the right your visitors will be compelled to click that buy now button!

Demo | Download

TheLanding – $8


TheLanding is a simple landing page with half or full header video options! Easily customize the landing page with the included instructions.

Demo | Download

Autopilot – $8

Autopilot Landing Page

Autopilot is a landing page design best suited for all businesses and industries. The template comes with one HTML and one PHP file (contact form). It comes with three themes – realistic, festive and generic.

Demo | Download

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