5 Features Home Automation Could Have In The Future


Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Home automation is the automation of the home, housework or household activity. Thanks to its vastly increasing popularity, today’s home automation solutions offer an impressive array of features. They come with smartphone or desktop apps equipped for remote-video-surveillance, locking/unlocking doors, turning lights on and off, turning appliances on an off, managing home theaters, and adjusting the thermostat. But as anyone in the industry will tell you, they’re just getting started. Here’s a look at some home automation features we could see in the future.

Presence Detection

Approach a door, it opens. Walk into a room, the lights turn on. Leave a room, the lights turn off. Enter a chilly room and the heater kicks on. Sound like something from a futuristic movie or television show? It’s actually not too far away.

Home automation companies are continually ahead of the curve in terms of working on the potentials of home automation while at the same time offering a set of features and benefits most useful to the most number of households.

Presence Detection has a real future in home automation, and as research and development costs come down, and more homeowners opt for this feature, it will quickly become part of everyone’s home automation system in the future.

Voice Recognition

Remember a decade ago trying to give your cell phone a voice command? Its success was usually hit-or-miss. Fast-forward to smartphones and voice recognition today and it’s a whole different ballgame. We can search Google by speaking into our smartphones, compose a text message, or choose to call someone from our contact list, and the accuracy is impressive.

Home automation solutions in the future could allow us to turn lights on and off with our voices, control our televisions and home theater equipment, open doors, turn on ovens, and anything else we can think to control. If this happens, gone will be the days of trying to decipher keyboard instructions, or remembering how to reset a feature from a wall-mounted keypad.

Smart Appliances

Belkin WeMo Home Automation System

Wouldn’t it be great if our refrigerators would keep track of the food inside, and automatically re-order from the local grocer as each item runs short? Perhaps this sounds too good to be true, but it is the wave of the home automation future.

A smart refrigerator could read barcodes, detect weight, send text alerts to your smartphone when products are running low, and even re-order them from your local grocery store if you configure it to do so.

You could configure each item in your fridge to automatically be re-ordered or added to your shopping list, or set your home automation system to notify you when an item is running low so you can decide whether to re-order or not. Think of the time savings with one futuristic home-automation solution!

Traveling Entertainment

What do you have to do now if you start watching a television show or movie in one room but want to finish watching it in another? If it’s a Blu-ray you may have to eject it from one player, and insert it into another. If it’s a television show you will probably turn off one device and turn the show on in the other room. Granted, this isn’t that much work, but what if the show just automatically was available for you in whatever room you wanted to watch it in? Can’t complain about something that makes your life even just a little bit easier.

Lifesaving House

A lifesaving house is a very real possibility in the future. Home automation solutions in the future can be configured to monitor your vital signs and could detect normal from abnormal. If you suffer a heart attack, for example, your home automation system would detect that change in vital signs and place a 911 emergency call on your behalf.

Japanese manufacturers are even developing toilets designed to analyze a person’s urine, and can report those findings to your physician. Perhaps takes home automation a little too far, but it goes to show you how people are thinking about future solutions in this industry.

Thinking about the future is always fun, and with today’s technology there are very few things we’d deem impossible. Home automation is about controlling those devices which are controllable, which means the sky is the limit. Whatever we can think to control, we’ll likely be able to.

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