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Aries women are explosive, passionate, and at times, challenging to handle. When they have an ugly day, they’re really ugly, and they have a vindictive strike that can be absolutely devastating to those who aren’t prepared for it.

However, Aries women have plenty of redeeming qualities, too. They’re genuine, honest, logical, and incredibly caring to their significant other. They’re spontaneous and fun-loving, and they’ll always keep you on your toes.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone can handle what comes with an Aries woman. We’ll go over her best matches in the paragraphs below.

Aries Compatibility

Aries is a fiery, strong sign. Unlike some of the other fire signs, though, an Aries isn’t tempered by the soothing nature of a water sign; more often than not, a strong Aries woman overwhelms the calm nature of the water signs. As such, avoiding signs like Cancer and Capricorn is always a good idea.

The best signs to couple with an Aries woman are Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Earth signs tend to be confident enough and stable enough to bring out the best in an Aries, and wind signs are especially potent. Even other fire signs, like Leo, Sagittarius, and other Aries, can bring out the best in an Aries woman.

While an Aries is potent and fiery at the best of times, the reason why they don’t always get along with water signs is that they’re very sure and secure in themselves. An Aries, whether woman or man, has no time for the indecisiveness that can come with the water signs.

Instead, the air and fire signs tend to further build the power and energy of a strong Aries. While relationships with air signs can be chaotic, a healthy, secure Aquarius us just what an Aries woman needs.

If the Aries woman is a bit too chaotic herself to benefit from the mutability of an air sign, then the next best place to turn is an earth sign. Taurus, for example, is strong and confident enough to tickle an Aries’ fancy, but they can be too stubborn to balance out their worse traits.

If the Aries woman is somewhere in the middle, she might find the most luck with other fire signs. A fire sign, such as Leo or Sagittarius, tends to strike a perfect balance between stability and fieriness to match their own. However, like with the other two examples, this all depends on the Aries in question.

Unfortunately, the trouble with avoiding the water signs is that Aries’ communication suffers. Luckily, Aries tend to be good communicators for the most part. When they feel scorned, they tend to abandon all ability to communicate clearly, and this is their fatal flaw: their tendency to overreact.

As such, Aries women can rarely, but sometimes, find success with the water signs, but it tends to be a precarious relationship. However, when they can make it work, it’s truly a beautiful thing. When an Aries accepts a water sign for who they truly are (and the water sign does the same of the Aries), a genuinely exceptional balance is born.

How to Get Along with an Aries Woman

Aries women tend to straddle the line of easy and challenging to get along with. When you first meet an Aries woman, they might seem very opinionated and even tricky to relate to. However, once you know them, you realize how genuine they are. They’re just opinionated and strong-willed, so they come off as a bit inflexible at times.

The important thing for getting along with an Aries is to remember that she likes to be in control. However, as long as you let her lead the conversation and pick up on her social cues, you’ll be getting along in no time. Just be sure to let her set the pace of things.

However, always remember that every person (and every Aries) is different. Even if her sun sign says one thing, her real personality might say another. After all, while our signs influence all of us, the way we grow and the things we experience in life change us, too.

Getting along with an Aries woman is difficult in some aspects and not in others. For one, it’s good to remember that Aries women like to be the alpha female. While they have only good intentions at heart, your Aries woman friend might build some resentment toward you if you steal the spotlight from her too often.

Of course, as with everything else here, it always depends on the woman. Some Aries women are just as happy to sit comfortably in the shadows, though this isn’t as common. However, if you take the time to carefully study your Aries woman and observe her in action, you should be able to discover which one she is pretty quickly.

In fact, one of the most amazing things about an Aries, woman or man, is their ability to fit into any social situation. While most of them prefer the spotlight, an Aries will never say when they’re unsatisfied with their current social situation – not to anyone’s face. They loathe causing unnecessary fights or drama, as they view this as a personal weakness.

Instead, an Aries woman will pull you aside and tell you how they feel later. If they’re feeling put-out enough, they might just stoop to personal jabs or other underhanded tactics, but this is usually a last resort. If you start seeing this kind of behavior, just keep in mind that your Aries woman is probably past annoyed and onto distressed territory.

Aries Woman Traits

Like we’ve said, Aries women have plenty of admirable traits. They have a few undesirable characteristics that help to balance that out, but for the most part, they’re happy, secure, easy to get along with, and moral. In addition to those, you can expect most Aries women to be the following:

  • Honest
  • Self-assured
  • Opinionated
  • Understanding
  • Tolerant
  • Intelligent
  • Naturally capable

Aries women tend to draw the eyes of everyone in the room, and they prefer that it be that way. They’re not particularly egotistical about it, and they’re not braggers, but when they don’t have the spotlight for too long, it can start to get on their nerves.

Of course, how long is too long depends on the individual Aries. Like we said before, some Aries don’t mind having the spotlight taken off them from time to time. After all, the more they hide in the shadows, the more dazzling they can be when it returns to them. Not all Aries are this patient, but some of them like to play for the endgame.

No matter which they prefer, all Aries have an innate sense of adventure. Aries woman can be spontaneous, and at times, easy to influence. It’s easy to get an Aries woman interested in something new!

While they tend to move onto new things quickly, Aries women tend to be opinionated and strong in their morals. This can be helpful as applied to relationship-type interests. Aries women are highly sexual, and they feel that passion deeply. However, they’re not one to be unfaithful to their current partner, either; even if they’re tempted, they’ll push their feelings down and resist the urge to be unfaithful because they would think of themselves as lesser for it.

Intimacy for an Aries Woman

Like in other things, how an Aries woman tends to be with intimacy can vary. When it comes to physical intimacy, Aries women are self-assured, confident, and in control in the bedroom. They definitely don’t have any issues there.

However, when it comes to emotional intimacy, Aries women can have significantly more trouble. While Aries men and women tend to project a strong, steady exterior, they can feel significantly differently on the inside. More often than not, Aries men and women tend to feel sensitive and unsure on the inside, though they rarely ever let down their walls and show as much.

It can be difficult for an Aries woman to let down these walls and let her lover see this side of her. Depending on who her partner is, this can be incredibly frustrating if they’re not prepared to be patient and guiding with their Aries woman. Additionally, the Aries woman likely won’t realize that anything’s wrong, to begin with, and she won’t appreciate being “guided,” either.

As such, it takes a lot of patience and subtlety on the partner’s part to get an Aries woman to open up fully. This can be trouble for the air signs, which tend to be just as impatient and volatile as the Aries woman. However, fire and earth signs (and some gifted water signs) can be good at drawing out Aries’ more sensitive side.

As long as you support your Aries woman and stand by her through her troubles, she’ll open up to you eventually, even if she doesn’t realize it. However, you have to be careful not to push her, either, as she won’t appreciate it!

Fortunately, things aren’t all bad when you’re intimate with an Aries woman. An Aries woman is secure in herself mentally and sexually, and that has some obvious benefits! However, it likely means that she’ll end up taking the caretaker role in your relationship, too.

Even if she’s not quite sure how to deal with her own emotions, an Aries woman who’s your friend or lover is more than happy to try and help you through any of your own troubles. She’s a strong shoulder to cry on, and she loves to be depended on for help or advice.

Aries Relationship Troubles

Unfortunately, Aries isn’t the best at maintaining relationships. Out of all the signs, they tend to be some of the most out-of-touch with their deep emotions, and this shines especially brightly in relationships.

An Aries woman has trouble sharing her emotions normally, but she’s not especially good at seeing or paying attention to others’ emotions, either. An Aries woman has a bad habit of trampling all over other peoples’ emotions, whether knowingly or unknowingly. They can do this intentionally when they feel hurt or scorned, too.

Like we said above, dealing with this requires a lot of patience. It requires a bit of emotional sensitivity and finesse that not many signs possess, either. This is the opportunity where the water signs can swoop in and provide something that the Aries woman doesn’t possess: emotional sensitivity and experience.

Despite their initial incompatibility with the water signs, this actually makes them excellent long-term matches for an Aries woman. Their emotional vulnerability and knowledge are a great temper to Aries’ stubborn refusal to acknowledge the existence of emotions.

Granted, this can cause a significant amount of instability. An Aries woman will be dragged down kicking and screaming rather than acknowledge their own weaknesses. However, a water sign can make up for this unwillingness by slowly easing them into a more emotionally-aware existence.

Interestingly enough, most of the Aries woman’s weaknesses spur from their emotional insecurity. If their mate was able to ease them out of their anti-emotional shell and teach them how to deal with them instead of suppressing them, they might see an improvement in their vindictiveness, insensitivity, and many other things.

First and foremost, and Aries woman scorned is something to be feared. However, the reason why an Aries woman scorned is so vindictive is because she doesn’t know how to deal with the hurt she feels. This is why an Aries woman is capable of moving on herself with no hard feelings, but if she’s lied to, cheated on, or otherwise, she’ll fly into a rage.

An Aries woman’s mate should always have the goal of freeing the feelings that she keeps locked inside. However, you should always keep in mind that this will be a long, arduous, uphill battle, and your Aries woman will fight you every step of the way. However, if you can make it to the end successfully, you’ll have gained a lifelong companion, a weighty sense of trust, and an incredibly beautiful human being forever.

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