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Apex Legends Season 9 is bringing a bit more to the game than just the normal Legends and weapons. This time the entire game is getting an expansion. Apex Legends Arena is a new game mode that’s coming with the newest Season. This is a Team Deathmatch take on the Apex formula. However, it is going to be utilizing a CS GO styled buying phase, and shops. All of this is with the normal Battle Royale characters’ abilities. Kind of like Valorant. Taking them out of that format and into a deathmatch is going to be a weird transition, but it might be the thing to really take Apex to the next level. This is what you need to know about Apex Legends Arena mode.

What is Apex Legends Arena Mode?

Apex Legends Arena mode is a new addition to the free to play title. It is launching with the new season, and provides players with a new way to play legends. This is how it works:

  • This is a 3 V 3 Team Deathmatch fight. So teams are no bigger than in normal games.
  • Several rounds are going to make up a game. The winner is the team to win 3+ rounds, with at least a 2 point difference. Ties will result in a sudden death match. 
  • You can’t change your Legends in between rounds or see which Legend your opponents is choosing. 
  • Players can be revived, but they can’t respawn.
  • Items are going to include crafting materials, supply bins for healing items, and care packages. 
  • A ring will still enclose the arena to keep the pace of the matches up. 
  • Supply drop weapons will get better as time goes on. 
  • There are five maps coming, three of them are from existing Battle Royale maps These are Artillery (Kings Canyon), Thermal Station (World’s Edge), and Gardens (Olympus). The remaining two Apex Legends Arena maps will be original; Phaserunner and Party Crasher. 

This is going to be a different approach, requiring different tactics. The main thing players of exclusively Apex might not get used to immediately is the buying phase. This is a level of strategy that might confuse newcomers. 

Apex Legends Arena Mode Buy Phase

The beginning of each round gives players some time to buy weapons. You’re handed crafting materials at the beginning of a round, depending on how the last round weapon. You use this to purchase mats, abilities, weapons, and healing items. You can also scavenge them in-game/ This is how it is going to work:

  • All Items get reset at the end of each round, so no rolling over.
  • Crating materials do roll over though. So you can send them a bit more tactically. 
  • Economy rounds are probably going to be important like in Valorant’s economy. That is having under-equipped rounds to save crafting materials for the next big push. 
  • Your passive ability doesn’t need purchasing, but all other abilities do. 
  • Body shields and helmets are free too. 
  • Weapons vary in price. The P 2021 or Mozambique is free, and the Charge Rifle is currently the most expensive.

Not every item in the game is going to be available in Apex Legends Arena though. This is what’s currently being included and the prices:

Weapons and Prices

  • P 2021 – 0
  • Mozambique – 0
  • EVA-8 – 250
  • RE-45 – 250
  • Havoc – 350
  • G7 Scout – 350
  • 30-30 Repeater – 350
  • Longbow – 400
  • Sentinel – 400
  • L-Star – 400
  • Alternator – 400
  • Devotion – 450
  • Peacekeeper 500
  • Mastiff – 500
  • Volt – 500
  • Wingman – 500
  • Hemlok – 500
  • Flatline – 550
  • Spitfire – 550
  • R-99 – 550
  • R-301 Carbine – 600
  • Bocek Compound Bow – 600
  • Charge Rifle 700

Apex Legends Arena Mode – When Can You Play It?

Apex Legends Arena mode is going to be an exciting new way to play the game. It completely reinvents the dynamic and could lead to some varied and interesting strategies with underused Legends. The gameplay shown off so far definitely looks fun. We don’t have a current release date for the mode. Season 9 is due to release Tuesday 4th May. However, Apex Legends Arena will be coming at some point during the season.

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