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In recent years, more people than ever have been meeting their partners online. Plenty of people date across country borders, which can be a bit of a culture shock at first.

Anyone dating an Australian man knows that they have their fair share of quirks, from their affinity for Vegemite toast to their obsession with cricket. Here, we’re going to go over the things you should know about dating an Australian man.

Get Ready to Get Into Sports

If you’re not an avid sports fan, then you had better learn to be one. Sports are like a religion for Australian men. Instead of weekends spent antiquing or hiking in the park, you can expect Friday through Saturday to be fully booked by sports, brews, and best mates.

We’re not necessarily talking about American Football here. Australians actually have their own version of Aussie Football, so even if you’re familiar with the entire NFL lineup, you may have to learn some new names and some new rules. You’ll also have to brush up on your knowledge of sports such as rugby, swimming, and perhaps most importantly, cricket.

There’s no escape from the sporting events throughout the year. Different seasons bring different leagues. For example, summertime is reserved for rugby, swimming, and Australian football, while spring is for Formula One racing. Australian men will also be happy to watch any other sport that might be on, whether it be MMA fighting, snooker, curling, or anything else.

No Australian man can resist a partner who’s able to hold an intelligent conversation about their favorite sport. If you want to work your way to an Aussie’s heart, then you should start swapping out your afternoon Netflix binge for rugby square-offs and cricket matches.

The rules can be confusing, so it might help if you look up an online guide and learn the most common sporting codes.

You may also have to get comfortable with the idea of betting. While some of us reserve gambling to casinos and poker tables, Aussies are avid sports betters. It’s not uncommon to see Australian men placing weekly bets on their favorite teams down at the local bookie.

You may want to brush up on your betting slang if you’re going to be dating an Aussie, especially considering that it’s a popular belief that partners bring good luck.

Learn to Like Vegemite

Yes, yes, we know. For most of us, the smell alone is enough to put us off, but Australians have stomachs of steel. If you’re going to date an Aussie man, you need to get used to spicing up your diet with some interesting dishes.

Vegemite is a popular Australian condiment that’s most often spread on toast or crackers, sometimes with butter. While you may not have to love it, you’ll definitely have to get used to the smell. As many as nine out of ten Australians have a jar of Vegemite sitting in their pantry.

Vegemite isn’t the only strange food you may have to accept into your household. If you’re a burger fan, many Australians prefer their patty alongside pineapple, beetroot, and sometimes a fried egg.

Those with a sweet tooth will have to get used to having everything coated in chocolate—and we do mean everything. Australians will even layer chocolate on top of dishes such as pineapple sponge cake and licorice.

You should make a conscious effort to expand your culinary horizons if you want to impress an Australian man. They’re likely to have an adventurous sense of taste, considering they grew up on staples such as kangaroo and emu. Be ready to step outside of your comfort zone and try some new (and sometimes bizarre) dishes alongside your man.

Don’t Expect Him to Censor Himself

Most of us are used to hearing swear words bleeped out on TV or having our parents chastise us as grown adults for letting one slip. In Australia, though, people have different standards when it comes to swearing.

Speckling in the odd cuss word is fairly normal for Australian men, no matter what the setting. In fact, many see swearing as friendly. However crude it might seem to an outsider, the “C-word” is a common term of endearment amongst friends. Even in formal or professional settings, you’ll see close friends ribbing each other with words that would make your Grandma blush.

If you’re going to date an Australian man, don’t expect him to put up a filter around you. He’ll expect any partner of his to not only put up with his swearing but even partake themselves. If you try to curb his natural speech, he’s likely to resent you for it.

With an Australian man, you’re going to have to learn to love his swearing. Just know that you may have to warn friends and family before they meet him to expect a little bit of colorful language. If he doesn’t censor himself in front of his own loved ones, he’s unlikely to do it in front of yours.

Get Used to Flip-Flops

When you’re dating an Australian man, you may have to say goodbye to popular conventions such as footwear. Considering how hot it can get down under, it’s no wonder that most Aussies prefer to go barefoot whenever they can. If footwear is required, they’re most likely to opt for their favorite pair of flip flops—or “thongs,” as the Australians call them.

You should count yourself lucky that he’s wearing shoes at all. You’ll often see Australians walking around barefoot, even when out shopping or picking the kids up from school. While we might not be used to the look, an Australian wouldn’t think twice about wearing flip-flops with formalwear.

After a while, you’ll come to expect flip-flops in any situation, whether you’re relaxing in the yard or heading out to the office holiday party. You may even see him trekking out to shovel snow in a pair of flip-flops.

It’s best to embrace the barefoot lifestyle if you’re going to be dating an Australian. You might even want to head out and pick up a pair of “thongs” for yourself. While you don’t necessarily have to wear them out in the snow, your beau will likely appreciate the effort.

When it warms up, the two of you can enjoy feeling the wind between your toes and the sand on your feet in typical Australian fashion.

Have a Sense of Humor About Things

Anyone who has thin skin may have trouble dealing with an Australian man. They tend to take their masculinity very seriously, and they rely on teasing to show their emotions. Aussies will relentlessly poke fun at their closest loved ones, which may come off as abrasive to anyone who doesn’t know better.

If you’re dating an Aussie, you need to learn not to take his jokes personally. Of course, if something is off-limits, he’ll respect that if you tell him that. Otherwise, though, nothing is off the table. He expects you to laugh alongside his jokes, even when they’re at your expense.

An Australian man will likely have trouble accepting a partner who blows up at what they consider an innocent joke. Similarly, they need someone who can give as good as they get. Don’t be afraid to make off-color jokes and off-the-cuff remarks to keep your man on his toes. You’ll also have to learn the art of sarcasm, as it’s a popular form of humor amongst Aussies.

If you tease your man right back, not only will he be impressed with your wit, but he’ll consider himself a part of your inner circle. If you don’t poke a little bit of fun at him every now and then, he may begin to wonder why you’re acting so cold. Remember to keep things cheerful and embrace his silly side if you want the relationship to be a success.

Learn Some of His Lingo

Communication is key in any relationship, but it isn’t always easy for us non-natives to understand our friends from down under. If you’re going to date an Australian man, you’re going to have to pick up some of the local language to understand what he’s saying half the time.

You can find plenty of tools online to help you get a grasp on the sometimes bizarre slang you might come across with an Australian crowd. There are lists of common terms, instructional videos, and even pseudo-translation services at your fingertips. You can also watch popular Australian movies and TV programs to get a feel for how people talk.

Many common Aussie slang terms have become shortened versions of the real word.

For example:


  • “McDonald’s” is commonly referred to as just Maccas.
  • “Afternoon” goes by “arvo.”
  • “Barbecue” is shortened to “barbie.”
  • A gas station is a “servo,”
  • Cooked shrimp are usually called “prawns.”


Some words may be entirely different from what you’re used to, or Aussies may tweek them beyond recognition.

It can sometimes be tough to tell what an Australian means as a non-native speaker when it comes to phrases. Instead of greetings such as “how are you doing,” Aussies will ask, “how are you going?”

It can take some practice to get used to listening to your man when you first start dating. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with Australian words and phrases can help things go more smoothly in the communication department, and he’s sure to appreciate the effort.

Don’t Expect Grand Romantic Gestures with Australian Men

Australian men aren’t exactly what you would call mainstream romantics. They don’t often take the champagne-and-flowers approach that we’ve been taught to expect by rom-com movies. Australians have learned from birth that these sorts of endeavors aren’t for the manly.

Even if they aren’t romantic in a traditional sense, Australian men know how to show feelings in their own unique way. Their version of a romantic may not be quite as obvious to you as it is to them, however. Aussie men prefer to keep things simple.

Your man may offer to cook you a new meal when he’s not much of a chef, or he may forego a much-anticipated night with the boys to spend time with you instead. Small, thoughtful gestures are generally how Australian men prefer to show their affection.

Similarly, most Aussies would prefer their partner to ditch the serenades and expensive gifts. Instead, surprise him with a six-pack of his favorite beer, give him the night off with his mates, let him control the remote for a night, or something else to show him that you care. With Australian men, actions sometimes speak louder than words.

Embrace New Holiday Traditions

When most of us think about the holidays, we think about sledding down snowy banks or sipping hot cocoa by the fire. For an Australian, though, Christmastime lands smack dab in the middle of summer. As such, they’ve grown up with entirely different traditions that can take some getting used to for anyone north of the equator.

Whereas most of us would consider turkey and trimmings to be a proper Christmas meal, the Australians are partial to prawns. Since the weather is so nice, most friends and family hold outdoor barbecues where they get together and exchange gifts. There’s also Surfing Santa as opposed to the traditional fur-trim option.

It’s not just the winter holidays that will have you trying out new traditions. Australians love to party, and they’ll take just about any excuse to get the festivities going. You should be prepared to go all out when celebrating New Year’s, Easter, Labor Day, and holidays unique to Aussies such as Australia Day.

Respect His Time

Australians party hard, but they also work hard. Australians typically have some of the worst work-life balances in the world, slaving away long hours and pushing socializing to the wayside. This can sometimes leave partners feeling neglected in favor of the office.

Anyone dating an Australian man should know that Aussies take pride in their jobs. While they don’t necessarily want to let their work-life overtake their relationships, they consider gunning for that next promotion to be just as important as any milestone with their partner.

You can’t take it personally when your man misses dinner dates or comes home late because he was finishing up at the office. However, you may have to step in and help him to achieve a more sustainable work-life balance.

Aussie men often rely on their partners to step in and talk sense when they lose sight of what’s important. You can gently guide him and work together to compromise on a schedule.

Distractions don’t always take the form of work for Australian men. They may also have hobbies or pastimes that keep them out late or force them to miss date nights. You may be able to spend more time with your man by learning about his interests away from the office. You can take a class together, get him to teach you himself, or surprise him by learning in your spare time.

There are some activities that your man might want to keep solo. Don’t feel offended; Australian men take their “me time” very seriously. Try to learn to embrace time alone as well by picking up your own solo hobby. That way, when your man needs a little bit of time to himself, you’ll also have something productive to keep yourself occupied.

Get to Know His Mates

Friends are important to Australian men, sometimes seemingly more so than their partner or spouse. If you’re going to date an Australian man, know that you’ll essentially be dating his friends as well. They’re a major part of his life, and so they’re bound to become an important part of your social circle as well.

No new relationship can survive for an Australian man without his mates’ seal of approval. Most Aussies take the opinions and advice of their closest friends very seriously. You may even feel like you’re competing for his trust and attention, especially towards the beginning of the relationship.

You have to be willing to take a backseat sometimes and let your Aussie man have a boys’ night out. Sometimes, that may even mean sacrificing a romantic evening so that he can have a bit of “buddy time.” You also need to be willing to include his friends in your plans, even those you thought might be a little bit more intimate.

If you accept your man’s friends into your life, they’re bound to accept you in return—and nothing is more important to an Australian man than the thumbs up from his social group. Win their favor with brews, snacks, and a few choice jokes, and any Australian man is sure to be impressed.  

The Final Word of Dating an Australian Man

Dating an Australian man can be a wild ride, but if there’s one thing to be said, it’s that the relationship will never get boring. Aussies know how to have fun with their partner, but they need someone who can keep up with them. As long as you have an open mind and embrace his many quirks, you can win the lasting affections of your Australian man.


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