5 Parameters Worth Your Social Media Campaign Credibility


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

People have always talked about products, services and organizations. The difference is now that all those discussions are made online, and any person that wants to join them can easily for this. However, while some companies understand the importance of the online environment, there are also the companies that still don’t want to be implied in this world, and this is surely a big mistake. Here are 5 important parameters that will give credibility to any social media campaign.

1. Targeted public

  • viral environments
  • groups of people
  • interests

The social networks are extremely popular today. Those sites allow the people to talk one with the other, and even if you don’t know a person, you might be interested about what that person has to say. It is still unclear how a solid marketing campaign could not reach the needed audience, while a simple movie with LOL Cats can reach 100 millions hits on YouTube in less than a few months.

This is the viral aspect of social networks. It is like a Russian roulette, as you never know what is attractive to the public. However, with a good campaign, you can reach different groups of people having the same interests, people that would probably want to hear what you have to say.

2. The Visual experience

while in the past, webmasters preferred to write a few words about their business and to post a few links on a website, today, visitors expect a complete visual experience, video tutorials and complete images about the products they are about to buy.

This is why a marketing campaign must contain movies and pictures with an increased visual impact. Moreover, a video tutorial that explains how your products are used and why they are useful for the buyer and it was proven that such a movie does wonders in convincing the buyer about the reliability of the product.

3. Stories

A simple presentation of your business is considered boring by the majority of public. This is why it is needed to create an interesting story around your site. With such a story, you will convince the visitors to read your website and to see what you have to offer.

4. Social Bookmarking

Just as you bookmark some pages in your browser, just to be easily accessible later, it is also possible for the users to bookmark your fan’s page on social networks. This bookmark is precious for you as a company, as the user will receive any news about a new product instantly, and if she or he likes it, the user will probably promote it even further.

5. Blogging

Besides social networks, people prefer to talk about their interests on specialized blogs and forums. The secret of a good social media campaign is not only to be heavily promoted on social networks, but also to create some useful and interesting links that will take your visitor to the respective blog. There, he or she will probably post some personal opinions, and other visitors will be able to determine if your products are of quality or not.

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