5 Social Network Insights that Help People Choose Better Cars


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

The thrill of buying your first car is like none other! Just the thought of driving out the dealership, with windows rolled and your smirk face on, is capable of inducing what we know as a mini heart attack of excitement. But, before you go out and buy your toy for the big boy, a lot of research is required! Let me put more emphasis on that: In-depth research is REQUIRED!

We see car brochures and advertisements and they’re all good. In fact, based on the information written on flyers alone, they’re all amazing! However, we all know that marketing campaigns have a way of (sometimes) manipulating facts. Which is why doing your own research is vital to the success in choosing the right car; after purchase regret is also best avoided through this. So you may wondering now how exactly you are going to get information aside form dealerships and the answer to that is… Through the internet! Social media networks act host to a great deal of free information combined from the actual experience of drivers of all types of vehicles.

Here are 5 of the top Social Network Insights to help you in choosing the right car!

1. Facebook

Facebook, as we all know, is the largest social networking site to date. Great as it is for social and entertainment purposes, it is also a formidable portal of information. Every car company known to man has a Facebook page where people can find promotions and advertisements, updates, support and basic general information. This is a great place to start your research.

Check out what the followers have to say about the car brand, model and check if there are any promotions that you might be able to take advantage of. Check all the brands that you have an interest in, and interact with other followers. Don’t be afraid to post comments and ask questions, chances are that admins of the page and the followers too will be kind enough to provide you with honest information.

2. Twitter

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is also one of the largest social media sites around. It is also host to a great arsenal of information that you can use in your research. Just as car companies are on Facebook, it is also likely that they have a twitter account. Tweets are more direct and personal ways of communicating with a car brand to get the information that you are looking for. Also check out tweets of other followers, this is a great way of collecting additional information.

3. Check out Instagram

Brochures can sometimes be misleading and even deceiving when it comes to the image of the car model being sold. You are likely to find a disclaimer disguised in small fonts on every brochure stating “The appearance of actual car may be different” or something to that effect.

Instagram is a great source of actual pictures of the car model you are interested in, uploaded by people who actually already own these vehicles. There you will see the different set ups of the different variants of the same car model. This will help you decide which you find suits your taste well.

4. Google+

Google+, though yet to overtake Facebook as it was predicted to by many, has a great arsenal of information. Look for and join car related circles and join interaction with them by participating in discussions, asking questions and voicing out your concerns. Join as many circles as you can and gather as much information from them as possible.

5. Car Forums

Now this, my friends, is where it all happens. Car forums are the best place to gather information regarding any car model you can think of! Comprised mostly of car enthusiasts going out of their way to help out the not so knowledgeable, all for free, anything and everything from fuel consumption to spoilers is here. This is a fortress where brochures don’t matter, only real on hand experience does. Before you fire away with your questions, read first as much as you can regarding the information you are seeking. It is likely that there are already several if not dozens of threads that are very relevant to what you are looking for.

The rules of buying are simple, never buy anything on first glance, never the first store you go to, and never be impulsive. Buying a car is a serious commitment and you don’t want to be regretting your choice only a week after. So do a lot of research, and I mean A LOT! At the end of the day, when you’ve gathered all the information you can and are convinced that a certain car will suit you best, then go for it. Get what you want and never settle for less without shelling out too much unnecessarily. The last step is to enjoy your car! Welcome to the world of automobiles!

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