4 Positive Benefits of Robotics in Healthcare


Last Updated on September 22, 2021

When it comes to technological automation, the healthcare industry is one of the areas that have adopted the use of collaborative robots. For decades, medical tech specialists were looking for ways to improve service delivery in different areas in this industry. Today, collaborative robots are an effective way of automating medical processes.

It is becoming increasingly common to find collaborative commercial robots in service in medical laboratories and even surgical processes. While surgery is the most common area of application of robotics, there are many other areas in healthcare where robots are in use.

Collaborative applications in medicine

Collaborative robots used in the healthcare industry and medicine are programmed to perform specific tasks. This is different from how collaborative robots are used in other industries. Unlike these industries, the healthcare field requires specialized cobots for medical processes.

Cobots in Packaging of medical devices

Collaborative robots are used in industries for different processes such as logistics, food manufacturing, and the making of consumer goods in industries. However, in the packaging medical devices, packaging collaborative robots are used to address a unique challenge. Sterilization is an important aspect of handling medical equipment. It is required that medical devices are sterilized before packaging. When human workers package medical devices, there is an increased chance of contamination, which can affect the integrity of the products.

When collaborative robots are used for the packaging of medical devices, it can reduce or eliminate this risk of contamination. This is because collaborative robots are capable of performing tasks that require a sterile environment.

Cobots in Therapy massage

Leading collaborative robot manufacturing companies are also venturing into the field of physiotherapy. Today, collaborative robots have replaced human physiotherapist. Cobot machines make use of two UR robots to deliver full-body massages. This is made possible by the presence of round end-effectors that roll over the skin.

Using cobots in physiotherapy makes it possible for more people to get the physio help they need faster. Investing in a few physiotherapy collaborative robots can improve service delivery. It is also possible to use robotic assistants to help people with paraplegia in movement and to administer physical therapy.

Laboratory automation

Each day in different parts of the world, medical laboratories are expected to perform hundreds or thousands of tests with the utmost accuracy. The testing process involves numerous repetitive tasks, making it perfect for the use of collaborative robots.

The best feature of Collaborative robots is their ability to work without a break while performing repetitive tasks with accuracy. This makes the use of cobots the best way to uphold the quality of the tests and ensure that deadlines are met.

Medical centers can use collaborative robots to collect, transport, and analyze samples and for proper storage of these samples. A collaborative robot lab assistant can locate blood vessels and draw blood from patients with minimal pain for the patient. You can also program collaborative robots to prepare and dispense medicine in pharmacology labs.

Cobots in surgery


In the surgical theatre, cobots are used to help in surgical procedures. In neurosurgery, cobots work alongside the surgeon for surgical assistance. A collaborative robot can be used for accurate positioning of digital microscopes. This helps to give the neurosurgeon a better view of the operating angles, therefore improving surgical precision. Collaborative robots can be moved manually or by directing them as required using the cobot software interface if the microscope needs to be moved during the surgical procedure.

Today, many hospitals use collaborative robots in laser bone ablation procedures. The collaborative robot is used to help in cutting bones for the removal of benign growths. These robots have the precision capability to cut bone without having to be in physical contact with the patient. The robot uses cold laser technology to make this possible.

The use of cobots ensures surgical procedures are accurate, which may be hard to achieve with human contact.


Today, cobots are used in different fields, including in healthcare, where they are adding a positive change. Collaborative robots in medicine are ideal for relieving medical personnel from tedious routine tasks, allowing them to make time to attend to more pressing responsibilities around the healthcare facility. With time, cobots will make medical procedures safer and more affordable.

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