8 Ways to Avoid Seeing Ads on YouTube


Last Updated on May 1, 2021

It is inevitable not to see ads if you want to watch some videos on YouTube. Ads allow the video channel owner to make some money. And if you turn off those ads, they will be losing some opportunity to make money on their videos.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to feel guilty about that. YouTube did not completely force you to see ads on the video. They do provide alternatives for you to have an ad-less experience while watching the video. The following are 8 ways on how you can avoid seeing ads on YouTube.


Subscribe to YouTube premium

YouTube has a monthly subscription called YouTube Premium where subscribers can watch videos without ad. This is one way how you can contribute back to YouTube if you decide you don’t want to see ads in the video. With this subscription, you can watch an ad-free video and download the video to watch on your computer offline. You get access to YouTube Music, YouTube Originals, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming and Google Play Music. It is currently only available to US users.


Refresh the video page

The ad doesn’t display automatically every time you click the play button on the video. It only appears randomly on the videos that you watch. So, if you click play and then an ad starts to play, just reload the video page. You can keep reloading the page until the video load without the ad playing.


Go to do something else while the Ad is playing

While the ad play, you can go to do something else and be back at your computer screen afterwards. Most ads will display the skip button after 10 seconds. So, if you are back to your computer screen and the ad is still playing, just click the Skip button to skip to the video content directly.


Click on the X button on the Ad

Watching Youtube Videos

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When the video play, an overlay Ad will appear at the bottom. If you don’t want to see the overlay ad, you can click the x button and it will disappear. But, after a while, the overlay Ad may appear again and you will have to click the x button again.


Answer a questionnaire to stop seeing the Ad

Another way to make the ad disappear is to click on the icon near the overlay ad. When you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see a balloon text “Why am I seeing this ad”. It will prompt you to answer a questionnaire on what is wrong with the ad. If you find the ad annoying, just choose repetitively and click on the send button. YouTube will stop displaying the same ad on the video.


Play the video in full screen on your desktop PC

The overlay Ad only occupies a small area of the screen at the bottom. It won’t be noticeable to you if you watch the video on full screen on your desktop. But, this method probably won’t work if you are watching the video on a smartphone because the smartphone has a small screen.


Block the Ads with an adblocker plugin or software

AdGuard adblocker

You can install an adblocker plugin to prevent the ad from displaying. There is also a standalone ad-blocker application which offers even more customization options. Adguard can be used to stop all types of video ads on YouTube permanently. It also works on the disabling ads on YouTube when opened in an HTML browser on an Android device but not on YouTube app.

It has a parental control feature that allows you to control which content on YouTube can be viewed by your kids. It is a fully customisable software to block youtube ads. It has a filter function that let you whitelist any website that you want to view ads.


Download the video and watch it offline

YouTube screengrab

You can use a video downloader plugin to download the video on YouTube and then play it on your media player offline. When watching the video offline, there is no chance for the ad to display as you are not connected to the internet.

After installing the plugin, reset the browser and go to a video page to see if the download button appear. If the plugin is working, you should see a download button on every video page.

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