Best Musical Collaborations According to Pol and Sakiroo Choi


Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Artists Sakiroo Choi and Jean Paul Egred prove that magic happens when two geniuses collide. Their project named Rock It pays a tribute to some of the most legendary musical collaboration. What started of as a small project turned out to be a full blow art show called According to Them. Today we’ll showcase their fruits of labor and congratulate them on their stellar work, effort, and skill.

Dylan/Cash | Sessions

dylan cash sessions


“Inspired not only but the music of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, but also by their characters and what they ment to the people who listened to their music. this image portrays the two musical legends during some studio sessions they recorded together in 1969, you can look them up under the same name this album has. hope you enjoy it!”

Kanye West/Daft Punk | Stronger

kanye west daft punk stronger


“Released as the second single from his third studio album Graduation. It was produced by West and contains an extended outro co-produced with Mike Dean. The song contains a vocal sample of “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by French house duo Daft Punk, who received songwriting credit and had their costumes appear in its accompanying music video.”

Mercury/Bowie | Under Pressure

mercury bowie under pressure

“The second piece in a series of collaborations between Pol & Sakiroo Choi, depicts the historic moment when musical titans David Bowie, and Freddy Mercury from Queen, got together to record some choruses that went awfully wrong, and instead the improvised a single song that would leave a notch in musical history, and a 5 star song in every sensible person’s playlist. we hope you enjoy it.”

Michael Jackson/Van Halen | Beat It

michael jackson and van halen beat it


“This image captures the amazing moment when Michael Jackson, the king of pop, and the guitar titan Eddie Van Halen, got together to craft what can be considered one of the best songs in the history of my playlist, I dont know about you. Hope you enjoy the third piece on a series of collaborations between Sakiroo Choi, and Pol.”

Run Dmc/Aerosmith | Walk This Way

run dmc aerosmith walk this way


”Walk This Way” is a song by the legendary bands Aerosmith and RUN DMC, written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, this song hit the 10th position at the ”Billboard hot 100” making a good part of the work that made these two bands legends of music by the 70’s. this image shows our way to depict this moment in musical history.

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