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If you think you know Scorpio women after only having interacted with Scorpio men, then you’re sorely mistaken. Scorpio women can be just as difficult as a Scorpio man, but at the same time, a whole different kind of difficult. We’ll teach you how to match with a Scorpio woman (and what signs are best for doing so) in this article.

Because Scorpio women are slightly more in touch with their emotional side than Scorpio men, they have slightly different compatibility than Scorpio men, too. We’ll outline these differences below.

Scorpio Man vs. Scorpio Woman

At the heart of the differences between a Scorpio man and woman is their emotional sensitivity. While Scorpio men are more in touch with their emotions than many other male signs, female Scorpios undoubtedly have a leg up on them here. Female Scorpios can even tentatively be considered “good” with emotions.

However, as a direct result of this, Scorpio women tend to feel their emotions more deeply than their male counterparts. Where Scorpio men benefit from flexible water signs the most – the signs who can maximize their ability to deal with Scorpio’s mood swings a well as understand them – Scorpio women tend to do best with more of a stoic presence, such as one of the Earth elements.

In the same way, Scorpio women tend to be better at self-honesty than Scorpio men. Despite Scorpio’s aversion to dishonesty, Scorpio men are adept at lying to themselves in order to mask the emotions they’re not comfortable with. On the other hand, since Scorpio females are better at dealing with these emotions, they’re both better at being honest with themselves and detecting dishonesty in others.

As such, Scorpio women don’t have the patience for any sign who routinely employs dishonesty. This makes many of the air signs a bad match for Scorpio females, and fire signs can be borderline, too. Indelibly, the best matches for Scorpio females are Earth signs, followed closely by other water signs.

The best individual matches for Scorpio women are:

  • Taurus
  • Pisces
  • Cancer
  • Gemini
  • Virgo

Scorpio Women in Relationships

Scorpio women are a unique brand of different characteristics that can make it difficult for them to find the perfect partner. One of the foremost of these is Scorpio’s desire for dominance. While this doesn’t always extend to bedroom activities, Scorpio likes to have the lead say on what’s going on, both in the relationship and in daily life. As a result, female Scorpios (and males, too) tend to butt heads with the other dominant signs.

While this can make for some interesting chemistry, it’s difficult to make a relationship between a Scorpio female and any of the other dominant signs work without plenty of fireworks (and not the good kind).

Another thing to keep in mind about Scorpio women in a relationship is that they don’t tolerate dishonesty of any kind. Like we mentioned in the last section, female Scorpios can detect lies very easily. If someone tries to lie to them, especially about important things, they will either call them out about it or simply not listen. What’s more, they’ll quickly lose respect for any liars they encounter, too.

For example, let’s imagine that a Scorpio woman is out meeting new friends on a night out on the town. Let’s imagine that she meets a potential suitor, and initially, she has an interest in him. However, if he’s putting on airs for her, she’ll be able to tell fairly quickly. In this situation, she’d likely just move onto another conversation, but she does have one other option: mind games.

Both male and female Scorpios have immense fun with mind games. Since they’re such good lie detectors, they like to talk circles around those that think they can tell them lies and get away with it. While this might seem like a somewhat macabre way to have fun, it aligns well with their sometimes-grave sense of humor.

Scorpio and Earth Signs

Scorpio females, more than anything else, want a place to belong. They want to feel genuinely loved by their partner and have a place to return to after a night of socializing. They want to be understood and trusted. Beyond that, Scorpio women, despite their somewhat-bad rap, really aren’t looking for much in a partner.

This is where the Earth signs step in. The Earth signs represent the ultimate in security, and they’re the perfect place for a Scorpio to return to after a long, hard day. What’s more, many of the Earth signs, such as Taurus, are driven and passionate enough to understand and connect with Scorpio’s similar desires.

Strangely enough, part of the attraction between Scorpio and other Earth signs is in their differences. Scorpio women are always looking for what’s new and different enough to hold their attention, and the Earth elements are just different enough to do the trick. Scorpio doesn’t understand the Earth Elements’ ability to be strong, calm, and since despite the adversaries that come their way.

Despite feeling like polar opposites at first, Scorpio and the various Earth signs actually share much in common. Scorpio’s stubborn side is very similar to the stubborn nature of the Earth signs, and this can act as a common ground between the two. However, Scorpio’s tumultuous water nature can act as an interesting difference between the two, too.


The best match for a Scorpio female is actually Taurus, an Earth sign. Taurus is strong, stoic, and very laid-back. They play the foil to many of Scorpio’s more tumultuous traits, acting as a literal anchor when Scorpio feels like she’s moving too far away.

Despite being separate elements, both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. As such, they both value commitment, dedication, and honesty. Neither party has time for lies, and this is part of why they tend to make such a good match for one another.

Taurus and Scorpio do tend to butt heads a little when it comes to stubbornness, and this is why, traditionally, Scorpio men and Taurus women aren’t as good a match as their counterparts. However, this stubbornness is somewhat lessened in Scorpio women, making it so Taurus and Scorpio are capable of working together.

That being said, Scorpio women and Taurus are still plenty capable of butting heads. However, because Scorpio women are more capable of sensitivity to emotion, this presents a growing opportunity for both of them. The Taurus in the relationship can learn from the sensitivity and tumultuous emotion of Scorpio, helping them learn to show and deal with more of their own emotions.

On the other hand, a Scorpio woman will never have enough stubbornness to overcome that of a Taurus. While this can upset Scorpio in the beginning, it will teach her to be more flexible, too. Since she knows she won’t be able to usurp Taurus in stubbornness, it’ll force her to think of ways to work around it, instead. In this way, she’ll eventually become less dependent on her own stubbornness.

Unfortunately, both Taurus and Scorpio are prone to bouts of jealousy. It’ll take good communication and compromise between the two of them to reach a happy medium, and this can throw the two of them for a loop, as they’re both only average at communication. However, since both of them are loyal to a fault, they won’t have as much trouble with this as one might think – and what’s more, once they get the hang of settling disagreements between them with communication instead of stubbornness, they’ll be unstoppable.

In the bedroom, Taurus and a Scorpio female couldn’t be a better match. Taurus is strong, secure, and possesses a deep-seated passion that rarely wanes. Scorpio always has a strong connection with her more carnal desires, and Taurus isn’t afraid to step up and offer her what she needs.


The next-best sign for female Scorpios to match with is Pisces. Whereas love between Taurus and Scorpio kindles slowly, Pisces and Scorpio tend to feel the passion right away. They share much common ground in terms of personality; on their first meeting, all Pisces and Scorpio will be able to talk about is all the things they have in common with each other.

The thing that will attract Scorpio to Pisces most is their innate happiness and zest for life. Pisces want to see the world, discover all there is to discover, and find true, deep happiness that will sustain them over time. These romantic dreams pique the interest of Scorpio, making her want to take a similar adventure for fulfillment and romance.

The only problem with this is that some Scorpio women desire a place to come home to from their own adventures. While Pisces men can provide this emotionally, they may not be able to provide it physically as they travel the world. Some Scorpio women will be satisfied with this, but others might not. In the same way, some Pisces would rather float from one partner to another rather than staying with just one.

However, when the right Pisces finds the right Scorpio, they’re a match made in heaven. Scorpio isn’t afraid to take the lead and wrest control away from anyone who gets in her way. Pisces needs a woman this strong direction, as they have trouble making these important decisions on their own. In the same way, Pisces’ wanderlust is matched by Scorpio’s own, and the two of them can see many incredible adventures together.

Believe it or not, Scorpio’s sometimes-jealous nature works incredibly well for Pisces in this relationship. Pisces wants to feel wanted, and having the desire of a strong woman like Scorpio will motivate him like nothing else.

In the bedroom, both Pisces and Scorpio have an undercurrent of sensuality to them. Scorpio is confident enough to go searching for the things that please Pisces, and Pisces is intuitive enough to know how to please Scorpio. In the same measure, Pisces benefits from seeing the raw confidence that Scorpio exudes, and the attentive nature of Pisces teaches Scorpio to do the same.


When Pisces and Taurus aren’t available, the next best match for a Scorpio female is Cancer. In this case, a male Scorpio makes a much better match for Cancer, but a female Scorpio can work well with Cancer, too.

The reason for this is because Cancer tends to be supremely supportive and nurturing more than anything else. While this works well for a male Scorpio, who needs that support in order to settle down and start a family, a female Scorpio can sometimes find it stifling. Like Pisces, she has an innate desire to meet people, see things, and experience adventure. Unfortunately, Cancer would much rather put down roots than do any of these things.

That being said, that’s not to say that Cancer and a female Scorpio aren’t a good match; however, Scorpio is likely to think, off the bat, that Cancer is weak and overly-sensitive. To be fair, Cancer is very sensitive, and this can border on oversensitivity sometimes, but this doesn’t mean Scorpio’s initial assumption is at all correct.

In the same measure, a Cancer can be near-traumatized by Scorpio’s brashness and extreme emotions upon their first meeting. If Scorpio is fond of playing mind games with others, then this first impression can be even more extreme.

The trick is to get Cancer and the female Scorpio to spend more time together than just their first meeting. Cancer and Scorpio have the potential to be very good together if they can get past each others’ more obvious bad traits and see the good ones hidden underneath.

You can liken the relationship between Cancer and Scorpio to being between the lion and the lamb when it’s a Scorpio male and a Cancer female. However, when these roles are reversed, it complicates these roles a bit. Neither Cancer or Scorpio is necessarily the lion or the lamb.

While this does indeed complicate the relationship, it’s still workable. Cancer is still one of the best matches for a Scorpio female out of all the other available signs.

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