80 Cool and Meaningful Middle Names for Boys


Last Updated on September 25, 2021

What Is A Middle Name?

A middle name, as the word implies, is the name that appears between your first and surname. For instance, Lee is the middle name in Thomas Lee Craft.

A person could also have more than one middle name, such as Thomas Lee Hugh Craft. In some cases, the middle name may appear to be more than one when it’s actually a compound name, as is the case with Rafael de la Fuente García.

Some people may consider their middle names as less important than their first and surnames. In countries like the United States, the name is usually abbreviated, in which case it’s known as a middle initial or simply an initial. But since they form part of our identity, middle names are just as important as our given and surnames.

If you’ve just been blessed with a bouncing baby boy, it’s likely that you’re racking your brains as to what middle name to give to him. Well, you don’t need to fret. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most meaningful middle names for boys. The list includes both classic and in vogue middle names that your little one will grow to love.

80 Middle Name for Boy Ideas

1. Abe – This is the shorter version of the Biblical name Abraham, and means a father of many nations.
2. Ace – Means unity in English.
3. Aiden – Aiden has an Irish Gaelic origin and means one who’s warm and comforting, just like a little fire.
4. Axel – Means the Lord of calm and tranquility. The name is popular in Scandinavian countries like France, Germany, and the Netherlands.
5. Bailey – Means one who works as a bailiff in English.
6. Blake – Means a person with black hair in Old English.
7. Brendon – Means one who’s like a prince in Irish.
8. Brett – Means one who’s from Brittany. It’s a variation of the names Briton and Breton.
9. Brock – Means one who was born or lives near a brook in English.
10. Byron – Means one who was born or lives near a cowshed in English.
11. Carl – This name has a West Germanic origin and means a person with no bondage.
12. Charles – A very classic middle name whose popularity never seems to go away. Charles simply means man, and is of Germanic origin.
13. Chase – Means to hunt in English.
14. Clark – Means one who does clerical work in English.
15. Claude – Means one who stutters in French.
16. Cody – Means helpful in Irish.
17. Conrad– Means one who’s bold or one who can give useful counsel. The name has a Proto-Germanic origin.
18. Coy – Means one who’s quiet in English.
19. Damien – Means to tame in Greek.
20. Damon – Means one who’s tame and gentle in Greek.
21. Dante – Means one who perseveres in Spanish.
22. Dean – Means valley in Old English.
23. Doran – Means wanderer in Irish.
24. Drake – Drake has an Old English origin and means one who’s brave, strong, or fierce like a dragon.
25. Drew – Means one who carries a heavy tool in English.
26. Earl – The name has an Anglo-Saxon origin and means one who’s related to nobility.
27. Elias – Means Jehovah is God in Greek.
28. Finn – Means one who’s fair in Irish.
29. Gavin – Means white hawk in Welsh.
30. Glenn– Means one who lives near a valley in Gaelic.

31. Grant – The name has an Anglo-French origin and means one who is great.
32. Gregory – Means one who’s ever watchful in Latin.
33. Hugh – Hugh is the English version of Hughes, which is French for mind or spirit.
34. James – James is one of the most classic middle names. It’s Hebrew for supplanter.
35. Jasper – Means a treasure or treasurer in Persia.
36. Jeremy – Jeremy is a variation of the Biblical name Jeremiah, and means may God exalt.
37. Juan – Means Yahweh is gracious in Greek.
38. Julian – Means one who’s youthful in Latin.
39. Justin – Justin has a Biblical and English origin. It means one who’s just and righteous.
40. Keane – Means a great king in Irish.
41. Kent – This is a common English middle name and is believed to originate from Kent County in England.
42. Lee – Means one who lives in the woods in Old English.
43. Leo – Traditionally, Leo was used as a short form of Leonard or Leopold. However, the modern symbolism of the word is one who is bold, strong, and mighty like a lion. Remember, the scientific name of a lion is Panthera leo.
44. Marcos – Marcos has a Latin origin and means the Roman God of Fertility.
45. Mario – Means masculine in Latin-Roman. Other variations include Marius, Meirion, and Marianus.
46. Murphy – Means a sea warrior in Irish.
47. Neil – Means one who’s passionate in Gaelic.
48. Noel – Noel has an English and French origin. It means one who was born at Christmastime.
49. Oliver – Means one who was born or lives among the olives in French.
50. Oren – Oren has a Hebrew origin and means one who was born near or among pine trees.
51. Owen – Means one who’s noble in Welsh.
52. Pablo – The Spanish version of the Biblical Paul, which means humble or modest.
53. Palmer – Means a pilgrim of the holy land in English.
54. Porter – Means a gatekeeper in French.
55. Preston – Means one who’s like a priest in English.
56. Quentin/Quintin – Quintin means fifth and was originally used as a common middle name for firth-born sons. The name has a Roman and Old French origin.
57. Randall – Randall can either mean one who generously gives or a little one. It has an English origin.
58. Ray – Means one who’s bright in English.
59. Reese – Means one who’s ardent in English.
60. Reeve – Means steward in English.

61. Riley – Means rye in Irish. Another common variation is Ryley.
62. Ronan – This name has an Irish origin and simply refers to sea lions.
63. Rory – Means a tall, fiery and famous person in Teutonic.
64. Ryan – Means little king or a King’s heir in Irish.
65. Ryder – The name has an American origin and means one who’s like a knight.
66. Sage – Means one who cleanses or cures in English.
67. Sean – Sean is the coolest and most popular variation of the Biblical name John. It means God is gracious.
68. Shane – This middle name has an Irish origin. It’s another variation of John, meaning God is gracious.
69. Sheridan – Means one who’s bright in Gaelic.
70. Sullivan – Means one with little dark eyes in English.
71. Sutton – Means one who’s a native of the south in English.
72. Tanner – Means one who works with leather in English.
73. Trevor – Means one who lives in a large homestead in Welsh.
74. Trey – Means three in English and was traditionally used as the middle name for third-born sons.
75. Tristan – Means one who triggers a tumult in Celtic.
76. Troy – The English meaning of Troy is one who’s brave and strong, just like a soldier. The name also has a Greek origin, in which case it means one who’s associated with the ancient city of Troy.
77. Vernon – Means alder in Norman.
78. Warren – Means the keeper of a game reserve in Old French.
79. Will – Means one who’s great and strong in Greek.
80. Xavier – Means the owner of a new house in Spanish.


The significance of a middle name cannot be understated. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose a middle name for your son that’s as cool and unique as the ones we’ve highlighted above.

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