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For a few years after Fortnite’s explosion, it seemed like every game was getting into the Battle Royale space. Developers everywhere were cramming a Battle Royale into their game somewhere, even when it was a bit ridiculous. However, this trend has largely passed. Although one more big shooter franchise looks set to cash in on the Battle Royale genre, Battlefield’s new leak points towards a Battlefield Battle Royale coming soon.  While Battlefield V did have Firestorm, that predictably died out quite soon after release.

While a lot of games popped up to follow titles like Fortnite and PUBG, few succeeded. The big Battle Royales remained huge, and other developers learned that they couldn’t just lazily ape the PUBG format for easy money. In recent cycles, only the really special Battle Royales have carved out a niche. Warzone has been a huge success, and unique entries like Tetris 99 and Spellbreak have done well too, if not on the same scale. Battlefield might be entering this space in a similar position to Call of Duty. This is an established and popular franchise, which is an inherent advantage before launch. Since it is coming from a game that already has a very popular and unique style of shooter gameplay. If this leak is to be believed, there are some important reasons why a battlefield Battle Royale could be a big success.

Battlefield Battle Royale Leak

A recent rumor and some insider information seem to be pointing towards the release of a Battlefield Battle Royale. Battlefield 6 has been in development for some time. This is a hotly anticipated game, and EA are drip-feeding information and teases about the game’s content. While Battlefield 6 is still expected as a full game, there is currently some reason to suggest a Battle Royale mode spin-off is being considered.

A survey sent out to gather opinions on future or possible projects this week asked about the demand for a Battle Royale spin-off to release alongside Battlefield 6. This could be an early bit of market research to determine if one should be developed. A post on the subreddit for Battlefield seemed to confirm a free-to-play royale coming alongside the main game. This could just be the case of someone making it up, but the current evidence looks likely.

The big question with a Battlefield Battle Royale is if it will be enough to make the game stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of battle Royales, and frankly a lot of failures. The core Battle Royale genre has a lot of hits, and success stories though. There are a few things a Battlefield Battle Royale has going for it that could make it a success.

Why a Battlefield Battle Royale Looks Promising

Battlefield Battle Royale

A Battlefield Battle Royale would have a lot of competition. However, there are some positives working in its favor. The first is a recognised brand. This comes with an in-built player base. While some games have failed to spin-off a Battle Royale, Battlefield is already a popular shooter. It’s gunplay and style is distinct enough from other shooter franchises to make it very popular. This same gunplay and style of gameplay would transfer over into a battle Royale. Just out of the gate, this puts it ahead of a lot of the competition.

Key to that though, is that the gunplay and gameplay that makes it unique is what makes it popular. This can transfer to a Battle Royale. This makes it a much different situation to a popular franchise launching a Battle Royale without the right groundwork. 

Warzone launched in a similar situation. The first attempt at a Call of Duty Battle Royale badly misjudged things. While it was fun, it failed to catch on. However, the second attempt has become massively successful. Warzone took what worked in Call of Duty, and used it to make a unique battle Royale that maintained the same feel. It takes content and integrates with Call of Duty titles, giving more incentive for players to use both. It’s also free-to-play, which has helped build a big following. Making it an evergreen title has helped keep that momentum going, rather than abandoning it for a new iteration after a game’s launch. Battlefield V had a poorly received Battle Royale, can the sequel deliver the Warzone style follow up?

Can it be a Success?

Apex Legends can similarly attest to the benefits of sticking with an idea. Apex exploded in popularity initially before declining, that trend reversed pretty quickly though. The game took back off once it found more its own identity. It is now at its creative and popular peak. It has a larger player base than ever before, alongside the biggest competitive events the title has seen. Both Battle Royales have managed to be a big success in a crowded field. So can the battlefield Battle Royale do the same?

A Battlefield Battle Royale could easily see success if it looks towards Warzone as an example. It needs to take the Battlefield experience and package it in a Battle Royale in the same way that Warzone did for Call of Duty. Alongside that, support for both the player base and the game is necessary to help it survive once the initial excitement fades. Battle Royales that receive decent and substantial updates fare much better than those that fade away. 

At the moment, a Battlefield Battle Royale has a lot going for it. It all comes down to the execution though. If this turns out to be more than a rumour, then fans should hope it captures some of that Warzone energy. Our guides to Warzone can help out if you’re looking to improve with the Battle Royales that are already around:

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