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As you likely already know, Scorpio men are a unique breed. They’re mysterious, passionate, and the envy of most women (and even some men). However, not everyone is a good match for a passionate Scorpio man – not even close! In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the things you need to have (or know) to be a good match for a Scorpio man.

The Scorpio Paradox

The Scorpio sign is a walking paradox by nature, and this tends to manifest in paradoxical natures for those born under the sign, too. Scorpio men are sensitive and closed, passionate and cold, and vindictive, yet loving. If you expect to bring out the best of their traits, you need to be able to balance out their worst, too.

The reason why Scorpio is such a conundrum goes down to the sign itself. Scorpio is a fixed sign, but it’s also a water sign. So, at the same time, Scorpios can be rigid and also fluid. These conflicting natures can result in what seems like two different people combined into one person.

Unfortunately, this can make Scorpio men hard to deal with. They’re not for the faint of heart. However, for those that they’re a good match, a Scorpio is an incredibly fulfilling partner, and there are many reasons why.

All or Nothing

Firstly, Scorpio men are pretty easy to understand – especially they’re intentions. If a Scorpio man has designs on pursuing you, you’ll know right away. In the same measure, if he’s not interested, there won’t be any question of that, either.

Scorpio has some of the biggest passions of any sign, but they tend to be loyal, as well. As such, while you’ll see some Scorpios that tend to see many nameless lovers, you’ll see just as many that happily settle down with the partner of their dreams.

Unfortunately, this all-or-nothing personality tends to battle it out with his sense of loyalty. For Scorpio men, he tends to fall a bit more on the all-or-nothing side. This means that, if your relationship deteriorates too far, your Scorpio man won’t be afraid to pack up his bags, wrap up the remains of his heart, and hide it all from you as he walks away.

However, because of Scorpio’s loyal nature, he’ll wait quite some time before things get to the point where he believes he needs to move on. He’s not afraid to sacrifice some of his happiness for the sake of preserving your relationship, either, but he won’t do this forever, either.

This all-or-nothing personality means Scorpio is incredibly interested in commitment (but only when he’s interested in commitment). If he’s looking for a life partner, he’ll be looking for someone who’s as loyal, trusting, and trustworthy as he is, and nothing less. He’s not one to compromise on the things he wants, so he’s looking for a partner who feels the same way.

This means that he’ll only be ready to commit to you once he feels like he knows you thoroughly, as well. If he has even the slightest notion that you might be lying to him, he won’t enter into any sort of long-term relationship with you.


On the whole, Scorpios tend to have tremendous emotional and mental intelligence. However, this knowledge can sometimes work against Scorpio, too. He tends to over-analyze everything he sees and hears, especially in people he doesn’t know well. However, regardless of whether you’ve been together for weeks, months, or years, he will still psychoanalyze you, irrespective of whether you tell him not to or not!

An essential part of accepting your Scorpio man will understand that this is a character trait that’s entirely out of his control. His mind is always thinking and analyzing, considering the situations going on all around him at the same time. You may have to remind him sometimes to trust you and put the analysis on the back burner, but this is a part of his personality that he can never entirely turn off.

Of course, this trait usually works in Scorpio’s benefit. He’s a fan of playing mind games with people he believes are beneath him, and while this might sound cruel, it plays into this sense of humor. He tries to refrain from the mind games with those he likes, though, and he has the utmost respect for those who can give him a run for his money in them!

Fortunately for both you and your Scorpio, these mind games are usually more helpful than they are harmful. They tend to filter out those who can’t go toe-to-toe with Scorpio, and while some Scorpios can go overboard with them, most of the time, he can keep himself firmly in check.


More than you might realize, your passionate, bullheaded, inflexible Scorpio is actually incredibly sensitive. As a water sign, Scorpios have a very close relationship with their emotions. While he doesn’t always use this close tie to their own emotional state, it means he’s capable of understanding you (and others) incredibly well.

The trick is to get your Scorpio to use (and show) this sensitivity. While Scorpio males are incredibly in touch with their carnal emotions, they tend to shy away from the deeper, more complicated ones. The best way to get your Scorpio out of this rut is to gently coax him out of it.

As many men are raised to think, many Scorpio men still believe that revealing the depths of their emotions is the same as being weak. This means that Scorpio women tend to be much better at dealing with emotional matters than Scorpio men, but these men still have the edge over many of the other signs.

Unfortunately, a side effect of their weakness for emotion is that Scorpio men can be prone to feeling overwhelmed by certain emotions. One of the primary offenders is jealousy. Scorpio men can get jealous of things that really shouldn’t result in envy, like innocent hangouts with friends or spending time alone.

However, on the one hand, Scorpios are good at respecting boundaries, too. As such, the trick is to set reasonable, clear ground rules with your Scorpio man before his emotions ever become an issue. Set firm, clear rules, and remind him when he breaks them or toes the line, and he’ll respectfully correct himself.

Best Matches for Scorpio

As a general rule, the best matches for Scorpio, who is both rigid and flexible, tend to be the more flexible of the signs – in translation, the other water elements. Water elements tend to both feel and weather emotions exceptionally well, and they bridge the difference between emotional and steady at varying levels.

However, for similar reasons, Scorpio men tend to match well with the Earth elements, too. This is because the Earth elements tend to be steady and stoic to Scorpio’s unpredictable and unsteady. However, they also tend to clash with Scorpio when he’s at his most stubborn, so they’re not quite as good as the other water elements.

Surprisingly, if neither water or Earth elements are available, the next best matches for Scorpio are some of the fire elements. While fire elements tend to be somewhat less in-control of their emotions, which can make for a poor combination, they share the same traits as Scorpio: flexible and rigid at the same time.

In general, the best signs for Scorpio tend to be the following:

  • Cancer
  • Pisces
  • Capricorn
  • Virgo
  • Taurus


Out of all the signs, Cancer, the sign of the crab, is the best match for Scorpio. Cancer tends to make a soft foil to many of Scorpio’s harsher traits, balancing him out in a gentle way. On the one hand, where Scorpio tends to run the gamut of harsh emotions, Cancer tends to be a more sensitive, mild version of the same. As such, Cancer can sympathize with and understand Scorpio’s mood swings without alienating him for them.

In the same way, Cancers often possess an incredibly nurturing nature. They love to raise families, and they make excellent parents. When Cancers turn this nurturing nature onto their Scorpio lovers, it results in a unique situation for both parties, as Scorpios crave being depended on in a relationship.

Cancer, as a gentle, nurturing sign, can have a profound healing effect on the likes of Scorpio. After all, all Scorpio really wants is to have a place to belong and to feel at home, and Cancer is one of the very best signs at providing that loving, secluded place.

Cancer values the protection and control that Scorpio offers in a relationship, too. While it might, at first glance, seem like Cancer would be too weak-willed to match well with a passionate Scorpio, the actual reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

When paired with a sensitive sign like Cancer, a profound effect happens to the usually-harsh Scorpio: he becomes more gentle and vulnerable so as not to upset or hurt his Cancer partner. Of course, some Scorpios will be better at this than others, so not all Cancers will be appropriate for all Scorpios. However, when they accurately balance each others’ weaknesses, the result is a softening of each party’s worst traits.

In the same way, when a Cancer pairs up with a Scorpio, the Cancer goes through a similar, but opposite, transformation: they start to grow a more robust backbone in response to Scorpio’s inner strength. However, both parties still maintain their deep connection to their emotions, and this connection becomes a bridge between the two of them that allows them to connect despite their vastly different personalities.

Scorpio might not know this right away, but Cancer has another trip up their sleeve that makes them an excellent match. Cancers are incredibly pure of heart, and they know when Scorpio is lying to others (or themselves). Cancer can be just as good at detecting lies as Scorpio can, but they have a special gift when it comes to people who lie to themselves.

Cancer can use this attunement to honesty to help unwrap Scorpio’s many layers. Scorpios tend to wrap themselves in layers of falsities and distractions to obscure their true personalities, even despite their aversion to dishonesty. They tend to not notice when they’re lying to themselves, even though they’re very good at picking out when others are lying to them.

Cancers are sensitive and gentle, but they still have the natural curiosity that the water signs are known for. As such, they aren’t afraid to dig down underneath Scorpio’s many layers to find the person hiding deep underneath. However, they have a manner about them that keeps Scorpio from becoming scared, hurt, or offended in the process, as well.

As we’ve said, Scorpios don’t like it when others forcibly pry away at their outer layers in order to discover what they hide underneath. While they enjoy when the interest of others is on them, they don’t like it when others catch on to their self-imposed dishonesty. Cancer can wipe away this disingenuousness without upsetting the Scorpio in the process.


The next best sign for Scorpio to match with is Pisces. Pisces is much like Cancer, though they don’t have the same innate nurturing capabilities that Cancer has. However, where Cancers tend to be rather even-keeled, Pisces tend to have a persistent optimistic nature that can be incredibly helpful to Scorpios at their worst times.

Pisces bring separate things to the table than Cancer does, but they’re no less valuable at the same time. Pisces has an excellent sense of humor that’s great for drawing Scorpio out of his funks and bringing an air of fun to tense moments.

Additionally, Pisces has a flair for the romantic that’s an excellent match for Scorpio’s sensual nature. Where Scorpio would sometimes choose to skip right to bedroom activities, Pisces is just as happy slowly wooing their way into Scorpio’s affections. This is an excellent way to keep Scorpio on his toes, and it’s also a great way to shift the focus away from sensual activities and onto more serious romantic ones.

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