‘90210’ Season 1 Episode Guide


Whether you’ve missed an episode or the entire first season of the CW drama 90210, we’ve got you covered with this handy episode guide to help viewers keep track of the various happenings in our favorite zip code.

1×01 “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore” (OAD: 9/2/08)

Meet the Wilson family, who has just moved to Beverly Hills from the Midwest. Harry Wilson, the family patriarch, will become the new principal at West Beverly Hills High School. Annie and Dixon Wilson aren’t exactly thrilled to begin a new school, and having their father as the principal doesn’t make it any easier.

1×03 “Lucky Strike” (OAD: 9/9/08)

Annie and Dixon’s hot Friday night plans are dashed when their parents insist on a family bowling night. Being the crafty teenagers that they are, the two arrange to have their friends meet them at the bowling alley and soon everyone joins in on the Wilson family fun night.

Annie finds herself attracted to both Ty and Ethan. Just as things seem to be moving forward with Ethan, Naomi arrives at the bowling alley in bad shape and in great need of a friend after learning her father is having an affair.

1×13 “Love Me or Leave Me” (OAD: 1/13/09)

Debbie is furious when Tabitha buys the kids a car without discussing it with her first. Annie and Ethan take a trip to Tabitha’s house in Palm Springs with full the intention to take their relationship to the next level (which doesn’t happen).

After learning that Tabitha encouraged Annie to go to Palm Springs, Harry and Debbie hightail it up there, only to find Annie and Ethan sleeping in separate rooms.

1×17 “Life’s A Drag” (OAD: 3/31/09)

Naomi continues to pursue Liam and offers to be his math tutor in a desperate attempt to get some time alone with the hunk. When Liam takes her on a wild night of drag racing, will her obsession turn to terror, or turn her on that much more? Is Silver losing her mind? That is the general consensus when a video assignment turns into a scary/obsessive love story featuring Dixon. Annie and Ethan’s relationship hits the skids when Adrianna reveals that she saw Ethan and Rhonda kissing.

1×19 “Okaeri, Donna!” (OAD: 4/14/09)

Donna Martin returns! Donna pays Kelly a visit from Japan, and we learn that all is not well between her and David. Diablo Cody (who appears in this episode) asks Donna to design a dress for her to wear on the red carpet. Dixon and Annie take a road trip to visit his biological mother. Ethan spends his spring break volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. When Liam joins the cause as well, Naomi signs up so she can spend some time with her new obsession — and it’s not exactly going to go very well.

1×23 “Zero Tolerance” (OAD: 5/12/09)

Prom night has finally arrived! Liam asks Naomi to the prom after Kelly and Harry talk to him about not being involved in typical teenage activities. The ladies get fabulous makeovers by a famous stylist, where Naomi gushes about her relationship with Liam. Dixon is nominated for prom king, and Silver winds up winning prom queen. As she accepts her crown, Silver makes a heartfelt speech denouncing the meaning of the whole prom court idea, a move that upsets Dixon. Annie goes with Charlie, who gets very upset when he realizes she doesn’t look at him in a romantic way.

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