5 Ways You Can Better Yourself In 2015


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

Many would have made New Years resolutions to better themselves in 2014. However, it is one thing to adopt a resolution, but an entire other thing sticking and seeing through your resolution.

Adopting a better self in 2014 can help you in a number of ways, it can help you be more confident, raise your self-esteem, feel less depressed and less stressed.

Counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching

There is loads of advice out there to help you raise your self-esteem and gain better confidence, such as this resource provided by specialist counselors and psychotherapists.

However, you do not always need the help of a professional, there are loads of easy ways in which you can start developing a better you that you can do at home!

Being healthy is essential

Many people use the excuse of not having enough money to join a gym for the fact that they do not exercise.

This, of course, is nonsense! You do not need money to exercise!

It doesn’t cost money to go for a thirty minute jog every evening before bed or every morning before you get ready for work; yes, it requires effort – but you will feel a lot better for it!

When you exercise, your brain releases the ‘happy hormone’ making you less stressed and an overall better and lifted mood.

Sleep is such an essential part of calibrating and refreshing your brain to get it ready for tasks in the day in hand. Lack of sleep has found to be a contributor to many mental health and physical health problems, getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep, that means undisturbed and deep sleep, is recommended.

Adopt a slower pace of life, walk slower, be patient and enjoy everything around you. Rushing around only gets you hot, bothered and stressed, which is not good for you.

Ways you can boost your self esteem

A low self belief is a major flaw that people who suffer from a low self-esteem have, they feel as if they are inadequate within work and social aspects of their life meaning that they don’t strive to achieve new tasks and activities.

A thing to remember is that when you first learned how to walk, you constantly kept falling down, however you never gave up and look at you now, you’re walking!

This is a thing to bare in mind when you are faced with a task whereby you feel like you keep on getting knocked back, maybe perhaps you keep on going for a promotion but it gets offered to someone else.

Perseverance and self belief will help you to keep on trying until you succeed, which is a great mentality to adopt making sure you don’t fall down after the first hurdle. The harder you work at something, the more self-gratification you will get when you achieve it!

Create a happy ora

Happiness starts from within, it is shown that by simply putting on a smile, whereby it’s fake or not, can help lift your mood without you knowing it.

Create happiness for others by completing favours or even small things like saying “Good Morning” or holding open doors for people. When you make other people feel good, you in turn feel good!

Love life, not stuff. When you become focused on materialists properties you will start to feel feelings of envy towards things you do not have. Gratitude for what you do have is a better lifestyle to have, the simple things in life are what make us happy so always be grateful.

Self development

Your education goes on way further than school, you should constantly try to better yourself and learn new things regularly. Learning new skills and information helps to feel life interesting and enables you to keep on developing yourself.

This can be anything from learning a new instrument for your own leisure to learning a new skill that can get you a promotion at work. Self image is also what you can develop. When you look great, you also feel great too. This can be a little as simply showering every morning and brushing your hair, to getting a new hairstyle or a completely new wardrobe.

Quick Tip: I’m not advocating for you to become a narcissist, but looking like a million bucks will make you feel like a million bucks.

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