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The Aquarius man is a curious, considerate lover. He is analytical and spends time thinking about the future. Therefore, he isn’t always the most impulsive person in the bedroom. However, he is the kind of person who will always make sure that his partner is satisfied.

Do you want to make an Aquarius man go wild in bed? Learn what this creative lover needs so that you can play into his preferences and recognize what turns him off.

Get Creative

The Aquarius man is turned on by intellect. You can seduce him with your mind before you get him between the sheets.

That’s a relief if you don’t like to feel like a sex object. You don’t have to worry about dressing up for him or looking sexy. Thrill him with some enticing conversation, and you’ll have him wrapped around your finger.

Before you take him home, excite him with your original viewpoints. Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind or tantalize him with little-known trivia. Be open about your opinions. Then, be a good listener while he tells you his outlook.

The Aquarius man likes to be with someone who is unique. You don’t need to follow the crowd. In fact, if you have a surprising view on something, let him know. He’ll likely want to find out how unique you are in bed too.

Once you have made it to the bedroom, don’t expect to relax in the missionary position while he does all the work. The Aquarius man sees sex as an ongoing experiment. He is willing to try anything. The more creative your intimacy is, the better.

Even the title of this article is a little misleading. If you can seduce your Aquarius man outside of the bedroom, he’ll melt. He is up for having sex in just about any location. Try christening every room of your house or bringing your intimacy to a public place.

If things have gotten stale, surprise him with something new. Whether it’s a toy, a new position, or some dirty talk, the unique experience will revamp his urges.

You have to be able to keep up with the Aquarius man. He likes sex games. He has lustful urges. He wants each encounter to be different.

He is an erotic powerhouse, and he has expansive ideas of what sex should be like. If you are all about traditional lovemaking, you might not be pleased with his advances. On the other hand, if you can’t wait to see what’s next, you’ll probably allure the Aquarius guy.

Saying that the Aquarius man is creative in bed is putting it lightly. He can be downright kinky. Props, visual stimulation, and sensual eroticism are important to him. Keep the novelty coming.

Prolong the Foreplay

The Aquarius man is in tune with his environment. Even though he’s cool and a bit detached in the bedroom, he likes to set the mood. He’ll spend plenty of time understanding your complexities before he rushes to take off your clothes.

Speaking of clothes, you might not want to tear them off right away. The Aquarius man is fond of dressing up. Costumes and erotic lingerie turn him on. You may want to leave your outfit on during your lovemaking session.

Wearing something different will also help him stay excited. Don’t wear the same pair of panties every time you see him. Torture him by wearing his favorite color dress on a date. Let him know what you’re wearing (or not wearing) underneath it.

If you’re already friends, you have probably noticed that there’s a great deal of sexual tension between the two of you. The Aquarius man thrives on this type of mystery. You may know a lot about each other, but you won’t know everything until you get each other naked.

Before you rush into the act of penetration, though, prepare to be seduced. The Aquarius man isn’t above lighting candles, wearing costumes, or role-playing. He needs to set the scene. You might spend the entire night at the bar, pretending that you’re strangers who are meeting for the first time.

By the time you get around to the sexual act, you’ll both be dying to satisfy each other. The Aquarius man will take his time, though. He wants to wait for the perfect time to initiate anything. Therefore, you might spend a lot of time together before you take it to the bedroom, even though he is quite sexually stimulated.

You can also be unpredictable in bed by changing things up from moment to moment. Just as things start to get hot and heavy, turn them around and be playful. The Aquarius man sees many acts as foreplay. You might try having a pillow fight, playing strip poker, or wrestling.

Talk About It

The Aquarius man enjoys good conversation. He will talk about anything, and he likes to chat about your sexual experiences. One way to turn him on is to tell him what you’d like to do to him while you’re conversing over dinner and a glass of wine.

Take your conversation into the bedroom. The biggest turn-on for an Aquarius man happens when intellect meets physical creativity. Sparks will fly if you can beguile one another’s minds while you’re making love.

If you’re not sure what to say while you’re in bed, consider describing how you feel as he is touching you. You could also tell him what you want more or less of. Be as vocal as you can. You won’t scare him away. If you have no words, moaning and breathing heavily will work.

When you’re not making love, you can also talk about what worked and what didn’t. Doing this regularly will help you brainstorm even more ideas. Talking about your plans for future lovemaking sessions will keep him enthralled with the idea of having sex with you.

You don’t have to speak out loud to turn the Aquarius man on. Sending him text messages throughout the day will keep him hooked. You don’t even have to be overtly sexual. Underhanded banter, puns, and clever comments will tempt him.

Make an Effort

Don’t just like there and expect your Aquarius man to do all the work. While he will devote plenty of attention to you, he wants you to satisfy him in return.

One way to tantalize him is to find hidden erogenous zones. Don’t go for the usual spots, like the neck or nipples. Explore the less obvious areas, such as the ankles, wrists, and armpits.

Share your fantasies with your Aquarius man. He will remember what you’ve told him, and he will be willing to respond to match your desires. You should also be open to listening to what he wants. He isn’t into talking for no reason, though. Follow up after a conversation about your shadow kinks by making one of his dreams come to life.

Give the Aquarius man what he wants, but make him work for it. Tease him. That will show that you’re not passive, but it also gives him a chance to swoop in and take control when he wants to.

He’s Into Power Play and Light Bondage

The Aquarius man likes to test the boundaries of domination. He doesn’t mind turning the tables, either. You can be in charge for one session, and he can take the lead the next.

One of the best ways to play into this desire is to use some light bondage. Silk ties and ropes are perfect for turning on the Aquarius man. Use a feather to tickle every inch of his skin, and watch him squirm when he can’t reach out to touch you because his hands are tied to the bedposts.

You could also try blindfolding him. Before you touch him, talk to him about your plans. Engage his brain before you get his body involved.

Don’t be afraid of being too freaky. The Aquarius man will tell you if he doesn’t like your ideas. But the chances are high that he’ll go along with what you suggest. He is the kind of guy who is into voyeurism and sadomasochism. He won’t think that you’re perverted no matter what you suggest.

Know When to Give Him Space

The Aquarius man might be sensitive, but he is not emotional. Therefore, he can come across as aloof. He’s one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. You need to know when to give him space. If you try to get hot and heavy when he feels like retreating, you might experience a disconnect in your relationship.

The important thing to remember is that you can almost always get an Aquarius man excited for sex by engaging his mental muscle. If he is captivated by a book that he’s reading and wants some alone time, you could spend the evening in sexy lingerie. By the time he’s ready to put down the book, he will probably also be ready for you.

You don’t have to be pushy to get the Aquarius man interested. In fact, being too demanding might steer him away. If you’re involved with this guy, you should be confident in your own sensuality. He’ll feel your self-assurance, which will subtly turn him on.

What Are the Best Sex Positions for the Aquarius Man?

According to Tantra Mag, if you’re a woman, the ideal position for making love to an Aquarius man is known as the peach. This position involves standing facing one another. The woman can swing one leg up to encircle the man’s waist. She gets to determine the rhythm.

This position is ideal for the creative Aquarius man. It doesn’t require a bed or any other piece of furniture. You can do it in the shower or anywhere else, which means that you can be spontaneous with your intimacy.

You can take this position to the next level by having the woman wrap both of her legs around the man. He can support her by holding her bottom. If you need more support, have the woman back up against the wall. The friction will help to hold her up.

For those who want to relax a little more while making love, the side lotus is an ideal sex position. The partners lie on their sides, facing one another. The woman wraps her legs around the man, giving him control of the rhythm and depth of penetration. The couple can use their hands to explore each other further.

The Aquarius Man is Surprisingly Loyal

Even though he is quirky, unemotional, and experimental in bed, the Aquarius man is a loyal partner. If he is not in love with you, he won’t mind it if you have sexual escapades with someone else. This is the perfect partner to explore an open relationship with.

But if he does love you, he will commit. As long as you can keep up with his ever-changing desires, he will stick with you. He doesn’t need to be with multiple partners; he just wants to feel like every experience is new.

If you want to hold onto your Aquarius man, don’t get him involved in emotional drama. This guy doesn’t like a jealous type. He wants to be free to do what he wants.

Therefore, you have to trust him if you’re in a relationship with him. He will let you know if he is dating other people. If he says that he is monogamous with you, he probably is. You have to take him at his word. If you act insecure or clingy, he will feel suffocated and might move on to someone who gives him a little more freedom.

The Aquarius man is not possessive. He doesn’t want you to restrict his freedom. Therefore, he won’t limit yours. But because he isn’t intimidated to talk about anything, you’ll always know where he stands.

The Aquarius man also wants a partner who will be his friend and companion. If you can’t meet him intellectually and in the bedroom, you just might not be compatible.

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