7 Bizarre (Yet Effective) Ways to Get Creative


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

There was a time in school when I thought I wasn’t creative. I particularly remember having trouble creating poems in English class.

I can recall sitting there in class while my hyperactive teacher urged me to write. I had no idea what to write about. I had a bunch of random thoughts in my head, but nothing to make poetry out of.

As I sorted through my thoughts for most of the period, one finally made some kind of sense. Initially it seemed like nothing, but I found a way to make it work and was able to complete my assignment.

Sometimes conventional methods don’t cut it when you’re trying to get your creative juices flowing.

There I was thinking I wasn’t the creative type because I didn’t know how to jumpstart the process. Yet I was creative enough to turn a seemly random thought into a poem my teacher enjoyed.

You have to be creative for most things in life. Creativity doesn’t just impact art but problem solving as well. It’s a facilitator for innovation.

The world we live in now is a prime example. Creative minds have developed the simple things we use today in our everyday life, like your cell phone and the apps on them.

Everyone is creative in some way. It may not be all be obvious or identical, but we are. And that creativity is used in all areas of life so it is definitely a skill to be refined.

With a million things on your plate you don’t have time to wait for something to strike you later, you have to be able to take control and get things going.

If you continue to wait around for inspiration, by crunch time you’ll be stressed out and creatively blocked.

You may have been lead to believe that creativity just hits you like a ton of bricks and that you just have to wait for it. But here are seven little tricks to get the ball rolling so you can get on with your life.

1. Arouse the senses

You’re probably accustomed to using the same routines to get inspired so it’s time to do something different. Engage senses that you are not used to using, take a pottery class or take in a local show.

By stimulating areas of the mind and body that are typically overlooked for creativity, could conjure up something completely unexpected and different.

2. Get yellow

You don’t have to be drowning in a sea of yellow, everything. Just have the color on hand.

Psychologists believe that yellow stimulates the brain and aids in creativity. It is associated with intellectual and clear thinking, along with decision making.

Many creative firms incorporate the word yellow into the company name and paint the walls the same hue.

3. Encouraging words

When you’re having a tough time you should always keep your mind in a positive place. This will keep you going so you can find the solution you’re seeking.

Also, reading inspiring stories of triumph and related quotes can reframe your mind to develop new techniques.

4. Lists

Sometimes when you’re trying to think of something for one topic, you keep having random thought concerning other topics. This can be very frustrating and further distracting as your mind keeps wandering around.

A good way to get over this is by making a list of all of the things going through your mind. Your ideas may not be connected to each other in any way but you might end up with a to-do list for later. It doesn’t matter now. Just write everything that comes to mind.

I like doing this because it’s good to just get it out of your head. You can always make sense of it later.

You just need to clear your mind. This makes it easier you to focus on what you’re trying to do as your thoughts become more progressive and on topic.

Before you know it you have the basis for your work and probably a few viable alternatives.

5. Get a muse

Being around certain people or just talking with them can open your eyes to techniques and ideas that otherwise would’ve never occurred to you.

Designers use muses all the time, from art work to fashion. They use someone else as a catalyst for their work.

Allow yourself to be inspired by others. You’ll be surprised by how helping or just listening to someone can help you.

6. Take a ride

Taking a drive to a serene place, like a beach or park, is a good way to de-stress. Being around the nature or alone is a good way to clear the mind.

Since there are few or no distractions it’s easy to just relax and gain perspective.

You have hundreds of ideas within you. Acknowledge that and find a way to get them out and to use.

7. Take five

Let your mind relax. Sometimes putting too much pressure on the mind hinders the process. Some people perform well under stress but too much can cause you to freeze up.

Unwind and take a break. Do something unrelated to the task you’re trying to complete. Take a walk around the block or watch a comedy, it’s your choice just relax.

Everyone needs time to rejuvenate themselves to get back on track. In fact, I’ve often come up with great ideas while on or immediately after giving myself a breather.


We all have different things that stimulate us in different ways. Now that you know some extraordinary methods it will be easier to get things going.

Try a few of these unconventional ways to get creativity flowing when you’re feeling stuck. You just might come up with your most creative idea yet.

Have you tried any of these methods? How do you get your creativity flowing?

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