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Apex Legends might have been out for quite a while already, but it is still growing and seems to be consistently reaching new heights. As well as recently hitting an all-time high for active players, they’re launching their biggest esports event to date. Last year’s Apex Legends Global Series saw players competing for a huge prize pool, until the entire event was delayed. It was a victim of the pandemic, along with just about every other major competitive event. The Apex Global Series is back again this year though, and it is looking even bigger than before.

The Apex Legends Global Series is a set of esports tournaments that anyone can enter. The total prize pool for this event is over $1,000,000. This is the most high-profile event for Apex yet, much like Fortnite’s World Cup a few years ago. This is what you need to know about the new event.

Apex Legends Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series is one of the biggest events ever held for the game. The event is taking place from May through June this year. It features the highest prize pool seen to date in Apex Legends. 60 teams are competing, from five different regions. This is sure to include some big Apex Legends pro players. This is the culmination of the Apex Legends competitive scene to date. The top tier teams are coming in from past events. However, there is still time for players to try and qualify without going through these stages.  This is how the tournament is going to work:

  • The event is going to kick off with group stages. These are held separately across all of the regions.
  • Each region has a different amount of group stages, this is then going to be followed by finals for each. 
  • The Europe, Middle East, and Africa region has groups on June 1st, June 3rd, and finally June 5th. That’s before the finals on June 12th.
  • The North America region has group stages on June 2nd, 4th, and 6th. The finals then follow on June 13th, the final event for the entire Apex Legends Global Series.
  • The APAC North, APAX South, and South America groups all held May 22nd-May 30th. The finals are then all taking palace on June 5-6th.

How to Try to Qualify for the Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series isn’t going to be as clear for qualification as the Fortnite tournaments. However, there is still space for players to try and compete. This is how you can have a crack at qualifying:

  • The Last Chance Qualifiers are running through April, giving players one more shot at qualification.
  • It will run in-game April 23-25th. 
  • You’ll need to sign up in advance, on March 29th.
  • All players who are in Gold IV on PC are going to be able to sign up.
  • Head to their website here, to register your entire team. 
  • You thern get to compete in the Last Chance qualifier, with the top teams moving through to the Apex Legends Global Series

It would be very tricky to actually make it through these qualifiers though! The Apex Legends Global Series is going to be filled with the top players from around the world. Apex’s esports scene started sluggish, but it has become very vibrant, with a big player base internationally. The top Apex Legends players really push things in terms of what can be achieved in-game. If you’re looking to improve yourself, then our guides to the game can help you work on that:

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