80 Girl Middle Names Drawn From Different Cultures


Last Updated on September 26, 2021

For many years, middle names have often been viewed as secondary names which have little impact on the bearer’s identity. In fact, in most societies today, these names are merely represented by initials. You’ve likely encountered names like Mary A. Washington, Rebecca B. Parker, or Grace C. Foster, and wondered what the initials A, B, C could possibly imply.

The situation is even bleaker for women who acquire their husband’s surnames after getting married. After replacing their maiden names with a married name, it may appear as though a middle name is no longer useful for such women. Nothing can be further from the truth.

On the contrary, a middle name is just as important as your given and surname. So, every parent must conduct their due diligence when choosing one for their newborn child. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research and have compiled some of the cutest and most impactful middle names for girls.

80 Top Middle Names for Girls


1. Adelaide – Means one who’s born of nobility in German.
2. Adele – Means one who’s noble or serene in English.
3. Alice – Alice is quite common both as a first and middle name. It means a noble and truthful person in Greek.
4. Allison – Means truthful and noble in English.
5. Amity – Latin for one who’s full of love, peace, and friendship.
6. Anise – Means one who’s pure in English.
7. Annora – Means one who’s full of honor in Latin.
8. Arden – Means one who was born or lives near the valley of the eagles in English.
9. Aryn – Means the messenger or the enlightened one in Hebrew.
10. Batya – Hebrew for the daughter of God.
11. Bella – A sweet variation of the French name Belle, which means good or beautiful.
12. Bernice – Means one who brings victory in Greek.
13. Bianca – Italian for a person of fair complexion.
14. Blaise – Means one who stammers in French.
15. Blayne – Means a thin one in Irish.
16. Bree – Means one who’s strong and full of virtue in English.
17. Brooke – Means one who was born or lives near a brook in English.
18. Candice – Means one who’s fair in Greek.
19. Caprice – French for one who’s whimsical.
20. Caren – Means one who’s dear in Italian.

21. Carmden – Carmden is Scottish for one who was born or lives near a winding valley.
22. Cassandra – Means one who is ignored in Greek.
23. Caylen – The name has a Native American origin and means purity.
24. Cerise – French for a person who’s as beautiful and pure as a cherry.
25. Clementine – This is the female version of the Latin name Clement. It means one with mild mannerisms or one who’s merciful and kind.
26. Coralie – Means as pure and beautiful as a coral in Latin.
27. Coreen – Greek for a person that’s sweet and pure like a maiden.
28. Daphne – Means one who’s saved in Greek.
29. Dawn – Means one who’s born at daybreak in English.
30. Denise – Denise is of French origin and means one who takes after the wine god Dionysus.
31. Ellory – This Old English word means one who’s like the alder tree.
32. Erin – Irish for someone who was originally from Ireland.
33. Fawn– Fawn has a French origin. It means sweet and innocent, just like a young deer.
34. Fay/Faye – Means fairy in French.
35. Fern – Means as pretty as a fern in English.
36. Gillian – Gillian is the feminine version of Julian, and means one who’s full of youthful energy and radiance.
37. Gwendolen – Means a white ring in Welsh.
38. Haiden – English for one who was born or lives around a heathen-covered hill.
39. Harriet – Means a ruler, and is the English variation of the French name Henriette.
40. Hollyn – This English name is a combination of Holly and Ann.

41. Hope – Means one who’s full of hope in English.
42. Imogen – Celtic for one who’s sweet and pure as a maiden.
43. Jade – Means as precious as the jade stone.
44. Jae – Jae is Latin for one who’s as beautiful and melodious as a jay bird.
45. Jane – Jane is Hebrew for God is gracious.
46. Joan – Means God is gracious in Hebrew.
47. Jolee – French for pretty.
48. June – This middle name for girl has a Latin origin and simply means one who was born in the month of June.
49. Kaitlin – Means pure in Irish.
50. Kate – One of the most common middle names, which means purity in Greek.
51. Kathryn – Means one who’s pure in English.
52. Krystan – Krystan is the cuter female variation of Christian, and is Greek for a follower of Christ.
53. Kylie – A popular Native American name that means a boomerang.
54. Lee – Lee shouldn’t be confused for the male version of the name which means one who lives among the woods. The female version of the word is Chinese for someone who’s as sweet as a plum.
55. Leigh – Means delicate in English.
56. Leonie – Means brave and powerful like a lion in Latin.
57. Love – A common North American name that connotes with the emotion of love.
58. Lucinda – A cool variation of Lucia, which means one who’s bright.
59. Lynn – Means one who was born or lives near a waterfall in English.
60. Madeleine – Means one who’s originally from Magdala or one who comes from a high tower.

61. Madisen – Means a good child of Maud in English.
62. Mae – Means a great person who’s also discerning in English.
63. Marcella – Means one who’s full of courage in Latin.
64. Marguerite – Marguerite is the French version of Margaret, and means one who’s as pure and pretty as a daisy flower.
65. Miranda – Means one who’s magnificent in Latin.
66. Nadeen – This Native American name means one who’s full of hope.
67. Paige – Means young helper of God.
68. Pearl – Means one who’s as precious as a pearl.
69. Raine – This North American name means as fresh as the first raindrops.
70. Rene – A variant of Irene, which is Greek for peaceful.
71. Rosalind – Latin for one who’s as beautiful and pure as the rose flower.
72. Rose – Rose has a Latin origin and means as beautiful and pure as the rose flower.
73. Rylie – Irish for a brave and valiant person.
74. Selene – Means one who’s pure, beautiful, and serene, just like the Greek goddess of the moon.
75. Sherleen – Sherleen is French for one who’s much loved.
76. Sofia – The coolest version of the original name Sophia, which is Greek for one who’s full of wisdom.
77. Sue – Sue has a Hebrew origin. It means one who’s as pure and beautiful as the rose or lily flower.
78. Taye – English for a tailor.
79. Verena – Means one who’s full of integrity in Latin.
80. Zoe – Greek for one who’s full of life.


There goes our comprehensive collection of some of the best middle names you can give to your daughter. Remember the unwritten rule when choosing a middle name for your girl – it should be cute, unique, and memorable.

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