5 Cool Office Setups You Should Consider When Starting Your Business


Last Updated on March 5, 2021

Starting a business from scratch begins with the acquirement of an office space. It has to be spacious enough and well-structured. Make sure that the location you picked is closely located to nice pubs and restaurants in order to provide employees with a sense of liberty outside the work environment.

Over the past few years, major companies around the world have reinvented the idea of a business office setup. We’re not talking about plain offices anymore where an employee has to devote 8 hours a day to his dreary cubicle. Nowadays, the idea of an office setup is all about cool spaces, lively decorations, and relaxation areas where employees can spend a couple of minutes a day to relax their brains and interact with their peers.

Let’s barge into 5 of the world’s finest and trendiest offices spaces to get a better picture of how your office setup should look like. These businesses have managed to inspire through their innovative thinking, fancy designs, and pioneering décor ideas, thus boosting productivity and making employees work with the utmost pleasure.





Headquartered in NYC, Quirky is a crowdsourcing company founded by 23-year old CEO Ben Kaufman. The office space of Quirky is described by Tiffany Markofsky; head PR, as being similar to a contemporary invention factory. As soon as the elevator opens, you are welcomed into a space that’s covered in glass walls and fancy designs.

The first thing you’ll see is the Quirky design room, a place where great things are being made on a daily basis. The team is constantly driven to work because they’re surrounded by creativity. Most employees are young, energetic, and they’re always ready to do their jobs because they spend hours in an office environment that’s not just inviting but also resourceful.




Outbrain features the most creative and inspiring office design. The location of the company is in Silicon Alley, and it features 115 employees. The bright colors used to decorate the office and crisp, white walls, make the whole place look chic and pleasant. Who wouldn’t want to work in a business environment that’s additionally equipped with sofa areas for chilling sessions and relaxation? The conference rooms are designed after a famous New York TV series – Seinfeld – and the cubicles are pretty cool too. Featuring selected furniture and beautiful decorations, Outbrain is focused on driving results by creating the most enjoyable working environment for its employees.





Located on the 10th floor of a swanky SoHo Loft, Foursquare prides itself with a growing business and a pretty ground-breaking office setup. Employees have shared working spaces in a massive room with a never-ending desk and top-to-bottom windows meant to offer them the most inspirational view over the city.

The meeting rooms are in close proximity of the bullpen, and they’re named after the company’s badges. Each and every meeting room comes with its own vibe, and thus we have Swarm and the chic yellow wallpaper, Herbivore and the color green, and Photogenic dominated by antique cameras. In order to spur shared thinking, the meeting rooms have glass walls and a TV equipped with video chat features meant to connect employees who are located in different areas.

General Assembly


The global network of all campuses – General Assembly – teaches classes about design, business, and technology. The company’s headquarters is in New York City and it comprises 2 neighboring spaces. Designed by the founders, General Assembly is all about teamwork and cooperation. To promote those attributes, the company has decided to make open-space offices. Filled with whiteboards, blackboard paint, and cork walls, GA encourages creative thinking and hands-on ideation and learning.

Featuring real-life Pinterest boards, students are free to pitch their ideas and organize brainstorming sessions with the rest of their peers. Because most of the space is used for co-working, events, and teaching, the GA team thought it was paramount for the furniture to be modular.





Tagged is a social discovery company that recently expanded its headquarters in San Francisco to 40,000 square-feet. The current office is equipped with a fully stocked kitchen (that offers free dinner and lunch for employees) and a coffee bar. To make things even better for workers, Tagged has placed at their disposal an official Zen room for those fond of yoga. In order to foster creativity and ingenuity, the company is confident that open-space offices are excellent working conditions.

It’s amazing how much the idea of an office space has changed in the last years. Starting businesses are no longer depriving workers of social interactions, on the contrary. Employees are encouraged to collaborate with peers and come up with revolutionary ideas. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for cool ideas to decorate his business office, the above mentioned tips will certainly exceed your expectations. It’s all about creating pleasant working conditions for your employees in order for them to work at their fullest potential. If you can do that, success is almost guaranteed.

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