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Last Updated on December 29, 2021

We live in an ever more connected world, yet some things remain the same. Take travel for instance. Sure, businesses all over the world are slowly utilizing the power of video conferences, however there’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings. That’s why business travel has remained at high levels over the years.

Many professionals still spend much of their time up in the air, and all the stresses and headaches of such a lifestyle remain constant. But in this brave new tech-advanced world, mobile apps can alleviate some of the hindrances that plague the frequent flyer. So in the interest of facilitating constant travelers everywhere, here are some of the best apps available for download immediately and without cost.

A delayed or cancelled flight can certainly throw a wrench in the plans of those who need to get from point A to point B. Kayak eliminates the need to rebook your flight by offering instant options for alternate flights. All the user needs to do is input their requisite info and they can select and purchase a plane ticket instantly.


It’s a misnomer to suggest that the advent of computers and the Internet eliminated clutter. No, clutter has just taken on a digital form. Those who are constantly booking flights and reserving rooms and renting cars understand all too well how quickly digital receipts can clutter the old email inbox. This app organizes all purchases, reservations, confirmations, itineraries, and schedules into one simple folder.


Somewhere along the way airports became more than airports – they became shopping malls. Sure, a trip to the duty-free shop was always a high point of spending time in an international hub, but these days everything is on sale. From apparel to video games to gourmet chocolates to everything else, modern airports have it all. And that’s to say nothing of the myriad dining options.

Gate Guru helps the typical traveler make the most of his or her airport wait by pointing them in the direction of what interests them the most at that moment. Got a hankering for pasta and need to pick up some jewelry for mom’s birthday? Gate Guru provides all such info for that particular airport.


Despite pushes by consumers for roomier seats, few airlines are budging. Even in this day and age, most seating arrangements on modern aircraft – at least in the coach sections – don’t favor the passenger. Seat Guru gives the passenger all relevant info about their seat before they even step foot on the plane. Folks can use the app to view the layout of the cabin and select a seat based on its proximity to things like restrooms and exit rows. It also offers width and pitch info for individual seats. This comes in handy for those longer-legged passengers out there.


Apart from smooth flights that run on time, most travelers simply want a explore their new location where they touch down. This app offers comprehensive maps of over 50 major cities throughout the world. It can also be used offline, so there’s no need to run around looking for a WiFi hotspot in order to load a particular map.

Certainly, the above options don’t make up every travel app on the market. New options are coming out every day. But these apps represent the cream of the free crop and should prove viable for years to come.

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