All About 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Pickup Trucks


Chevrolet introduced a new version of its Silverado pickup truck in 2014, so there weren’t a wide array of changes for the 2013 model year. 

2013 Silverado Transmission Choices

Chevrolet offered two transmission choices for 2013 Silverado trucks, the 4-speed automatic, primarily for the V6 and some 4.8 liter V8s, and the 6-speed automatic for everything else.

All transmissions have a grade braking feature (with or without tow/haul mode). Grade braking downshifts the transmission when you are descending a hill with your foot off of the accelerator, but still picking up speed. The system automatically downshifts, helping the engine slow the vehicle and reducing the amount of braking required (brake wear is reduced, too).

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