7 Ways to Improve Your Side Hustle Success By Pitching Your Services Better


Last Updated on December 11, 2021

Let’s face it — your side hustle is pretty amazing. Not only do you have the gusto to tackle a second career, but you have the skill and finesse to make an amazing product or deliver a seamless service.

Now, how can you tell others about how wonderful you are and make them want to work with you? It’s not as hard or as awkward as it seems. Here are 7 ways to pitch your side hustle successfully.


1. Find the Right Audience

You can’t pitch without knowing to whom you’re pitching. So, start here — figure out your target audience with determining factors such as your current customer base and the demographics of who you’d like to attract. From there, you’ll have a clearer picture of who you’re talking to, which will make pitching easier.


2. Know Your Audience Well

Once you have a picture of your customer as a person, you should learn their habits. How much of their time is spent browsing online? Do they attend conferences or events where you can meet them in person? Which of your accomplishments will entice them to try your product or service? Knowing the answers to these questions — and finding out as much as you can about their shopping and buying behaviors — can help you hone your pitch.


3. Talk Their Language

The last thing you want to deliver is a robotic pitch. As you get to know your audience, you should learn the challenges they face and how your side hustle can fix it. Keep this information in mind as you speak to them so, when they ask questions about said issues, you know the answer.

That way, you can have an actual conversation instead of spouting fact after fact without connecting with the people in front of you. The same goes for follow-up emails, which should maintain contain genuine messages instead of sales jargon.


4. Let Them Talk

Show your client that you’re engaged in what they have to say, and you’ll get the same respect in return. So, always ask questions to make a point to show that you’ve been doing your research. Give them time to speak, listen and respond thoughtfully — they’ll be impressed you’re not giving the traditional sales pitch.


5. Make It Tangible

Any good sales pitch will include tangible facts and figures — don’t just say that you can make life better for your client, show them precisely how and why. You can do this in a multitude of ways.

Perhaps you can perform a demonstration of how your product or service works so they can imagine how it would affect them or their business. You might have a relevant story about another client’s success — bonus points if that client had a dilemma similar to theirs.

Even a thorough portfolio can do the trick. In short, sometimes people need a visual to corroborate what they’re hearing.


6. Don’t Be Shy

It’s easier said than done, but your shyness could ruin your sales pitch. That’s mostly because you have to end your conversation with a call to action — do they want to do business with you? Do they need time to think? Is it a no?

You’ll not only have to ask, but you’ll also have to prepare yourself for all scenarios. So, you have to put your feelings aside and go for it — hang onto the pride you have in your business and you should feel strong enough to pose the question.


7. Keep It Up

Once you’ve nailed your first pitch, you should have a bit more confidence in doing it again and again. You can always do more to hone your sales pitch, so keep at it — the more work you put in, the more clients you’ll attract, and the more your side hustle will grow.

Pitching isn’t easy — at least, at first. But, in taking the above steps, you’ll become more comfortable and prepared to tell others just how great your side hustle is. And, with that kind of work ethic and attitude, maybe it won’t just be a side hustle anymore. You’ll continue to grow your business, and it’ll all start with a solid sales pitch.



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