4 Practical Exercises to Boost Your Productivity at Work


Last Updated on September 27, 2021

Everyone who has been working for a very long time comes to that point of feeling burned out. This happens when you are doing the same task for many months already without pause. Burn out can lessen your productivity.

You will find yourself feeling tired and wanting to just stare at the monitor of your computer the whole day. If this is you, there are different strategies that Medicare experts can suggest to get you out of the unproductive situation. But if you need the easiest and the most effective solution, we would suggest that you should do the practical exercises provided in this article.


Exercise and its direct impact on productivity

If you would ask the secret of the most successful people in the business world, you will hear the same thing and that is having a healthy routine that starts early. Some of these people would attribute their success to exercise.

If you start your day with an hour jog, you will see how your muscles would become flexible and how your energy level will increase. Another thing that a simple exercise can do for your body is it helps release happy hormones that you need in starting with your day.

There are days when you feel tired and weary. Instead of increasing the number of hours you have stayed in bed, the best thing that you can do is to start exercising. This will automatically change your mood and increase your focus on what it more important. Exercise can help your mind get a clearer vision on what should be done. There is no sorcery in this because simple stretching and even walking can counter your sleepy feeling.


When to exercise for maximum productivity

The next thing that you need to know is the proper time for you to exercise for maximum productivity. Firstly, you should consider waking up earlier than your usual waking time to be able to jog around or do your favorite exercise.

Morning exercises makes you alert and it can also help you feel more energetic. It will certainly give you a great head start for your job. But there are also different times during the day when exercise is perfect to increase productivity. According to a research, a person should take a break every 20 minutes.

This is how you can be productive. While taking a very short break, you can consider some exercises without leaving your chair. Your arms, feet and your shoulders are mostly the ones that becomes painful whenever you are at work. These are the parts that you should focus on when you do the minute exercises that will be presented below.


Exercises for productivity


There are many exercises that you can choose from if you are looking into increasing productivity. These exercises are the ones that can help you stretch a muscles and can also make you feel better after sitting for many hours. Here are some exercises that you can do while seated in front of your desk in the office:


  1. Seated leg raiser. This is an exercise that you can do while you are seated. Straighten one leg and hold for five seconds. Now, lower your leg slowly without touching the floor. Just repeat for fifteen times. This will help you strengthen your muscles and lessen back pain caused by sitting the whole day.
  2. Silent seat squeeze. This is an exercise that can help you strengthen your glutes. This is something that can be done easily. All you need to do is to simply squeeze your buttocks and hold for 5 seconds before releasing. Repeat the process until you feel like you were able to exercise the muscles and your hip.
  3. Fab abs squeeze. This is the perfect exercise that will work to polish the sides of your stomach and build your abs. You can do this while you are seated. Just take a deep breath while you tighten your abdominal muscles. Extend your spine while you exhale. Stay in that position for 5 seconds. Release and repeat it 12 times.
  4. Shoulder shrug. The main purpose of this exercise is to stretch the stressed muscles in the shoulder and lower neck part. Just stay seated; you do not have to get up your chair to do this exercise. Just pull your shoulders up gently for 5 seconds and pull let it go down slowly. Repeat it 8 times or until you feel comfortable again.

You should take care of your body because it is the most important belonging that you have. Even if you are busy at work, you should always find time to release some stress. Exercise is something that you definitely need especially if you have a job that requires you to sit the whole day.

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