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Libras are often lucky in love, but they don’t match well with just anybody. Understanding the traits of the Libra man plays an essential role in creating a successful relationship, whether you’re a Libra man looking for love, or another sign looking to date a Libra man.

The Libra man has quite a few romantic options because he’s compatible with many different signs. At the same time, there’s no perfectly compatible person. It’s important to also know the potential problems that can occur with various matchups.

Here’s a closer look at the most and least compatible signs for a Libra man:

Libra and Libra

A Libra is often an excellent match for another Libra. They’re often highly compatible both mentally, emotionally, and physically. However, there are often downsides, too.

The Pros of a Libra Man Dating a Libra Woman

A major aspect of the Libra man’s personality is a natural gift for communications. Innate masters of both verbal and non-verbal communication, Libras have a quick and easy rapport with just about everyone.

Communication is an important key to any healthy, long-lasting relationship. Fortunately, Libras typically have no problem talking about any problems that occur. They can read body language, assess tone, and otherwise naturally understand what the other person is trying to say.

Also, Libras excel at seeing the world from the eyes of another. Your partner will typically have no problem understanding your frustrations. The ability to empathize with your partner, even when they’re mad at you, is a powerful method of minimizing conflict. When both of you have this ability, conflict is often drastically reduced due to your natural affinity for communication.

The Downsides of a Libra Man Dating a Libra Woman

However, a Libra/Libra relationship will likely run into a few hiccups on occasion. The biggest potential problem is indecision.

Libras want to gather all the facts and evaluate the perspectives of others, before making a decision. However, that usually means they don’t make decisions quickly. When two Libras have to make a joint decision, especially about something important related to their lives, they can end up paralyzed and make no decision at all.

In order for a relationship between two Libras to succeed, they’ll need to recognize this potential problem. They’ll need to consciously make decisions quickly. Setting up rules, such as a time limit for important decisions, is often helpful.

Libra and Sagittarius

A Sagittarius woman is another excellent match for a Libra man. Although they don’t necessarily have many personality traits in common, they tend to complement one other well.

Benefits of a Libra and Sagittarius Relationship

Libra and Sagittarius signs often have a powerful intellectual connection. They’re both interested in studying situations from all angles. The two of them will never run out of ideas to discuss. Often, developing a mental connection is the first stage of the relationship, followed by an emotional and physical connection.

Additionally, both Libras and Sagittariuses enjoy adventures. Together, you’ll bond over traveling, socializing, and meeting new people. Both signs are always looking forward to the next new experience.

Also, the two signs complement each other well. As we mentioned earlier, Libras often hesitate before making big decisions. However, a Sagitarius is usually far bolder. She’ll quickly help you make a decision, and because she’s so intuitive, her decision often proves to be the best option for you.

Finally, while communication isn’t necessarily as effortless as in a Libra/Libra relationship, a Libra man and Sagittarius woman will often have clear, sweet, and romantic interactions most of the time. A Sagittarius will often feel comfortable sharing her ideas and thoughts with a Libra man, who is usually a receptive listener.

Potential Downsides of a Libra / Sagittarius Relationship

A new relationship can take a while to progress. Libra men often quickly fall in love with Sagittarius women, but are slow to commit to a relationship. Sagittarius women are slow to fall in love but quick to commit to a serious relationship once they do.

The two timetables don’t always match up. One person may feel like they’re waiting for the other person to commit. However, once the two people are on the same page, they typically have no problem remaining happily committed to one another for a long haul.

Another potential downside is that activity is a major common connection. Both of you enjoy socializing with groups and enjoy fun adventures. Unfortunately, problems can sometimes occur if one person feels like they’re getting dragged out to events they’re not interested in. Make sure you both like the same general types of socialization.

Libra and Taurus

Libra men and Taurus women often have powerful sexual chemistry. When they first meet, they’ll likely feel an immediate sensual attraction. However, despite the initial sparks, maintaining a long-term relationship isn’t as easy. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:

The Benefits of a Libra and Taurus Matchup

The early phase of the relationship will likely be hot, hot, hot! However, that won’t last forever. While a Libra and Taurus will always have a sensual relationship, other traits of their respective personalities will play a larger role in shaping their daily interactions.

A Taurus woman is steady and stable. She provides a calm, reassuring presence for the Libra man, who often finds it all-too-easy to become distracted by hypotheticals in life. She helps him stay focused on reality while also remaining optimistic about the future.

Additionally, they complement each other well creatively. When you combine the out-of-the-box thinking of a Libra with the down-to-earth stability of a Taurus, you end up with original ideas that are easy to implement. The Taurus helps ground the Libra’s flights of fancy, while the Libra helps encourage the Taurus to dream a bit bigger.

Potential Downsides of a Libra / Taurus Matchup

The initial pairing is often deceptively problem-free. A Libra man and Taurus woman will likely fall into lust, and fall into bed, right away. However, they’ll likely struggle to turn that initial attraction into a long-term relationship.

Libras love the idea of love, and will likely want to enter a serious relationship right away. On the other hand, a Taurus is often slower to commit. Developing the relationship will likely be the Libra’s responsibility.

He’ll need to remain dedicated to the idea of a long-term relationship, but not overly pushy about it. He’ll win her heart eventually if he’s patient. As Taurus women are naturally stable, she’ll want to see evidence that her Libra man is capable of stability as well, and that’s a trait that is only evident over time.

Libra and Cancer

While you should never say never, in most cases, it’s best to avoid a relationship between a Libra man and a Cancer woman. They have dramatically different ways of looking at the world. Even if a short-term relationship is possible, it’s likely to end in arguments, resentments, and even tears.

Cancer women often have strong mood swings. They don’t always express themselves clearly, so they often wind up yelling and acting dramatic when upset. Unfortunately, that’s the perfectly wrong way to communicate with a Libra.

As described earlier, Libras recoil from drama. They’re unlikely to understand the Cancer’s tendency to become caught up in the moment. Instead, they’ll simply distance themselves emotionally from the situation, and eventually leave the relationship entirely.

Libra and Capricorn

Libras and Capricorns struggle to stay friends, much less stay in a romantic relationship together. They often have drastically different approaches to life. It’s a pairing that almost never lasts for a long time.

Capricorns are hard workers with an eye on staying prepared for the future. They’d rather have money in the bank for tomorrow then spend it on something today. However, Libras often have a different philosophy. They’d rather surround themselves with art and luxury, even if it strains their budget.

Additionally, Libras and Capricorns are also different socially. Libras make friends easily and enjoy spending time around others. However, Capricorns are far more selective about their social circle. They have a much smaller group of friends. The idea of spending time with all of the Libra’s many friends is unappealing.

What Does a Libra Man Need for a Successful Marriage?

Although some signs are more compatible than others with the Libra, any sign has the potential to match well with a Libra. It’s important to understand how the traits of a Libra man dictate what he needs in a long-term partner.

They Hesitate to Make Decisions

Libras have a natural ability to view a problem from multiple viewpoints. While this allows them to approach most disputes with empathy and a spirit of cooperation, it also means they’re slow to make decisions. Instead of deciding on a course of action, they spend an abundance of time weighing the pros and cons.

He’ll need a partner to act as a balance to his general indecision. First, she’ll need to understand that he’s a slow decision-maker, so patience is key. Telling him to hurry up and make a decision will only frustrate him.

Instead, Libras need a partner who is willing to work with him during the decision-making process. She’ll need patience, intelligence, and creativity. Additionally, she’ll likely need to step in and make bold decisions when time is of the essence.

They’re Reluctant to Label the Relationship

Libras are quick to fall in love, but they’re often reluctant to officially commit to a relationship. Naturally, many women understandably feel frustrated with this trait. Most women prefer labels such as “girlfriend” or “wife.”

The Libra man typically cares about how he feels more than what society expects of him. Once he’s comfortable in a relationship, he’ll have no problem moving forward with marriage. However, the woman dating the Libra should understand that putting pressure on him is only going to drive him away, not pull him closer.

An ideal partner for a Libra will focus more on the one-on-one relationship, and less on the traditional timetable of relationships. On the plus side, patience often leads to a steady, long-term relationship.

They Hate Drama, Crassness, and Volatility

Libras are excellent communicators, but they’re also very particular about how they communicate. While empathetic and capable of understanding another’s perspective, they shut down when the other person yells, acts irrational, and makes personal attacks.

If you’re unable to discuss problems calmly and rationally, you’ll end up driving a Libra man away. He’d rather end the relationship than deal with drama on a regular basis.

Another way he avoids drama is by ignoring his own anger. He’ll often dismiss his concerns as minor until they build up over time. Unfortunately, this often means that when a Libra man does express his anger, he’ll often resort to the Kitchen Sink argument, which is when a person blames their partner for a wide range of problems, sometimes issues stretching back for months.

The Libra man’s approach to conflict isn’t always fair, but his long-term match will need to understand that it’s his nature, and hard for him to change. While a commitment to respectful communication during a conflict is usually healthy, the ideal partner will also help him learn how to express his anger productively instead of allowing resentments to fester.


Libra men are fun, empathetic, and gifted conversationalists. They’re often excellent long-term romantic partners, especially because they approach problems in a logical, calm way. However, they’re also often slow to make decisions and can have trouble expressing their anger.

The best match for a Libra man is a woman with patience, intelligence, and excellent communication skills. The signs of Libra, Sagittarius, and Taurus are usually the most compatible matches. Together, a Libra man and his partner can enjoy a full, happy relationship that compliments both of their personality traits.

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