7 Things to Consider Before Your First Plastic Surgery Procedure


Last Updated on December 11, 2021

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more sought after since celebrities and influencers have been more open about their cosmetic procedures.

The stigma and stereotypes surrounding these procedures are shifting as more people consider it an option.

Men and women alike are undergoing procedures to drastically transform or subtly change their looks.

However, just like with any surgical procedure a lot of thought should go into making a final decision. Consider the following before making a commitment.



Surgery is always a risk, takes time to recover, may require multiple procedures and can be expensive.

Ask yourself if surgery is really necessary to change what is bothering you.

A doctor might suggest trying some alternatives, like exercise, makeup, therapy, or a diet change before opting for the more permanent option.




The right mindset is necessary to have a successful plastic surgery transformation.

If you’re already in a place where something is bothering you enough that you would consider surgery, then this is an important step to get right.

Many people that go into their procedures thinking it’s something they need to be a better version of themselves often get disappointed or unsatisfied.

It’s not something you need but something that is going to help you feel better about yourself.

Going into the process knowing that you can still be the best version of yourself without the surgery is an important part of continuing a positive mindset after the surgery.



Just like with any optional surgery, health requirements must be met.

Smoking increases the risk of complications which increases the chances of getting turned down for the surgery.

Current medications must also be considered as many can interfere with proper recovery or anesthesia.

The more health complications you currently have, the less likely a doctor will recommend you for a procedure.

Making sure you are in tip top shape before you start your plastic surgery process will save you time and disappointment.



Beautiful Woman with freckles

Each procedure delivers different results which could have just the slightest difference.

Some results are not permanent and may require periodic maintenance procedures.

If your goal is to only have one procedure, then a semi-permanent solution could be a deal breaker.

Have a clear goal for the surgery in mind and make sure the intended results match.

Knowing the all details of the surgery will help determine if you’ll be getting your desired results.



Knowing every detail about the procedure can make some nervous and others more comfortable but there are some details you should know regardless.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your options.

Sometimes there are multiple surgical procedures with similar outcomes so be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each.

One procedure may be cheaper but use actual instruments so there is a longer recovery time and the other may be more expensive because they use lasers for a faster recovery.

Some may be more invasive but deliver better results and some procedures may only have one option.

Gather information about the name of the procedure and what it involves, the risks, intended outcomes, and if revisions are necessary.

Find out whether the anesthesia required is local or general, if you have a choice, or if it’s needed at all.

Lastly, find out the length of recovery and if it involves extensive bed rest or limiting activities.



Surgeon inside a hospital


Trusting the surgeon responsible for your results is a key factor in having a successful surgery.

It’s important to choose one that specializes in the procedure you’re considering.

Schedule a consultation with a few different specialists, prepare lots of detailed questions, and bring clear expectations.

They should be able to provide understandable, reassuring answers and affirm your realistic expectations.

While attending your consultation ask for examples of previous work that you can view.

Look for any incision scars in the samples and ask if hiding them is something they can do well.

Make sure the surgeon and the facilities have all of the certifications and accreditations.

Some certifications can be misleading.

Do your research well and make sure they are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the official medical board in your country.

Ask friends and family about their experience with the surgeon.

If you don’t know anyone that has personally worked with the surgeon you’re considering try finding a friend of a friend.

It’s always better to hear from someone trusted. If you aren’t connected to anyone who has used your potential surgeon, you can always browse their reviews. Be wary if they don’t have any available.

This could mean they are inexperienced or the have removed bad reviews. A referral from another doctor is usually another safe way to ensure you’re getting a skilled surgeon.




A big deciding factor for many when it comes to plastic surgery is cost.

If it is purely cosmetic, it is rare for insurance to cover any of it so you’ll be left with the whole cost of the procedure.

Payment plans may be available and a more viable option but may increase the total price for paying it over a longer period of time.

Your procedure won’t just cost you money but also time.

Can you afford to take the time off to recover?

Do you have paid vacation time saved up?

If you worked on maintaining the right mindset you shouldn’t be talking yourself into going forward with the procedure as something you need regardless of cost.

Make sure you are in a comfortable place financially so you can feel comfortable spending the time and money.

Plastic surgery can be life changing for many reasons.

It gives you the control to change a bothersome feature of your body which could lead to better confidence.

But if all aspects aren’t carefully considered it can change your life for the worst. Making sure you have great mental, physical, and financial health can go a long way when deciding to get plastic surgery.

Have clear expectations and do your research before making a final decision and you can go into the procedure comfortably and confidently.

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