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You might know the Aquarius woman as an individual who is passionate, charming, and even quirky with a personality that can be entirely outside of the box in terms of social standards, but how do these traits relate to her sexual and romantic side?

An Aquarius woman in bed can be exhilarating, as long as you’re on the right end of trust and dedication. If you want to lead an exciting and fulfilling sex and love life, then you might just want to learn a little more about the Aquarius woman in bed.

A Lustful Type

Aquarius women are known best for being quite lustful and adventurous. A pleasant alternative to the shy and traditional women of the world, the Aquarius woman, has a reputation for being an excellent lover with a penchant for kink.

An Aquarius woman loves a man who is a good tease and can give her a run for her money, but her true passion lies in the form of toys, belts, laces, and other new ideas and objects in bed. Most Aquarius women are the same in their desire for sex toys and kinky ideas, but some rare types possess a low libido. Just in case, it’s essential to differentiate between the two early on.

Some might call the Aquarius unconventional, but more are likely to call her fun and exciting when it comes to the bedroom. Not only is she fun to be around during other activities, but she will keep you engaged, involved, and satisfied during the late-night hours.

As someone who tends to be more lustful, it can be difficult to keep an Aquarius woman stimulated and satiated at all times. Not only does she desire sexual pleasure and adventure in the bedroom, but she also requires intellectual stimulation. These two traits together can make her a little high maintenance, but it’s worth it to reap the benefits of her hands-on personality.

It’s crucial to understand an Aquarius woman and the difference between her lust for excitement and kinkiness as opposed to their desire for sex in general. The Aquarius woman does not have a strong desire for sex in that she needs to constantly be turned on; rather, she understands that making love is something that her body needs.

This is the aspect that her intellect connects with, giving her the need to be sexually stimulated in unconventional ways, such as being tied up and caressing her ankles and calves.


The Aquarius woman can sometimes seem like a distant soul. Though they have the ability to be warm and engaged in a relationship – especially early on – they are practical planners who can get lost in dreaming about the future and making other plans.

This kind of planning and thoughtfulness can make them feel removed when it comes to matters of the heart. While many love to fall into sync with someone else and form their routine, an Aquarius woman is always looking for something new, fun, and exciting. After the heat wears off in a new relationship, they can start to become unconnected and bored.

Because of this reaction to love and relationships, an encounter with an Aquarius woman can quickly move from passion and lust in the bedroom to a cold and uninterested attitude.

It takes a special kind of person to really love an Aquarius the right way. Many are turned off by their sudden switches, especially those in bed and libido, but the right partner knows that these women need space away – even from the one she loves the most. She can’t be pinned down or controlled, and a daily routine will only throw ice on a once hot and passionate relationship.

Aquarius women are extremely attracted to intellect, so her lovers have to work hard at using their words and phrases to turn her on, flirt, and capture her heart. A man who isn’t good with words won’t be sleeping with an Aquarius woman anytime soon. However, a man who is a smooth and rich talker will soon be experimenting in the bedroom with quite a willing partner.

Cuddles and Affection

At this point, it should come as no big surprise that the Aquarius woman is not one to be touchy-feely, cuddly, or overly affectionate. As an intellect, she prefers good conversations, open honesty, and exciting new adventures as opposed to a night of romantic spooning. In short, constant cuddling will feel overbearing to her, and too many kisses are a waste of time.

An Aquarius woman rarely sees any sentimental value in sex, passion, or affection. To her, these are not the top priorities in a committed relationship. While she will certainly enjoy the physical activities you perform together; she won’t be investing anything more than technicality into it. This woman will find great pleasure in your sex life, but don’t expect her to stick around for a glass of wine and some extra cuddling.

In fact, this sign does have a tendency to use partners for sex and only sex. Therefore, those who expect more affection in the relationship can easily be hurt. Anyone who isn’t prepared to bring intellect and new ideas to the bedroom will quickly bore her, no matter how much affection they provide her with.


Public display of affection is a toned-down phrase used to describe an Aquarius woman. While she may not get a huge thrill out of holding your hand on the subway or receiving a kiss on the cheek in a restaurant, she thoroughly enjoys turning her partner on in public places.

Aquarius women are bold and adventurous when it comes to sex, and one of their favorite things to do is play the role of the tease when out in public. She has the confidence to the point of not caring what others around you think. If fact, it’s such a thrill for her to even think about having sex in a public place where you might get caught.

The meek of heart and prude are definitely not good matches for the Aquarius, who is likely to whisper naughty phrases to you while sitting on a park bench or reach for your thigh under the bar.

If you really want to make your Aquarius woman happy, be willing to flirt heavily with her out in public. You can even go ahead and plan an exciting encounter ahead of time and pull her into it without her knowing. She will adore the thrill and will, in turn, be infatuated with you for hitting her sweet spot.

Looks and Money

Other than intellect and the willingness to get a little weird in bed, there’s little pressure to impress an Aquarius woman. These ladies have little to no interest in material possessions and couldn’t care less if you have a lot of money. They are not swayed by wealth, gifts, or big spending.

At the same time, they are also rarely focused on looks. An Aquarius woman will not judge you by how you are dressed or your physical features. They take a very liberal and free approach to sexuality, which means anything is possible. Their open-mindedness is something that they expect any potential partner to match in their encounters.


Although the Aquarius woman understands the importance of independence rather than codependence, they remain just as faithful in a relationship as any other sign. The only fatal move in their relationships is someone who lets them get bored. Because of this, there are certain signs which make a better partner for an Aquarius woman than others.


One of the hottest flames an Aquarius woman can spark will be with a Taurus. They say that opposites attract, and that certainly plays a role in this steamy relationship. While the Aquarius ignores things like wealth and possessions, the Taurus tends to be a materialistic person.

However, the Aquarius and the Taurus have the ability to display great mutual respect for one another – something that will bode well with an Aquarius woman in the bedroom. This mutual admiration and respect will lead to the perfect routines in the bedroom – and not the kind that will get old or boring quickly.

A Taurus will be very open to hearing an Aquarius’ new romantic ideas and will have no qualms about trying something new, while the Taurus can be helpful in demonstrating how to navigate the material world.

Taurus individuals tend to be very sensual, so there should be no issues when it comes to making love with an Aquarius. Even if the Aquarius lacks an emotional connection to the sexual aspect of the relationship, the Taurus will love the physical excitement that the Aquarius will bring.


The Aquarius and the Gemini have an instant connection with one another because they both value good communication and intellect. Even the most monotonous of conversational topics are exciting for the two of you because of your excellent abilities in open, honest, and invigorating communication.

In fact, a Gemini can sometimes be just as aroused by a good conversation as they can by sex. And because you are such great communicators with one another, you will both be open to hearing about each others’ desires, fantasies, and ideas in the bedroom.

Gemini and Aquarius individuals will go out of their way to become more sexually attuned with one another. It may take some talking and listening, but eventually, the talk will become action and these two will be able to take what’s in their heads and turn it into a fun and enjoyable sensual experience.

The only danger zone this couple might find is falling to an all talk and no action field, where the conversation never gets over the hump of becoming sexual action. But don’t worry; once you get started, your meeting of the minds will quickly turn into a passionate romp in the bedroom.


A Leo has the potential to give an Aquarius quite the explosive experience in the bedroom. Though the Aquarius doesn’t go out of their way the be in the spotlight, Leos often do; this quality can lead to exciting and new adventures, which an Aquarius will love.

Leos can also be super bold in the bedroom – a trait that an Aquarius will instantly fall for. Their ability to take charge and lead physical expressions of love will be a huge turn-on for an Aquarius, who desires a strong and passionate love affair.

An Aquarius’s ability to communicate and listen will let them know quickly that gifts will keep their Leo happy. And, of course, as long as Leo remains happy, the sexual aspect of this relationship will stay heated and adventurous. A Leo will push an Aquarius to be their best in every aspect of life, which will be a surprisingly satisfying experience for both parties.


If you know one thing about a Scorpio, it’s that they exude sexuality like it’s their job. Scorpios are bold, lustful, and adventurous individuals who love to seduce the ones they are interested in. An Aquarius woman will feel this physical attraction immediately, and it will spark the kink that naturally thrives in their life.

The Scorpio knows how to make the most of the moment, leading to spontaneous interactions and passionate affairs. They are also known for their strong intellect – something that is very important to an Aquarius.

In fact, much of their intellect will likely go into planning their seduction of you. As someone who enjoys the thrill of adventure and trying new and exciting things in the bedroom, an Aquarius is sure to have lots of fun with a Scorpio.

One of the only downsides to an Aquarius-Scorpio relationship is a Scorpio’s lack of trust and possessive nature. As someone who values their independence in a relationship, an Aquarius might have a hard time dealing with their newfound lack of personal freedom. However, effective communication and open honesty can help these two work through any issues in this area. Plus, an Aquarius woman might find it worth it considering all the adventurous sex and intellectual attention they will receive.

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