5 ways for business owners prepare for winter


Another winter season is upon us all—and it’s easy to get caught up with all the excitement around the holiday and new year.  There’s certainly a lot to be thankful for.  Follow these simple indoor and outdoor safety tips to help protect your business and business property.

1. Be cautious with decor

  • Keep combustible decorations away from heat or ignition sources

  • Use battery operated candles instead of open flame
  • Do not block fire sprinklers or cover emergency signs
  • Do not place extension cords in areas with high foot traffic

2. Plan ahead for expected temporary closings

  • Inform customers in advance and update your website
  • Shut down unnecessary office equipment

  • Advise your landlord and security personnel that you will be vacating the property

3. Anticipate drops in temperature

  • Keep all thermostats at 55 degrees

  • Open utility room doors to expose pipes to warmer room temperatures that will help keep them from freezing
  • Consider installing a monitored electric leak detection system for the main water line. This will alert you early to any leak detection.

4. Plan for snow and ice removal

  • Arrange for snow removal for usual traffic on the ground as well as the roof
  • Use ice melt to ensure walkways are not slippery
  • If your landlord does not provide this service, make sure you clear all gutters for proper drainage

5. Prepare for severe weather

Source: Metlife Insurance

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