5 Cheap and Cheerful Photo Tricks to Try This Spring


Last Updated on June 7, 2021

Hardly anything comes close to the sensation of early springtime. With everything blooming wherever you look, the season surely knows how to kick back inspiration right where it should be.

Needless to say, it also appears to make everything vastly more photogenic.

This, in turn, calls for new exercises with your camera. Canvas Printing experts from Canvasdiscount.com share 5 refreshingly creative approaches to spring photography. Read and imitate!


1. Drop the Clichés and Pay Attention to Raw Beauty

Sure thing, people love a good snap of a sakura tree. And yet, the trope has been overplayed to such an extent that it’s simply no longer interesting to anyone. This spring, we suggest trying out an entirely different perspective.

Aim your lens for the peculiar, things that we might not necessarily proclaim beautiful at an instant.

Even though an abandoned barn resting in a 45-degree position against a taupe brown landscape may not sound like a classically inspiring scenario, this post-winter blues caught on film unveils a different kind of beauty – nature in its early stages of a gradual resurrection.


2. Also Drop Professionally as a merit of Quality

take the photo

Most people reading this are probably familiar with the concepts of composition, framing, and exposure. And, yet, being a skillless underdog might actually benefit you more than going with the pristine, clean-cut spring catalog look.

Crave an exciting spring photo shoot? Then, leave your gadget bag and tripod at home and head off to the nearest photo store to get one of those $12 disposable cameras. A simple tech gimmick that liberates you of all the formal constrictions, disposable cameras are made to infuse fun back into photography.

Experiment with exposure, make images overlap, and take some homemade filters with you – the lack of a preview function and predictability makes this process a truly creatively-stimulating experience.


3. Frame the Image with Purpose

image flame

Tired of having 400+ photos that share nearly identical traits but obviously lack any concept or purpose? The solution for this is as simple as it comes.

Sticking to the DIY agenda and acknowledging the accessibility of photo printing services, shooting spring photos in order to provide yourself with a future wall decor piece will make your session more fulfilling and creatively rewarding.

With an option to create your own canvas prints using CanvasDiscount.com, all that’s left for you is to capture the image that would best compliment your interior! With a future photo canvas print in mind, no close-up of a snowball will ever feel the same again.


4. Creative Easter

creativer easter

Spring also marks the arrival of Easter, a celebration of resurrection in many forms all over the world. As beautiful as the traditional Easter imagery is, it’s worth considering the occasion as another opportunity to reject the photo conventions associated with the event. Our suggestion?

A stripped back approach that mixes as many mediums as you like. A simple solitary egg is open to an endless list of interpretations if you know your way around color markers.

Taking a series of comical photos that toy with the familiar Easter iconography will provide you with tons of fun and material for DIY greeting cards!


5. Two Hues are Enough

birds on the sky

Finally, when all means have been tried and tested, resorting back to a classic monochromatic composition might be the best safe-game on the menu.

Focusing your lens on solitary objects with prominent negative space left to emphasize the focal point will provide you with powerful imagery that only gains by rejecting the spectacle.

Perfect material for a series of photo prints, monochromatic photos by default invite the viewer to focus on the essential, often grabbing one’s attention on a subliminal level. Feel free to test in practice!


Taking photos, just like any other creative process, is only worthwhile as long as it’s interesting to the person in charge of execution.

Welcome the spontaneity and embrace the unpredictable to make the affair as entertaining as possible. And, of course, don’t forget to print the results using CanvasDiscount.com – the most customer-friendly printing platform you’ll find in 2021!


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