5 Surprising Uses for Your New Tablet PC


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

If you have a new tablet PC you will no doubt be very familiar with using it to access the internet or read an e-book and will be starting to build up a collection of apps for everything from the weather forecast to keeping track of your calorie intake. However, you might be wondering what else your tablet PC can be used for besides the usual functions.

Here we look at five of the more unusual uses for your tablet PC. As you still want your tablet device to be in one piece we’ve excluded some of the more crazy suggestions – skateboard, chopping board or as entertainment for your cat – as well as anything that is hard to come by such as obtaining a mini arcade cabinet to transform your iPad into an arcade game (pictured).

Mix your music – DJ system tablet

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ, an app can turn your tablet device into a DJ system providing you with the opportunity to mix your music on a very realistic turntable display. Whether you want to perform to audiences, record mixes when you’re out and about or have your favourite playlist of mixes played automatically, all are possible with the help of an app. The DJ system from your tablet device is extremely simple to use, so ideal for beginners, but with all the available functions professional DJs will get a lot out of it too.

A fun dining experience – the menu tablet

If you own a cafe, restaurant or bar, why not consider switching from traditional paper-based menus to using tablet devices to display your menu? The tablet-based menus are very easy to use, so should not pose any problem to customers, even if they have not previously used such a device. Customers are able to see pictures of each dish, which can aid their meal selection; orders are then automatically sent via touch screen selection to the kitchens, removing the chance of an error in the order which waiting staff could previously have made. With the touch of the menu customers can easily attract the attention of your staff; no longer will diners have the frustration of failing to catch a waiter’s eye. From your point of view it is easy to change the menu; you no longer need to print new menus, as the information can be quickly updated using the app.

A must for musicians – sheet music display tablet

The ability to use a tablet device to display sheet music is making the life of musicians a lot easier. Whether a professional or someone who plays an instrument for fun, you no longer have to worry about attaching all the sheets of music to your stand during a performance – stands are available that your tablet PC can be easily connected to – and wherever you travel all your music goes too. Music scores can easily be transferred to your tablet device with the help of an app, of which there are a variety available. The font size of the score is ideal to be easily read, annotations can be added to the score and the metronome function allows you to keep time.

TV viewing made easy – remote control tablet

Compatible with over 200 brands and 875 models of home entertainment systems, the Apptwee can help you turn an iPad into a remote control. With the help of an infrared dongle, which plugs into into the headphone jack of your iPad, simply select your brand of equipment and add your remotes; you’re then good to go. The beauty of your iPad remote is that not only can you use it to adjust the volume and channel, but this one remote can control all the functions that a handful of remotes would usually be responsible for; now you can view the TV guide, use it to record programmes and control their playback, to name but a few.

Entertainment while you cook – kitchen unit tablet

Forget having a TV or radio in your kitchen, the must have entertainment technology for your kitchen is now a tablet PC. However, we’re not talking about one sat on the kitchen table or worktop, but actually integrating it into one of your kitchen units at eye level. Whether you use it to access recipes that you can cook along to, watch a film while preparing food or have it display a moving scene such as an aquarium, you’ll be able to find plenty of uses for it.

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