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You know those Bohemian people who are a little quirky, extremely creative and full of love for everyone? That’s probably you if you were born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp. Birthdays that fall between February 15 and 21 put you in the Cusp of Sensitivity.

This explains why you feel like everything affects you. You can’t separate yourself from the universe, and you’re likely to take on the weight of the world.

You’re highly emotional and intuitive, but you don’t let your sensitivity break you down. In fact, you’re known for gathering inner strength to help others.

Which Planets Influence The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp?

Most zodiac signs are ruled by one planet, but both Aquarius and Pisces are ruled by two. Uranus is the modern ruling planet of Aquarius, and Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. The influence from these planets helps to explain what practical reasoning cannot. The person born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp feels energy differently than other people. Harmony is important to you, and you live according to utopian ideals.

Jupiter and Saturn are your ancient guiding rulers. Jupiter supports your spirituality. Saturn helps keep you grounded.

Neptune and Jupiter Guide Your Vision And Spirituality

Neptune is responsible for making you a dreamer and a bit of a mystic. With Neptune on your side, you’re on a consistent path of spiritual development. Some may describe you as a psychic or empath. You’re so in tune with your intuition and the needs of others’ that you seem to know what people want before they do.

Neptune also allows you to release the needs of your ego in favor of your greater purpose. You have faith in the fact that you’re intricately connected to the rest of the world. You use your imagination to see how this can play out in your life.

Jupiter is associated with spiritual growth. Together, Jupiter and Neptune help you generate big dreams. Sometimes, your visions aren’t realistic, and you may become disappointed when the limitations of the physical world prevent you from getting what you want. When that happens, you might wait to take action because your spirituality tells you that the universe will intervene and help you out.

Uranus Makes You Original And Innovative

With Uranus in your sphere of influence, you have the ability to break the mold. Uranus is thought to be the strangest planet in the universe.

You are inventive and non-traditional. You might be seen as rebellious if you weren’t so interested in establishing harmony among humanity.

You’re eccentric, and you can stretch your mind to see beyond the here and now. This makes you especially visionary when it’s combined with the imaginative qualities that come to you from Neptune.

You can get lost in this realm that hovers above the plane of the practical. Others may not always understand you. But you bring ideas and people together to shape the future in a way that introduces more benevolence and accord.

Saturn Is The Disciplinarian

Aquarius’s ancient ruler was Saturn, the planet of structure and order. It represents many elements that are in opposition to the lofty innovation of Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus.

While it doesn’t bring too much practicality to your life, Saturn gives you strength. Without Saturn’s influence, you might never put your feet on the ground.

Your Compassion Brings Greater Understanding

Some sensitive people fall apart when they’re bombarded with emotion. You, on the other hand, use empathy to your advantage. You’re in tune with your own thoughts and feelings. You can sense other people’s sentiments too.

This extrasensory ability gives you a great understanding of the world. You know your place and you can see where things need to improve. Instead of generating change from a dictatorial standpoint, you lead a heartfelt revolution that comes from a place of peace.

You’re always willing to lend a hand to those in need, especially if it means that you’ll end up raising the collective vibration. The person born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp is constantly trying to improve the world on a deep level.

Are You Shy Or Social?

Your ability to feel and relate to other people’s feelings can make you a social person. Someone with a birthday on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp is a great judge of character. You can read the energy of the room and adjust yours to match. Therefore, you’re likable and easy to get along with.

You may seek out others so that you can offer your unique blend of inspiration when they’re feeling down. Helping others makes you feel good, and you can get lost in your head if you’re left alone for too long.

Because of that, you may also be quite shy. It’s hard to navigate the world when you’re persistently bombarded by other people’s energies. Also, you’re happy doing your thing in your own space. There aren’t many people who are just like you, and you revel in your individuality when you don’t have to answer to anyone else.

The Strengths Of The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Compared to people with other astrological signs, you may be the most intuitive. You’re not afraid to put your feelings into words. This is the quality that can make others think that you’re peculiar.

Everyone has unconventional thoughts. If most people were just honest about the bizarre ideas that their minds can dredge up, they wouldn’t think that you were so odd. You are open about your dreams and emotions, giving you an authentic quality. Many people wish that they could be so genuine.

Even if other people don’t always understand you, you understand them. This may be your greatest asset. Most people just want to be seen as who they are, and you can do that for them.

Your Challenges As An Aquarius-Pisces Cusper

Because your mind is always trying to figure out how to improve humanity profoundly, you may neglect to take care of the little things in the real world. The basics of your daily routine are often set aside in favor of what you consider to be bigger issues.

Therefore, you can be forgetful. You’re the kind of person who might leave their car keys in the refrigerator. Keep a calendar so that you don’t forget appointments or social responsibilities. Your friends know that you care, but if you stand them up too much, they might think that you’re flighty.

Your head may be in the clouds frequently. It’s not because you’re careless or inattentive. It’s just because you’re busy working things out in your dream world.

You could stand to pay more attention to what’s going on around you. If you don’t, you might end up letting life pass you by.

From your perspective, this isn’t the worst thing in the world. You might even argue that your soul thrives in a realm that is untouched by reality. However, your soul also chose to come to this planet in physical form for a reason. It’s worth using your human gifts to make grand transformations here.

What Is Love Like In The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp?

As a lover, you’re fascinating and romantic. You come up with creative ways to show your affection, such as writing a love song or penning a poem.

You’re not always the biggest go-getter when it comes to love. You prefer to be pursued. Maybe that’s because you’re so wrapped up in your dreamy head.

A grounded partner, such as a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, can bring you down to earth and balance out your floaty ideals. You could also use a passionate lover who fires up your motivation.

Anyone that you partner up with needs to understand that you have an intense spiritual side. A Pisces can parallel your karmic force and might end up being your soul mate. You can while the day away in a dreamy, romantic state with this water sign.

Cancers are also great love matches for those on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp. They understand what it means to be sensitive and can relate to you on an emotional level. When you need a little push to take action, the Cancer will help you out. This cardinal sign is an initiator and can guide you when you feel lost.

Maintain Your Creativity To Make Sense Of The World

Because you’re so in touch with otherworldly realms, you need a way to make sense of the advanced concepts that run through your mind. Artistic pursuits help you express the messages that you get when you can’t put your thoughts into words. Creative writing, drawing and painting allow you to bring abstract ideas into the physical plane. It’s almost as if you bridge the gap between earth and Spirit by translating what you feel onto paper.

You need this outlet to live your full purpose. You may even find that you enjoy helping others with creative pursuits. If you work as a coach or therapist, you could use art or music therapy as part of your profession. Whatever you do for a living, you bring your offbeat sense of creativity to your work.

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